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Shanghai Aurora College (上海震旦职业学院, website) is a full-time ordinary college approved by the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government and reported to the Ministry of Education for the record. In 1903, the famous educator Mr. Ma Xiangbo founded “China’s First Private University-Aurora University”; in 1984, Ms. Zhang Huili inherited the educational ideas of the pioneers of patriotic education and founded “Aurora Education”. After completing the initial exploration of private education, Zhang Huili did not forget to focus on organizing higher education and became one of the pioneers in the development of higher education after China’s reform and opening up.

Shanghai Aurora College’s school level and quality of talent training have been highly recognized by the society. “Aurora Education” is a “Shanghai Famous Trademark”. In 2008 and 2013, it passed the evaluation of talent training in higher vocational colleges organized by the Shanghai Education Commission. Since 2014, our school has won the glorious title of Shanghai Civilized Unit for three consecutive sessions, and has passed the annual inspection (annual inspection) of Shanghai private colleges and universities with qualified results for two consecutive years. In 2019, our school became the only private school in Shanghai that has achieved a five-year consistent system of running schools, and it is also one of the six private high-quality vocational colleges that have obtained the qualifications for expansion.

Shanghai Aurora College has built a food nutrition and testing training center, an electromechanical training center, an international business training center, a news performance training center, a numerical control technology training center, an Internet of things technology training center, and two central financial support training Center, 4 teaching highlands of Shanghai Education Commission, built 23 experimental centers, 109 training rooms, covering all majors and received special funding support from Shanghai Education Commission. In 2019, Aurora implemented the innovative project of party building and ideological and political work in Shanghai’s private colleges and universities, and built the only mental health education training base in Shanghai.

In 2018, Shanghai Aurora College won the first, second and third prizes of Shanghai teaching achievements, 2 municipal outstanding teaching teams, 7 municipal excellent courses, 5 key majors in Shanghai, and 11 school-enterprise cooperation Professional project. The college adheres to employment orientation, highlights key points, and promotes the integration of professional settings with social needs. The college now has 6 secondary schools and 25 majors including public health and nursing, mechanical and electrical engineering, media arts, economic management, education, and Oriental Film. It also has a college of international communication, a college of continuing education, a college of Marxism, and basic teaching. Ministry, sports teaching center, music and dance center.

Shanghai Aurora College has a stable, ethical and talented teacher team, with more than 30% of full-time teachers with senior titles, more than 50% of “double-qualified” teachers, and more than 100 teachers abroad. The college is unique in psychological counseling and moral education. Huang Yijian is the party secretary and professor of Aurora Vocational College, a famous mental health education teacher in Shanghai, the honorary chairman of Shanghai College Psychological Counseling Association, the director of the expert committee, and the National College Student Psychological Counseling Committee. deputy director.

Shanghai Aurora College has always attached importance to the construction of practical training and experimental bases. The college has a “Shendan Chuanggu” covering an area of 50 acres, with a construction area of more than 30,000 square meters. In cooperation with Shanghai Lingang Technology and Entrepreneurship Center, it enjoys special preferential tax policies for Lingang and entrepreneurial funds provided by the Aurora Education Foundation. The dual support provided a stage for college students’ entrepreneurial innovation.

Shanghai Aurora College implements an international development strategy, which aims to cultivate technical talents with an international perspective and knowledge of international rules, as well as local talents needed by Chinese companies for overseas development. So far, it has established exchange and cooperation relationships with more than a dozen universities and educational institutions in the United States, Britain, Germany, Ireland, Turkey, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand and other countries. In 2015, it obtained the approval of the Ministry of Education to cooperate with the California Baptist University in hosting the “Internet of Things Application Technology” major. In 2018, it obtained the approval of the Ministry of Education to co-organize the “Drama, Film and Television Performance” major with the East and West University of Korea. In the same year, it was approved to cooperate with the University of Siena Hertz in hosting the “Art Design” program.

Shanghai Aurora College has a comprehensive system of awards, assistance, diligence, and loans for students from families with financial difficulties, including national scholarships, Shanghai scholarships, Aurora scholarships, national inspirational scholarships, bursaries, and student loans. In addition, the Aurora Education Development Foundation has established scholarships (20,000 yuan) and “innovation and entrepreneurship” award funds in schools to encourage teachers and students to be brave and to be innovative and entrepreneurial.


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