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Introduction to Shanghai Lida University

Shanghai Lida University (上海立达学院, website) is a full-time general undergraduate university established by the Ministry of Education and approved by the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government.

Shanghai Lida University is located in Songjiang District, Shanghai. It is a privately-run college with a multi-disciplinary and coordinated development, mainly in management and art. Existing secondary schools such as School of Economics and Management, School of Art, School of Media, School of Nursing, School of Information, School of Basic and Foreign Languages; with undergraduate majors in international business, financial management, product design, visual communication design, photography, and nursing, art design Waiting for 28 specialties. There are currently more than 7,100 full-time students.

Shanghai Lida University has a beautiful campus environment. The four seasons are full of green grass, lakes and trees, and birds and flowers, and have been rated as “the top 50 colleges and universities in the country for campus environmental satisfaction” by the Ministry of Education. The university has a rich cultural heritage. Inheriting the essence of the Chinese nation ’s traditional culture of “making people up to people”, adhering to the education concept of “whole person education”, innovating the talent cultivation mode of “building people with virtues”, and has repeatedly won the title of Shanghai Civilized Unit.

Shanghai Lida University has strong educational strength. Relying on the advantages of the Northern International University Alliance’s group-based schooling, the school has ample funding and shares the quality education resources of 18 universities in the alliance; there are 376 full-time teachers, including 205 master and doctoral degree teachers; and 109 experimental trainings have been established in the school Rooms, 124 off-campus practice bases, overseas teaching bases in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, etc., can provide students with excellent practical teaching conditions; high-end cultural and sports facilities have been built, and the library has more than 660,000 paper books Books, modern electronic reading room, sports field track and field, basketball court, football field, tennis court, gymnasium, fitness center, five-star standard student apartment, restaurant and other living facilities in accordance with international standards. Learning and living conditions.

Shanghai Lida University has distinctive school characteristics. Vigorously promote the internationalization of school running, and has an international tutor team composed of top international scholars and elites. Actively expand overseas education programs, and set up “micro-study abroad”, “overseas orientation training” and “direct education for masters and masters” programs in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries to build a diversified outward-oriented development platform for students and provide convenience Conditions and personalized service.

Shanghai Lida University has a good social reputation. The school has carried out school-enterprise cooperation with a number of well-known enterprises at home and abroad, carried out teaching and research academic exchanges with multiple universities and scientific research units, cooperated with local governments and social organizations, organized high-level cultural, art, and sports activities, and worked hard for regional economic and social development. Provide services. He introduced his experience at the meeting of the party and government officials in Shanghai’s universities, and the school’s achievements have been fully affirmed by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. The quality of teaching has been widely recognized by employers, and nearly 20,000 graduates have been sent to the society. In the past four years, the overall employment rate of graduates has exceeded 98%, ranking among the best in similar universities in Shanghai.

Shanghai Lida University will continue to advance the “high-end, international, and personalized” development strategy, focus on cultivating the comprehensive development of moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic, and labor, have an international vision and cross-cultural communication capabilities, and have international competitiveness and innovative spirit. Talents, and strive to build high-level first-class private universities.


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