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Introduction to Shanghai Minyuan Vocational Technical College

Shanghai Minyuan Vocational Technical College (上海民远职业技术学院, website) is a full-time general college incorporated into the state’s official admissions program. Three years of schooling, independently awarded a nationally recognized college diploma.

The school campus has a beautiful environment, with small bridges, gazebos, lawns, and lakes. The eyes are beautiful; modern teaching buildings, libraries, training centers, expert buildings, and student apartments stand on the banks of the Chuanyang River . The college now covers an area of more than 120 acres, with a building area of 62,356 square meters. It has students from more than one province, including Shanghai and Jiangsu-Zhejiang Academy. There are nearly 100 full-time and part-time teachers, more than 71% of which are professors, associate professors and lecturers. It has good teaching conditions and growing environment.

Shanghai Minyuan Vocational Technical College was established in June 1998. May 1999 Approved by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission to participate in higher education diploma examinations (three-year college), officially enrolled in the fall of the same year, with three majors: community management, business English, and computer information management. By 2002, it had developed into It has nine majors related to the shortage of talents in Shanghai’s construction of an international shipping center, such as customs declaration and international freight transportation and logistics management. In March 2003, it was approved by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission’s establishment of an evaluation committee and approved by the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government. The privately run Minyuan College was formally established as the “Shanghai Minyuan Vocational and Technical College” and became a vocational college incorporated into the national admissions plan.

Shanghai Minyuan Vocational Technical College focuses on the construction of Shanghai’s “four centers,” based on social needs, close to the forefront of science and technology, and long-term development, focusing on the development of tourism, finance, advanced manufacturing, arts, international shipping and other batches of enrollment, employment and prospects. Good attractive brand specialty, training talents with shortage of application skills. Currently there are five schools, one school of International Shipping and Logistics, the School of Economics and Management, the School of Intelligent Engineering and Technology, the School of Foreign Languages, the School of Art, and the Department of Ideology and Politics. Integration, automotive application and maintenance technology, new energy vehicle technology, applied Korean (international guide direction), applied English (international guide direction), art design (interior soft decoration design direction), (digital communication art direction), (advertising vision) Communication direction) Waiting for eleven majors and thirteen directions. These specialties are positioned to train the practically-skilled talents for the socio-economic development of Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta region. They have distinctive vocational, practical, and forward-looking prospects. Previous graduates of our college have been favored by employers, and the employment rate has remained above 98%.

Shanghai Minyuan Vocational Technical College has strict management and teaching standards, highlights the characteristics of higher vocational education, strengthens practical teaching links, and sets courses based on the knowledge and ability structure required by employers. ”Real (international)” shall prevail, and strive to achieve zero alignment with the positions of employers, and has now cooperated with a group of units to establish off-campus internship training bases. The school also cooperates with foreign universities to run schools, actively introduces advanced foreign teaching materials, and hires foreign teachers to teach. In addition to the opportunities for graduates from domestic universities after graduation, students can also continue their studies at foreign partner universities.


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