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Shanghai Communications Polytechnic (上海交通职业技术学院, website) is a public full-time general college approved by the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government in 2001 and filed by the Ministry of Education. Relying on large-scale enterprise groups such as automobiles, ports, and rail transit, the college is backed by the industry, facing the market, and offers specialties with characteristics of the comprehensive transportation industry. The college has been awarded the Shanghai Civilized Unit, Shanghai Excellent Vocational College Construction Unit for 18 consecutive years, Shanghai High-quality College Construction Unit, Shanghai Safe and Civilized Campus, Shanghai “Double First Class” Construction College Cultivation Unit, Shanghai Municipal People The high-skilled personnel training base recognized by the Social Affairs Bureau, the training base for the 46th World Skills Competition in Shanghai, and the national training base for skills-critical scarce talents (automobile application and maintenance) of the Ministry of Education. The school has won two second prizes of national teaching achievement for two consecutive sessions; one first prize and one second prize of vocational education teaching of transportation; three special prizes, two first prizes and two second prizes of Shanghai teaching achievement 2 items.

Shanghai Communications Polytechnic has a total of 27 majors and 12 mid- and high-level vocational majors. Rail transit and automobile application and maintenance technology are “double first-class” majors. Shanghai Automotive Application and Maintenance Open Training Center and Shanghai Modern Logistics Open Practice are built. Training center, customs declaration and international freight forwarding training center, Shanghai “automobile application technology” vocational skills appraisal center and Shanghai university students “logistics management” vocational skill appraisal center. The school has carried out school-enterprise cooperation with Shanghai Port Group, Toyota Japan, Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai GM, Germany Benz, Rail Transit and other well-known enterprises. In December 2007, as one of the sponsors, the college formed the first batch of Shanghai Transportation and Logistics Vocational Education Group in Shanghai. At present, there are 68 member units, which has established a high-quality platform for the college to further develop close cooperation between schools and enterprises. Industry companies are welcome, and the employment rate of previous graduates has reached more than 98%. The college has a full-time teacher team with professional leaders and senior title teachers.


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