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Introduction to Shanghai Donghai Vocational and Technical College

Shanghai Donghai Vocational and Technical College (上海东海职业技术学院, website) is a non-profit private university founded in 1993. It is one of the earliest full-time private colleges and universities in Shanghai approved by the Ministry of Education to issue national qualifications. It is a municipal high-level vocational college in Shanghai and a demonstrative private college in Shanghai. It has won the “Shanghai Advanced Unit of Vocational Education”, “National Private Higher Education Institution”, and “Shanghai Huang Yanpei Vocational Education Award-Excellent School Award”. This honor has won the honorary title of “Shanghai Civilized Unit” for five consecutive years.

Shanghai Donghai Vocational and Technical College currently has 7 secondary schools (School of Economics and Management, School of Art, School of Mechanical and Electrical, School of Nursing, School of Media, School of Aviation, School of Education), 2 teaching departments (Basic Teaching Department and Social Science Department) College of Continuing Education with 23 majors. There are 14 teaching and training centers and 89 training rooms, with 503 faculty members, 95 senior professional titles above the deputy senior level, and 372 full-time teachers, of which professional teachers have “double-teacher quality” accounting for 50%. As of the end of 2018, there were 6,090 students at school, with a one-time employment rate of 98.48%. He has won 1 first-class national teaching achievement award, 7 municipal teaching achievement awards, and 7 municipal outstanding teaching teams. The “Double Hundred Project” has shown results. A total of 11 municipal-level quality courses, 31 school-level quality courses, and 66 high-quality courses have been built. 104 types of school-based teaching materials have been compiled, 69 types of teaching materials have been published, and 43 types of school-enterprise cooperation teaching materials have been published. Undertook a total of 191 research projects above the municipal level. External teachers are mainly from undergraduate colleges such as Shanghai Jiaotong University, East China Normal University, Shanghai Normal University, Donghua University, Shanghai University.

Shanghai Donghai Vocational and Technical College actively expands channels and strengthens communication with high-level international schools. It cooperates with Valparaiso University in the United States, Japan Mizobe Academy, Western Illinois State University in the United States, Kyoto University of Information Technology, Tama University, Australia Many foreign universities, such as the Sydney TAFE Institute, the German Handicraft Association (HWK), and the Dongba Engineering University of Germany, have established exchange and cooperation mechanisms.

The connotation construction of Shanghai Donghai Vocational and Technical College is continuously deepened, and the quality of education and teaching and the social reputation are continuously improved. The school attaches importance to the organic combination of teaching and practice, increases investment in internship training, carefully cultivates students’ practical operation ability, and graduates are widely welcomed by employers. In the past three years, the employment rate of graduates has remained above 98.00%, and the employment rate of the 2018 graduates has reached 98.48%, ranking the forefront of private universities in Shanghai. The major employment of graduates are major commercial banks, accounting firms, customs and logistics industries, securities investment companies, electrical companies, machinery factories, railway transportation, air transportation, advertising and home design, computer and network services, and top three hospitals.

Shanghai Donghai Vocational and Technical College has introduced enrollment programs to more than 20 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) in the country, and set up majors that closely target market demand. Most majors can apply for liberal arts and sciences without gender restrictions. At present, there are more than 20 enrollment majors, of which national control majors, accounting, customs declaration and international freight, international finance, mechatronics technology, film and television animation, etc. are national backbone majors, international economics and trade, nursing, flight attendant and environment Majors in art and design are the backbone of Shanghai.

Shanghai Donghai Vocational and Technical College attaches great importance to the financial assistance for students with financial difficulties. It has a national scholarship, a national inspirational scholarship, a Shanghai scholarship, a national bursary, a national student loan, a retired soldier education grant, a Shanghai Donghai Vocational and Technical College scholarship, and work assistance. Scholarships for scholarships, special / temporary difficulty grants, and Zhuang Fei Liu Scholarships. Aiming at freshmen from the central and western regions, our school has set up a subsidy program for freshmen from the central and western regions. In accordance with state funding policies, schools have also opened up “green channels.”

Shanghai Donghai Vocational and Technical College has 10 independent student apartment buildings. The school has Shanghai Education Supermarket stores, as well as food stores, fruit shops, tea bars, barber shops, gyms, gyms, ATM ATMs, various express delivery points Wait. There are post offices, banks, shopping malls, convenience supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, cinemas, etc. around the school to provide convenient services for students.


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