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Shaanxi Youth Vocational College (陕西青年职业学院, website) is a public general college approved by the Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government and filed by the Ministry of Education. It is located in the historical and cultural city of Xi’an, and has two brands and a set of institutions with the Shaanxi Youth League School. Education and training tasks of the Communist Youth League cadres and other youth workers in Shaanxi Province.

The college was developed from the Shaanxi Provincial Youth League School, founded in 1952. In 1984, the college specialized education was formally held on the basis of short-term training of league cadres, and the Shaanxi Youth Cadre College was established in 1988; in 1994, it was renamed Shaanxi Youth Management Cadre College, which is an independent adult higher education institution, while retaining the nature of the Shaanxi Youth League School , Mission and school name; Adhering to the fine traditions and cultural connotations of the Communist Youth League colleges and universities, to meet the needs of high-quality technical and technical talents in the economic and social development of the new period, it began to independently organize higher vocational education in 2003, and officially transformed into Shaanxi Youth Vocational College in 2005. .

Shaanxi Youth Vocational College currently has two campuses, Hanguang and Yanta, and a new campus in Changning (under construction). The Hanguang Campus is located in the center of Xi’an, next to the ancient city walls of the Ming Dynasty. It has a long history, rich heritage, and exquisite elegance. The Yanta Campus is located on the central axis of Xi’an, near the Xiaozhai business district. It has an elegant environment, convenient transportation, and a strong learning style. The campus layout is reasonable, the facilities are complete, and the functions are complete, creating a good learning and living environment for the students. The total value of existing fixed assets is 98.121 million yuan (except for school buildings), of which 3,715 units (sets) of teaching instruments and equipment, with a total value of 26.824 million yuan. It has a collection of 432,000 books, 800 types of newspapers and periodicals, and 120,000 e-books. It has an academic literature search platform. The college insists on setting up majors flexibly at the forefront of the industry. According to the characteristics of local industrial structure adjustment, economic growth mode change, and scientific and technological progress, the development needs of the modern service industry are closely centered, with key specialties as the leader, related specialties as the tie, and extended specialties as the support. A high degree of matching with the regional economy has been established. Reasonable, optimized structure, distinctive cultural, business, finance, tourism, information, education and other six major professional chain groups. There are 6 teaching departments including the Department of Culture and Media, the Department of Finance and Economics, the Department of Management, the Department of Digital Information Technology, the Department of Public Utilities, the Department of Art, and the 9 departments of ideology and politics (public courses) teaching and research, continuing education centers, and training The unit has 44 three-year vocational enrollment majors (directions), 7 five-year vocational enrollment majors, 5 provincial key majors, 3 provincial professional comprehensive reform pilot majors, and provincial “first-class majors” There are two cultivating projects and 6 key majors at the college level. It has a unique advantage and a unique position in Shaanxi higher vocational education system.

Shaanxi Youth Vocational College has 66 high-standard professional training rooms, of which 3 are training base construction projects supported by the central government, and 3 are rated as provincial demonstration training bases. “Learn by doing” teaching mode allows students to improve their skills and comprehensive quality in practice. Promote the talent training mode of “combination of work and learning”, and have established cooperative relationships with 183 companies, ensuring that each major has more than 3 off-campus practice bases and internship locations, ensuring that each student has no less than half a year during school Carry out internships. Actively organize various vocational skills competitions, encourage students to obtain various vocational certificates, and continue to improve traditional curriculum assessment methods in accordance with industry standards. Help students achieve a balanced transition from classroom teaching to autonomous learning, post placement, and smooth employment, and achieve a high employment rate of graduates for 14 consecutive years.

Shaanxi Youth Vocational College currently has 404 faculty members, 5 provincial teaching teachers, 1 provincial teaching team in logistics management, 2 professional comprehensive reform pilot projects, advertising design and production, accounting and financial management, tourism management, 5 college-level teaching teams including computer information management, preschool education, etc. Among the full-time teachers, 86 have a graduate degree or a master’s degree or above, accounting for 73.68% of the full-time teachers; 27 have a title of associate high school or higher, accounting for 23.68% of the full-time teachers . At present, the college has 87 “double-teacher” teachers, accounting for 77% of full-time teachers. Persist in guiding full-time teachers in the school to work in the enterprise while actively hiring celebrities with outstanding practical ability and high teaching level to take part-time courses (jobs) for the industry, so that students learn solid theoretical knowledge and rich Practical skills provide a strong guarantee. Teachers in the school have participated in and completed more than 2,100 scientific research projects of various types, including more than 200 provincial and ministerial key scientific research projects, and published more than 3,000 papers.

Shaanxi Youth Vocational College has set up a special agency to improve the long-term mechanism, build a full-service participation, full-course guidance, and full-service employment guidance work model, and strive to ensure the steady growth of graduate employment rate while continuously improving the quality of graduate employment; The enthusiasm of the cooperative school-run unit will play its important role in absorbing and recommending the employment of students, and encourage graduates to be directly employed by the cooperative unit; take the initiative to strengthen contacts with industries and well-known enterprises, and open up new employment spaces for students; open employment guidance courses , To build a special website for employment guidance, to provide graduates with employment dynamics information, policy advice and convenient services. For more than 10 years, it has cumulatively sent more than 10,000 compound innovative high-quality and high-skilled talents to the society, and has made positive contributions to regional economic and social construction.

The College attaches great importance to student funding. We will conscientiously implement the national funding policy, insist on combining education with helping people, and continue to increase student funding and benefit from the idea of “financing financially, taking care of life, guiding ideologically, and helping in learning”. It has formed a comprehensive, multi-channel family such as national scholarships, national inspirational scholarships, college scholarships, college special hardship subsidies, student loan for student origin, compensation for compulsory military tuition, living subsidies, social assistance, school internal work assistance, green channels, etc. Financial assistance system for students with financial difficulties. In 2018, the college benefited more than 63% of its students through awards, loans, assistance, supplements, and deductions, with a total amount of 14.8 million yuan. It provided strong support to ensure the successful completion of schooling for students with financial difficulties.

For more than 60 years since its establishment, Shaanxi Youth Vocational College has always closely followed the theme of serving young people to become talents and serving the local economic and social construction. It has developed from a purely cadre education and training to current cadre training and management service-oriented talents. Higher Vocational Colleges. After 2010, it successfully passed the evaluation of the talent training level of the national vocational colleges and universities in the Ministry of Education. In recent years, it has won honorary titles such as Xi’an Civilized Units, Provincial Garden-style Units, and Shaanxi Provincial Demonstration Schools for Legal Management. The development momentum is stronger. At present, in accordance with the new planning and strategic thinking, all teachers and students are working hard to create distinctive and high-quality first-class vocational colleges in the province.


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