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Introduction to Shanghai Bangde College

Shanghai Bangde College (上海邦德职业技术学院, website) was founded in 1998. Our school is a university established with the approval of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government and registered with the Ministry of Education. It is a full-time student enrolled in the National Recruitment Program and awarded a college diploma for unified electronic registration by the Ministry of Education.

Shanghai Bangde College has six secondary colleges including the School of Economics and Management, the School of Art and Design, the School of International Communication and Foreign Languages, the School of Applied Technology, the School of Hotel Culinary Sciences, and the School of Continuing Education. It has 22 majors and more than 3,700 students. A “double-teacher” full-time and part-time teacher team adapted to higher vocational education, as well as a multilingual foreign teaching team from the United States, Australia, Japan, and Western countries; all professional directors are leading, associate professors and senior experts with industry influence; After the evaluation by the Municipal Education Commission, it won one first prize and one second prize of Shanghai Teaching Achievement Award, four 085 key majors, six excellent courses in Shanghai, nine excellent courses at school level, and three outstanding teaching teams at city level. 1 city-level teaching teacher, 2 school-level teaching teachers; 24 on-campus training bases have been established on campus, each major has more than 2 stable off-campus enterprise training bases; the introduction of Shanghai Education Commission, Shanghai human resources School-enterprise cooperation advanced vocational skills verification project jointly launched by 5 departments including Social Security Bureau. In recent years, the employment rate has been as high as over 98%, which ranks among the best in similar universities in Shanghai.

Since 2005, Shanghai Bangde College has been continuously rated as the spiritual civilization unit of the Shanghai Education and Health System. It has also won the title of “Shanghai Safe and Civilized” campus, the city’s safety unit, and the city’s “healthy campus” award. In the past four years, our majors have won more than 60 awards in various national and Shanghai professional skills competitions.

Shanghai Bangde College firmly grasps the three key words of modern service industry, school-enterprise cooperation, and internationalization, and actively meets the needs of economic, social, and cultural development in urban areas. It cooperates with famous domestic and foreign industrial groups and flagship enterprises to develop high-level school-enterprise cooperation. Run schools, vigorously develop Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools, introduce high-quality overseas teaching resources, and improve the school’s international school running level.
The school has 11 student societies including calligraphy club, karate club, basketball club, football club, tai chi club, and yoga club, which have further enriched the amateur life of the students and strive to create a colorful and motivating campus culture atmosphere.


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