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Introduction to Shandong Women’s University

Shandong Women’s College (山东女子学院, website) is a provincial public undergraduate college and one of the three women’s colleges in the country. The school was founded in 1952, hosted adult higher education in 1984, and held general tertiary education in 1995. In 2010, it was converted into a full-time general undergraduate university with the approval of the Ministry of Education.

Shandong Women’s College has the city’s Zhongyuhan campus and Changqing University Science Park campus. It covers a total area of 716,600 square meters and the building area of the school building is 235,500 square meters. There are 73 experimental (training) rooms and 289 “dual bases” for out-of-school practice and employment. The library has a collection of 12.621 million paper books and 1.6206 million electronic books.

Shandong Women’s College currently has 14,966 full-time students. There are 761 faculty members, including 648 teachers with doctoral and master degrees, 266 associate professors or above; 4 provincial teaching teachers, 6 provincial outstanding teachers, and 2 people who enjoy special government allowances from the State Council. The preschool education teaching and research room, the tourism management teaching team, and the marketing teaching team have been identified as provincial outstanding teaching teams by the Provincial Department of Education.

Shandong Women’s College revolves around the goal of cultivating high-quality applied female talents, continuously deepens the reform of education and teaching, and adjusts and optimizes the layout of disciplines and specialties. There are currently 15 teaching colleges, 36 general undergraduate majors, and 23 specialized colleges that are enrolling, covering 8 disciplines including education, law, management, economics, arts, literature, engineering, and science, which are open to the whole country. 16 Provinces / autonomous regions. The preschool education major was determined by the Provincial Department of Education as a special specialty in Shandong Province and a brand specialty in adult higher education in Shandong Province. The major (group) with business management and preschool education as its core was approved as a high-level application-oriented construction specialty (group) in Shandong Province. The school has successively won the second prize of national teaching achievements in basic education, 4 first prizes of provincial teaching achievements in higher education, vocational education, and basic education, 8 second prizes, and 4 third prizes; it undertakes the reform of outstanding kindergarten teachers of the Ministry of Education. The planned project and the Shandong Province Excellent Engineer Training Plan project have built an experimental area for integrated talent training model innovation for the kindergarten teachers in Shandong Province, and a three-dimensional one-stop chain management management talent training model innovation experimental area. In the past three years, students have won 198 national awards and 277 provincial and ministerial awards in university subject competitions such as the National Mathematical Modeling, “Internet +”, and E-commerce Innovation and Creativity Entrepreneurship Competition. Shandong Women’s Entrepreneurship University, co-founded by the school and the Provincial Women’s Federation, has cultivated 78 projects of the Ministry of Education’s undergraduate innovation and entrepreneurship training program.
Shandong Women’s College undertakes 18 national projects, such as the National Natural Science Foundation, Social Science Foundation, Educational Science Planning, and Art Foundation, 325 provincial and ministerial projects, 76 provincial and ministerial research awards, and 117 academic books and 82 teaching materials. Ministry, authorized 227 national patents. The school adheres to the Marxist view of women as the guide and actively leads the advanced gender culture. The characteristics of women / gender theory and practice research have become increasingly prominent. The school has been approved by the Women’s Federation of China / Gender Research and Training Base, National Family Education Experimental Research Base, and Women in Shandong Province. Human resources development and management research base, Shandong province teacher education base, Shandong family culture research center, etc., actively undertake and participate in the development of women’s and children’s careers, women’s / gender research, and related policy and law research and formulation. “Journal of Shandong Women’s College” adheres to the purpose of deepening women’s / gender research and promoting advanced gender culture, and is one of the three major women’s / gender theory research publications in the country.

Shandong Women’s College joined the World Women’s Education Alliance in 2011, and co-sponsored the establishment of the China Women’s University Alliance in 2014. It is committed to the development of women’s higher education with women’s universities at home and abroad. It has established cooperative relationships with universities and institutions in 48 countries , Organize teacher training, student exchange learning more than 400 person-times.


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