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Introduction to Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Polytechnic

Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Polytechnic (上海工商职业技术学院, website) was founded in 1993 by Shanghai Overseas Friendship Association, Shanghai Overseas Exchange Association, Shanghai Returned Overseas Chinese Federation, Shanghai Chinese Vocational Education Association, Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce, Shanghai Committee of China Democratic National Construction Association, etc. Six non-profit vocational colleges jointly hosted by six United Front social groups and democratic parties. One of the first batch of full-time private higher vocational colleges approved by the municipal ministry of education for independent enrollment nationwide (1999), and one of the first batch of municipally-accredited independent colleges (2005). In July 2014, it was changed to its current name after being approved by the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government.

Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Polytechnic currently has two campuses in Jiading and Qingpu, covering a total area of 217,700 square meters. There are 11 party and government agencies, 3 directly-affiliated institutions, and 2 teaching institutions: 1 and 6 departments. ; 30 admissions majors, has formed a “work-oriented, cultural and business wings” of the development of the “integrated two wings” professional development layout; now more than 5,800 students, 410 teaching staff, 287 full-time teachers. Among full-time teachers, more than 79% are under 45 years old, more than 54% are masters or more, more than 21% are senior titles, more than 28% are intermediate titles, and dual-qualified teachers are 57% of professional teachers. And society to train more than 20,000 highly skilled personnel.

Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Polytechnic has more than 410,000 printed books and 3 databases; 76 stable off-campus training bases, 7 on-campus training bases with good facilities and a “simulated” professional atmosphere, 56 experiments, Bases for internships and training; teaching and scientific research equipment totaling more than 86.43 million yuan, 1796 computers for teaching, multimedia classrooms and voice lab seats 4,652.

Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Polytechnic was awarded as “2015-2016 Shanghai Top Ten Advanced Units for Open and Democratic Management of Factory Affairs” and awarded Shanghai May 1st Labor Award. May 2017 was named “2015-2016 Shanghai Municipal Education and Health Work Party Committee System Civilized Unit”; April 2019 was named “2017-2018 Shanghai Education and Health Work Party Committee System Civilized Campus”. The information disclosure work stood out among the 21 colleges in the municipal vocational colleges in 2015-2016, ranking among the top three; it was rated as an excellent unit in 2016-2017.

In recent years, Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Polytechnic has specialized in the internationalization of higher vocational education, the construction of smart campuses, the integration of production and education, the exploration and practice of the dual-system teaching model, and the “four-orientation” talent training model guided by career planning. Achieved significant results.

In recent years, colleges and universities have gradually formed a new business and industry “four possessed” talent training model of “ideal literacy with realm, knowledge and skills, innovation and entrepreneurship with practice, and potential for lifelong development” in education and teaching, and continue to explore and practice; The direction of higher vocational education, with connotation construction as the main line, key specialty construction as the lead, the cultivation of high-end skilled talents as the core, and adhere to the “stable number, improve quality, do not seek to grow, but seek to refine” school positioning; With the goal of “building a number of professional-oriented private higher vocational colleges and universities in Shanghai that have become a city-level focus and a number of specialties with distinctive characteristics, they are enterprise-oriented, society-oriented, world-oriented, and future-oriented.” Taking employment as the guide, taking the road of running higher vocational schools with “school-enterprise cooperation, combination of work and study, and integration of production and learning”, adhering to people-orientation and moral education first, focusing on personnel training, promoting quality education and promoting the comprehensive development of students Policy of running a school; adhering to the school running philosophy of “integrity school, quality school, talented school, strong school with characteristics”. College to build the five key processes and identification of jewelry, automotive electronics technology, mechatronics technology, computer application technology, tourism management specialty.

In order to train students into business professionals with an international perspective, Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Polytechnic actively promotes international exchanges and cooperation, forming an internationalized school-running characteristic of vocational education. It has signed cooperation agreements with dozens of universities in the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan, and carried out a number of teacher-student exchanges; 190 teachers and management officials have gone overseas for training The inspection, 111 students went abroad to participate in studies and internships such as junior college, “sandwich” training; the college has obtained qualifications to hire overseas teachers, and has hired overseas famous teachers to teach at the college.

In terms of curriculum, Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Polytechnic not only pays attention to the exchange of theoretical courses and practical training courses, but also strengthens the integration of natural science courses and humanities courses. The college offers various vocational skills (certificate) certification courses for students to choose freely, and constantly helps students improve their practical skills and ability to choose jobs.

Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Polytechnic has achieved outstanding results in education and teaching. The achievements in education and teaching are remarkable, and the achievements in various competitions at all levels are outstanding. Currently, there are 12 “Excellent Courses” in Shanghai, 4 second prizes of municipal education and teaching achievements, 5 municipal teaching teams, and 22 college-level excellent courses. Faculty and staff have published more than 205 academic papers, including 33 core ones. 25 editors or editors of textbooks; 67 scientific research projects above municipal level. In recent years, the number of teachers and students participating in various competitions has ranked first among similar institutions. Won more than 40 awards at various levels such as organization awards and group awards at the municipal level; 142 awards at various levels above the municipal level, of which in 2018, participated in more than 50 vocational skills competitions in Shanghai, and won 5 first and second prizes 10, 17 third prizes; 4 third prizes won in the 2018 National Vocational College Skills Competition; in the 45th World Skills Competition, Xie Jianwei from the Department of Jewelry participated in the “Jewelry Processing” competition and successfully entered Chinese training team.

Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Polytechnic strengthened employment guidance and publicity work to ensure higher employment and contracting rates. In recent years, the average annual employment rate and contract rate of students have reached over 99%. The employment rate and signing rate of the 2018 graduates are 100% and 99.9%, respectively, which is in the forefront of universities in the city. The college attaches great importance to employment guidance, gives full play to the college’s strengths, helps students plan for the future, and grasps employment opportunities. To this end, the Shanghai education department has introduced it in a special issue. In recent years, our college has continued to increase the employment of graduates, organized a number of college student employment and entrepreneurship competitions, and won the Shanghai Division Gold Award and the Best Driving Employment Award in the 4th China “Internet +” College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. 3 bronze medals and 2 winning prizes.


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