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Introduction to Shandong Foreign Trade Vocational College

Shandong Foreign Trade Vocational College (山东外贸职业学院, website) is affiliated to the Department of Commerce of Shandong Province. It is the earliest and only full-time general vocational college in Shandong Province specializing in foreign trade education. The predecessor of the college was the Shandong Foreign Economics and Trade School founded in 1964 and the Shandong Foreign Economics and Trade Workers College founded in 1984. It started to recruit general college students in 1988. It was the earliest school to organize general college education among similar colleges in the province. In the same year, Shandong University established the first student of international trade. A total of ten junior college students in business English and other majors were trained by our college. In 1998, it became the first batch of vocational pilot schools in Shandong Province. In 2002, Shandong Vocational College of Foreign Trade was established. In 2015, the Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce Training Center and Shandong Service Outsourcing Qingdao Base were merged into the college. In 2016, the college established the Washington State Campus in the United States. There are currently more than 10,000 students.

The majors of Shandong Foreign Trade Vocational College are closely connected with the regional open economy and foreign-related high-end service industries, and have formed distinctive “foreign” school running characteristics mainly based on foreign trade, foreign languages, foreign transport, and outsourcing. There are currently 24 majors, of which international trade practice, customs declaration and international freight, tourism management, e-commerce, business English, accounting, international finance, software technology, insurance, international business, etc. are national backbone majors; logistics management is provincial Characteristic majors; three professional high-level professional groups in the international trade practice group, business foreign language group, and accounting and finance group; three majors in international trade practice, software technology, and logistics management are jointly with Yantai University, Qingdao University, and Qufu Normal University Cultivate “3 + 2” undergraduate students, and some of the students at the undergraduate level have realized paid and professional studies; international trade practice and accounting are key majors supported by central finance; majors in tourism management are tourism professional demonstration sites in national vocational colleges; 1987 The “Foreign Trade Transport” order class jointly held with the China Foreign Trade and Transportation Corporation was the first in the country. International transport and logistics management, international trade brand groups, and financial and accounting brand groups are provincial brand professional groups; international trade practice, logistics management, E-commerce, accounting, animation production technology, customs declaration and international freight, tourism Tourism Management was approved by Shandong Province and Qingdao as a modern professional apprenticeship pilot program; Business English, customs declaration and international freight, e-commerce, marketing, civil aviation, and international finance are key majors for higher vocational education in Qingdao; take the lead in building international trade practices, software and Service outsourcing, accounting, animation design and production, flight attendant, business Japanese, and e-commerce. Seven Qingdao Vocational and Technical Colleges have jointly established the Shandong Foreign Trade Vocational College and Qingdao Post E-Commerce College with Qingdao Branch of China Post Group. The college also signed cooperation agreements with many similar institutions in more than 10 countries, including the United States, Britain, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore, to carry out exchange studies or short-term training between teachers and students, and cooperate with the Czech Budejovice Technical and Business Institute. We have sent students to carry out the “Overseas Business Representative” talent training project, and 53 students have been trained.

Shandong Foreign Trade Vocational College has a team of 581 faculty members, including nearly 200 teachers with senior titles and more than 60 bilingual teachers. It has 6 provinces in international trade practice, business English, software technology, accounting, customs declaration and international freight, and e-commerce Level teaching team; post-doctoral and doctoral doctors account for 7.8% of full-time teachers, 85.5% of teachers with master’s degree or above, professional teachers are senior doctors with doctoral degrees and corporate experience. The college has more than 130 full-time foreign language teachers in English, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Spanish, and Arabic. Among them, there are more than 110 English teachers. Eight teachers have received simultaneous interpretation training in the European Union and obtained simultaneous interpreter certificates (Qingdao City) (10 in total), many foreign language teachers provide high-end language services for major foreign affairs events in countries, provinces and cities such as the Olympic Sailing Race, the Kleiber Regatta, the APEC Trade Ministers Conference, the International Education Informatization Conference, the SCO Qingdao Summit, etc. In 2016, after Nanjing University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, and Beijing Jiaotong University, the “Fourth International Symposium on Computer-assisted Foreign Language Teaching” was successfully held. More than 20 foreign teachers were hired annually to undertake foreign language course teaching and some professional course teaching tasks. Teachers and students In the national and provincial foreign language skills competitions, it has repeatedly won special prizes and first prizes. Foreign language education and teaching are at the leading position in vocational colleges across the country. The college attaches great importance to the further education and training of teachers. Each year, more than 20 teachers are arranged to go abroad for further training, and more than 40 teachers go to companies for on-the-job training.

Shandong Foreign Trade Vocational College has a Tai’an training base of more than 60,000 square meters, a training base of 16,000 square meters in Qingdao and a Qingdao cross-border e-commerce incubation base listed as a key construction project in Qingdao; Qingdao Hainuocheng Financial Consulting Company, Binhai Tourism Service Center, E-business Start-up Service Center, etc. 19 “corporatized” on-campus training bases, Qingdao Rulong Group Co., Ltd. practice teaching base, Qingdao Huaken Import and Export Company practice teaching base, and 12 “teaching” Off-campus training bases, 383 internal and external training bases established in cooperation with well-known large enterprises such as Xinhuajin Group and Haifeng International Holdings Co., Ltd. Training base; business English, Japanese, Korean, civil aviation business, aviation service majors have a central financial support training base, of which the simultaneous interpretation training room is the earliest public higher vocational college in the province; wired households, wireless full Covered campus network environment, full-featured, unblocked “One Card” platform, advanced and complete network Network teaching platform, resource sharing platform and office application platform, multimedia classroom coverage rate reached 100%; built a leading comprehensive language and culture practice teaching base in China-“Foreign Language Village” and the world cultural miniature landscape area.

Shandong Foreign Trade Vocational College focuses on social services. It has 8 research centers such as international logistics and the International Economics and Trade Research Institute. The first provincial-level scientific research and innovation platform in the province’s cross-border e-commerce field. International business application technology and free trade zone application technology are national collaborative innovation centers. The major bidding project of Qingdao’s “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” e-commerce development plan completed by the college, “Research on the Development Trend and Path Selection of Qingdao E-Commerce,” became the main content of Qingdao’s “13th Five-Year Plan” e-commerce development plan. It was approved as one of the 12 cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zones in the country and played an important role; entrusted by the provincial and municipal government departments, it has undertaken the preparation of multiple industry planning tasks such as the open economic development plan of the provincial capital city cluster economic circle in Shandong Province; The industry reports such as the “Shandong Foreign Trade Situation Report” and “Business Research” compiled and printed are important reference materials for provincial and municipal leaders in business work; the “Proposals on Promoting the Development of Cross-Border E-Commerce” put forward by our institute was adopted by the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and Submitted to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the State Council and relevant ministries and commissions; the result of “Exploration and Practice of Cross-border E-commerce Merchant Training Model Based on the Deep Integration of Production and Education” won the second prize of the National Teaching Achievement Award, which is the only two in the cross-border e-commerce field. One of the national teaching achievement awards; carry out counterpart assistance in the western region and signed a long-term agreement with Haibei Prefecture of Qinghai Province Comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement; signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Licang District Government, and the Qingdao cross-border e-commerce incubation base jointly established will lead the transformation and upgrading of traditional foreign trade enterprises and bring breakthroughs in the development of Qingdao’s cross-border e-commerce; The Shandong Province Cross-border E-Commerce Industry-Education Alliance participated by home-owned enterprises and institutions has led the development of Shandong’s cross-border e-commerce industry. Entrusted by the Provincial Department of Commerce, the college has undertaken Shandong Province’s “cross-border e-commerce entry into ten thousand enterprises” since 2016. For special training tasks, in more than three years, a total of 128 cross-border e-commerce related business training courses have been held, with 27,353 trainees, covering 14,173 enterprises and more than 60 universities in the province. The training promoted and promoted the new format of foreign trade, led a large number of enterprises to expand or transform cross-border e-commerce business, and promoted the development of the province’s cross-border e-commerce industry; from 2017 to 2019, the college, as one of the sponsors, has continuously undertaken The 3rd Shandong Provincial Cross-Border E-Commerce Summit. In 2019, the college hosted the National Cross-Border E-Commerce Industry-Education Integration Development Forum and School-Enterprise Matchmaking Conference. The college holds training courses for foreign trade business, cross-border e-commerce business, free trade zone policy knowledge, air transportation sales business, business foreign languages, accounting and finance, etc. for 17 cities throughout the province.

Shandong Foreign Trade Vocational College has been serving as the only comprehensive implementation agency for national foreign aid training programs in Shandong Province since 2012. It has actively served the “One Belt One Road” national initiative and Shandong enterprises “going global”. 200 foreign aid training projects, a total of 5,407 trainees from 124 developing countries participated in the training. Among them, there are 12 ministerial classes and 211 trainees. 11 overseas classes, training 872 trainees. During the training, the college paid attention to the advantages of the industry and the expertise of professional teachers. It organized officials and technical personnel to visit and inspect related enterprises, assisted the development of the enterprise, and matched the company’s “going global”. Exchanges and cooperation in other fields. In 2015, after becoming one of the first 13 pilot units in the country for overseas training, the college relied on the parks or enterprises established overseas by our province’s enterprises to build overseas training centers in countries along the “Belt and Road” to promote our province ’s enterprises, Economic parks conduct economic and trade cooperation and exchanges with recipient countries. In 2016, we undertook training tasks for the Caribbean Minister of Economy and Trade. In 2017, it undertook 42 foreign aid training tasks of more than 1,100 people including 3 ministerial seminars and 3 overseas training courses. 24 ministerial officials from Latin America, Zambia, the Caribbean, and South Pacific participated in the training. In 2018, it undertook 66 foreign aid training tasks including 6 ministerial seminars and 5 overseas training courses. In 2019, our academy became the country’s largest foreign aid training school for colleges and universities, with a training scale of 95. It led the Shandong Province “Belt and Road” Vocational Education International Alliance and “Belt and Road” Vocational Education International Cooperation Forum, and its international influence has greatly increased.

Shandong Foreign Trade Vocational College has been running for more than 50 years, and has cultivated more than 60,000 graduates. The majority of alumni have created more than 3,000 large-scale enterprises at home and abroad. Among them, it ranks first among Chinese private logistics companies and number one among global container shipping companies. The leader of the 19th Haifeng International Holding Group Co., Ltd. ranked Forbes’s richest man in Qingdao for many years in succession; there was the Xinhuajin Group, which ranked No. 1 in Shandong Province for 5 consecutive years in total import and export; “Enrollment-talent training-employment” realized a virtuous circle. More than 90% of the fresh graduates were booked half a year in advance. Among them, the first recruitment of 2018 graduates will have 1450 companies to send 27,000 jobs to the school. Numerous alumni companies such as Long Group, Goyang International Logistics have set up scholarships in the college, many alumni have become out-of-school experts for talent training, many alumni companies have become important off-campus internship training bases for students, and the college is an important talent for alumni companies. The cultivation system and development think-tank, and the collaborative development ecosystem of the college and alumni enterprises have been formed.


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