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Shandong Maritime Vocational College (山东海事职业学院, website), approved by the Shandong Provincial People’s Government, is the first mixed-ownership vocational college in Shandong Province, hosted by the Weifang Municipal Government and sponsored by social forces. It is located in Weifang, the world’s kite capital. The main campus is located along the Bohai coast and Laizhou Bay, and is adjacent to the national first-class open ports-Weifang Sendam Port and Bailang River Yacht Tourist Wharf. It has an excellent geographical location and convenient transportation. It covers an area of 822 acres, with a building area of 220,000 square meters, teaching equipment and facilities of 65.61 million yuan, and more than 60 experimental training rooms. It has created a team of key teachers composed of young teaching experts, course lecturers, professional leaders, and teaching teachers. There are 310 full-time teachers and more than 10,000 full-time students.

Shandong Maritime Vocational College won the special award of Shandong Vocational Education Teaching Achievement Award in 2018, and the second prize of National Teaching Achievement Award in 2018. It is the lead preparation unit of Shandong Ocean University of Technology, a pilot unit of mixed ownership reform in Shandong Vocational Colleges, and The second batch of information-based teaching pilot units announced by the Ministry of Education, the chairman and secretary-general unit of the National Vocational Education Mixed Ownership Research Alliance, and the Ocean University of China cooperative school running unit; it is a teaching guidance program for international cruise liner management major in Shandong Province, Shandong The province’s higher vocational education marine technology professional teaching guidance program, Shandong Province secondary vocational turbine management professional teaching guidance program led the development unit.

Shandong Maritime Vocational College actively integrates with national strategies such as “Marine Powers”, “21st Century Maritime Silk Road”, and “Blue Economic Zone of Shandong Peninsula” to achieve coordinated development, and clarify the direction of running schools while serving the transformation and development of the marine economy. Time University has a clear idea of running a school from the perspective of talents, fully utilizes the advantages of the mixed system of running schools, and actively builds a “government-led, industry-participated, industry-education integration” higher education service chain, industry chain and innovation chain. Region, serving the construction of a strong marine country “, comprehensively enhance the ability of resource integration, comprehensively improve the quality of personnel training, and comprehensively improve the service function of higher vocational education.

Shandong Maritime Vocational College takes “building a well-known university, serving local development, cultivating qualified talents, and fulfilling personal dreams” as its school goal, and “people-oriented, serving the society, and pursuing development; allowing students to succeed, reassuring parents, and satisfying the society” as development The philosophy, following the rules of higher vocational education and university growth, bold innovation, forge ahead, cultivated the teaching style of “respecting morals and being able to teach,” and the style of “integration of knowledge and action, apply what you have learned,” and strive to build “systems and mechanisms It is a well-known university in the country that is flexible, has good education quality and powerful service functions.

Shandong Maritime Vocational College revolves around the development of local socio-economic transformation, and in accordance with the professional group construction concept of “Specializing in Industry Management”, it has established nautical technology, mechatronics technology, port and shipping management, international cruise management, e-commerce, air service, industry Robot technology, drone application technology, etc. 30 vocational college specialties and some five-year college specialties.

Shandong Maritime Vocational College was identified by the Provincial Department of Education as a pilot unit for running schools with mixed ownership in 2016. The competent authorities such as the Ministry of Education, the Provincial Government Research Office, the Department of Finance, and the Education Department have repeatedly conducted field investigations to help summarize the experience of promotion. On January 12, 2016, the National (Ministry of Education) Education Development Research Center’s “Research Trends” featured a case study on the practice of running a mixed-ownership school. In July 2017, the Provincial Government Research Office’s “Decisions for Reference” published the school’s experience in running a mixed-ownership school. Since 2016, the school has provided mixed vocational school reform programs for 6 vocational colleges. More than 150 vocational colleges, government departments, and enterprises in 24 provinces across the country have come to exchange and learn; in January 2018, the school took the lead in hosting the vocational colleges across the country. The Seminar on Mixed Ownership Reform, initiated the establishment of the National Vocational Education Mixed Ownership Research Alliance, and was elected as the Chairman and Secretary-General. In April 2018, the project “Innovative Practice of Higher Vocational Colleges’ School-Based Models Based on Mixed Ownership”, chaired by President Wang Jingliang, won the 2018 Shandong Vocational Education Teaching Achievement Special Award and the Second National Teaching Achievement Award. Shandong Maritime Vocational College won the second prize of the 14th Collective Award for Teaching Achievements of Weifang City for “exploring the mixed-ownership development model of vocational education”. The principal Wang Jingliang and the director of the research office, Guo Susen, “exported the Weifang mixed-ownership school running mode to Liupanshui area” were awarded Weifang City. The second prize of the 15th individual teaching achievement. The school has become a new bright spot in the Weifang National Vocational Education Innovation Development Pilot Area, an important starting point for Weifang’s implementation of economic and social transformation and development, and a “test field” for Shandong Vocational Education Reform.

From 2015 to 2017, the school introduced 230 million yuan of various types of capital, which has greatly improved the conditions for running schools. Introduce 27 million yuan of equipment and professional teachers from Beijing Dongfang Tonghang Education Technology Co., Ltd., and jointly build the “Aviation Academy” and “Beijing Tonghang North Training Base” to provide technical skills training services to the country, with an annual training scale of 4000- 6000 people. Introduce Jingdong E-commerce professional teacher team and more than 7 million yuan of equipment and equipment to jointly build the “Jingdong Campus Training Center” and “E-Commerce College” to create regional e-commerce transactions, big data analysis and mining, enterprise e-commerce entry campuses and remote e-commerce education platforms . Introduce 12 million yuan of equipment from Guangdong Huibang Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., and jointly build the artificial intelligence college and Guangdong Huibang industrial robot training base. The school and well-known enterprises such as the large-scale central enterprise investment promotion group have launched school-enterprise integration education, jointly organized professional training courses such as navigation technology and modern apprenticeship pilot classes, and explored effective training models for modern apprenticeship talents. Beginning in 2015, we cooperated with Ocean University of China to explore new ways for joint training of talents in this college, and adopted two modes of “2 + 2” and “1 + 2” to carry out cooperation in running two undergraduates and three colleges. The school is currently cooperating with Shanghai Huayang Maritime Technology Development Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Ruisi Technology Co., Ltd., Ireland SEFtec Group, China Maritime Service Center and other corporate institutions to build an international “China Marine Resources Talent Training Center”; with Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing Security Technology Co., Ltd. jointly established a “new generation of information technology” professional group; and Guangdong Huibang Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. jointly established the “Intelligent Manufacturing Professional Group” and so on.

Entrusted by the Weifang Municipal Government, Shandong Maritime Vocational College is taking the lead in establishing a mixed-ownership application-oriented undergraduate college, Shandong Ocean University of Technology. The university application has been incorporated into Shandong ’s “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” college setting plan. According to the authorization of the municipal government, the two-year hosting of Shandong Chemical Vocational College hosted by Zhilu Petrochemical Company was successfully completed. In 2017, Shandong Chemical Vocational Vocational College was relocated to Weifang Binhai. From 2016 to 2017, the school won the first prize and the second prize of the Teaching Achievement Award of Weifang City by exploring the mixed ownership system for running and hosting the Shandong Chemical Industry Vocational College.

Shandong Maritime Vocational College is the second batch of information-based teaching pilot units announced by the Shandong Provincial Department of Education. The marine professional group has become the third batch of professional vocational college brand professional groups. Students have won 57 national and provincial competition awards. The school track and field team has won the first place in the men’s group B of the Shandong University Student Track and Field Championships 2019 four times since participating in the 2015; the 44th session of the 2016 World Skills Competition Baking Project Shandong Division Trial, 2015 cooking technology and nutrition The professional Wang Wenwen won the first place, and Sun Xin won the tenth place in the national trials of the project; 166 graduates of the 2019 class were admitted to the undergraduate level, of which 11 were qualified for general undergraduate level (9 from Hong Kong Airlines Management College) Three of them have obtained full-time postgraduates. Classmate Zhang Xiaohan, a 2015-level international cruise liner management professional, participated in the service of President Xi Jinping and 18 heads of diners in the main restaurant during the SCO Qingdao Summit. It was the only one of the more than 90 service staff selected by 64 star-rated hotels in the province. College students. Feng Ziheng from the School of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering and Wang Xin from the E-Commerce College won the silver and bronze awards of the 5th Shandong Province “Internet +” College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition respectively. Among them, Wang Xin, a 2016 e-commerce major, made use of what he learned E-commerce technology, combining the production of agricultural products in the hometown with Internet sales, actively engaged in the construction of rural empowerment projects in China, with an annual turnover of nearly 18.5 million yuan, becoming a well-known local “Internet + fruit sales king”; Xu Chuanren, a 2017 e-commerce major With outstanding performance, he won the first place in the national customer service selection of Jingdong Campus (personal income of 15,000 yuan in November). With the advantages of maritime training equipment and faculty, the School of Navigation has completed training courses for 41 undergraduates majoring in marine engineering and power engineering at the 2016 and 2017 levels of Ocean University of China. In 2019, it achieved more than 14,000 crew training and certification.


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