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Introduction to Shandong University of Arts

Established in 1958, Shandong University of Arts (山东艺术学院, website) is located in Jinan, a famous historical and cultural city surrounded by famous springs. It is a university jointly established by the Shandong Provincial People’s Government and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. , Awarded the project construction unit of Shandong Province in 2017-2023.

Shandong University of Arts has two campuses, Wendong and Changqing, covering an area of more than 1,000 acres, a building area of nearly 370,000 square meters, and a collection of more than 940,000 books; there are the School of Music, the Academy of Fine Arts, the School of Drama, the School of Modern Music, and Design There are 15 teaching units in the College, the School of Art Management, the School of Dance, the School of Traditional Chinese Opera, the School of Communication, the School of Vocational Education, the School of Film, the School of Calligraphy, the School of International Art Exchange, the Department of Public Courses, and the Marxist School. There are 931 faculty members and 769 full-time teachers, including 88 senior professional titles, 253 deputy senior professional titles, 9 experts who enjoy special government allowances from the State Council, 8 national outstanding teachers, and key disciplines of key institutions of higher learning in Shandong Province (key experiments, Humanities and Social Sciences Research Base) 5 chief experts, 5 young and middle-aged experts who have made outstanding contributions in Shandong Province, 7 provincial teaching teachers, musicology and ethnomusicology have been approved by Shandong Province to set up Taishan scholar posts.

Shandong University of Arts currently has 31 undergraduate majors, 50 professional orientations, 6 specialized majors, of which there are 3 national specialty majors (painting, public service management, art design), and 6 Shandong brand specialty majors (painting, Public service management, art design, performance, musicology, radio and television choreography), two high-level application project construction professional groups in Shandong Province (radio and television choreography professional group, drama and film director professional group); there is a national talent training Model innovation experimental area (artistic independent talent training mode experimental area); there is a “first-class discipline in Shandong Province” cultivation and construction discipline (music and dance), three key disciplines in Shandong Province (musicology, fine arts, drama and drama) Music, of which music is a key discipline with special characteristics of Shandong Province), 8 key disciplines of culture and art in Shandong Province (music, art, Chinese painting, design, art theory, dance, opera, radio and television art) ; There are 19 Shandong Provincial Excellent Courses, 4 Shandong Provincial Excellent Teaching Teams, 15 National Teaching Achievement Awards, Eastern Provincial Teaching Achievement Award; there are four provincial research, training base (music culture research base, non-material cultural heritage research base, excellent traditional culture heritage base “Shandong Yangko” Shandong Province, Qilu traditional music heritage research base).

In recent years, Shandong University of Arts has been building the “Five Ones Project” in spiritual civilization, the National Art Exhibition, the Chinese TV series “Flying Award”, Chinese Music “Golden Bell Award”, Chinese Calligraphy “Lanting Award”, and Chinese Dance “Lotus Award” , Chinese Peking Opera “Mei Lanfang Gold Award”, National Dance Performances, China Campus Drama Festival, CCTV “Learning Beijing Competition” and other national performance evaluation awards, won more than 300 provincial and ministerial awards; successfully hosted by the Ministry of Culture Series of intangible cultural heritage inheritance crowd training courses, the 11th National “Tao Li Cup” dance education and teaching achievement display activities, etc., successfully held “Xin Yimeng” art works tour, opera “Sandalwood Penalty” tour and other projects funded by the National Art Fund Exhibition and show activities; successfully completed the Beijing APEC Conference, Peru APEC Conference, Sri Lanka South Asia Summit, Shanghai World Expo, the 10th Chinese Art Festival, a large-scale literary and art party celebrating the 45th anniversary of the establishment of ambassadorial diplomatic relations between China and Britain, and a 40-year cultural and art party for the reform and opening Exhibitions of major domestic and foreign events such as the 2019 CCTV Spring Festival Gala Design tasks.

Shandong University of Arts has taken the initiative to study and protect Lu culture, and has established Shandong Han Portrait Stone Museum, Yu Xining Chinese Paintings Exhibition Hall, Shandong Lujin Art Museum, Shandong Folk Paper-cut Art Museum, Liyuan Lixian Museum, and the precious Hans There are more than 190 portrait stones, 60 pieces of Yu Xining’s fine Chinese paintings, more than 200 pieces of Lu Jin’s real objects, more than 4,000 pieces of paper-cut art in Shandong folk characteristics, and a large number of Peking Opera costume supplies. The school vigorously promotes exchanges and cooperation with local governments, institutions, and enterprises. It has carried out government-industry-research cooperation with Jinan City, Weihai City, Linyi City, Binzhou City, Tai’an City, Weifang City, etc., and with the Provincial Department of Culture, Provincial Radio, Film and Television Bureau, Shandong Education TV Station, Provincial Song and Dance Theater, Provincial Opera Theater, etc. have signed strategic cooperation agreements, and established a teacher-student creative practice training base in cooperation with a number of enterprises.

Shandong University of Arts has continuously accelerated the pace of internationalization. It has signed friendly exchange agreements with 28 institutions in Australia, the United States, France, Russia, South Korea, Japan and other countries. A series of exchanges and cooperation have been carried out in art performances and other aspects. Ukrainian meritorious artist Professor Valenkin Feribenko, well-known Italian sculptor Mark Zeno, former dean of the Queensland School of Art, Griffith University, Australia, Professor Paul Cleveland, French mime master Philip Bizo, Stuttgart National Germany Professor Bruce Ebel of the Conservatory of Music, Professor Nicholas Brockin of the Repin Academy of Fine Arts of Russia, Professor James Quinn of Nasal College in the United States, Russian piano master Vovka Ashkenazy and a number of international Well-known experts and scholars were hired to teach in our school, set up advanced seminars or master classes, which had a positive and important impact on painting, sculpture, vocal music, and instrumental music in our school and in Shandong. Seven professors of our university have been employed as overseas doctoral supervisors by Griffith University in Australia, and one professor has been awarded the honorary professor title by Griffith University.

Since its establishment 61 years ago, Shandong University of Arts has trained more than 40,000 qualified art talents for the country and society, and some have become well-known musicians, artists, performing artists and art educators throughout the country.


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