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Founded in 1952, Shanghai University of Sport (上海体育学院, website) is one of the earliest sports colleges and universities established in New China. In 2017, it was selected as the first batch of “double first-class” construction universities and Shanghai high-level local universities. The school adheres to the direction of running a socialist school, implements the fundamental task of establishing a person with morality, bases itself on the orientation of running universities with distinctive applied research, adheres to the school motto of “integration of mind and body, and competes in climbing”, and regards talent cultivation and knowledge innovation as its responsibility and carries “development” The glorious mission of sports, strengthening the people’s physique, and carrying forward the sports culture, implements the basic concept of “for the lifelong development of teachers and students” and the school-running idea of”unity of mind and body, ethics and skill, both culture and science, and service to the society”. Efforts will be made to build a training base for competitive sports talents and applied research sports talents, a specialized teacher training base, and a sports international cooperative school demonstration base. Efforts will be made to build the school into a world-class sports university rooted in China, and become a talent pool, think tank, wisdom brain, and a source of sports culture in China that support the development of sports in China and the characteristics of higher education.

Shanghai University of Sport currently has more than 450 full-time teachers and more than 6,000 students. It covers an area of more than 600 acres and has a building area of over 350,000 square meters. Shanghai Institute of Physical Education is one of the first batch of doctoral degree awarding units in China’s physical education institutes (1986). It adheres to the principle of “characteristics and quality are equal, discipline construction and talent training are mutually promoted”. At present, it has four doctoral degree authorization points for first-level disciplines in physical education. There are four second-level doctoral degree authorization points for sports humanities and sociology, sports human science, national traditional sports science, and physical education training. Doctoral programs in disciplines (sports management, sports engineering, sports rehabilitation); four master’s degree programs in sports science, psychology, medical technology, and journalism and communication, with sports, public management, arts, journalism and communication 4 professional master’s degree authorization points.

Shanghai University of Sport has a group of well-known scholars and well-known coaches and referees, including a foreign academician of the National Academy of Sports Sciences, a distinguished professor of the “Cheung Kong Scholar” of the Ministry of Education, a distinguished professor of the “Oriental Scholar” of Shanghai, a senior official of the international sports organization, and a senior national sports team Coaches and referee training senior lecturers from international sports organizations. The school sports health science teacher team was named the first batch of “National College Huang Danian Teacher Team” by the Ministry of Education in 2017. In recent years, the school has won several national and Shanghai teaching achievement awards; over the years, it has trained a number of internationally renowned coaches, such as Shi Zhihao, Sun Haiping, Chen Zhonghe, Wang Yuekun, Sun Li’an, Shen Fulin, Ma Liangxing, etc.

In recent years, Shanghai University of Sport has won 3 National Science and Technology Progress Awards. 13 provincial and ministerial key laboratories (bases) have been completed. In 2017, with the approval of the State Council, the construction of the Shanghai Laboratory for Doping Testing jointly established by the State General Administration of Sport and the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government started.

Shanghai University of Sport has formed a number of unique and iconic achievements. Take the lead in building the world’s only higher education institution specialized in table tennis as a professional—China Table Tennis Academy, and has been identified as the highest college-level affiliated training base by the ITTF; the only domestic national university science and technology park in sports; the world’s first comprehensive The Chinese martial arts museum, a museum that showcases the history and culture of martial arts; the only English-language sports academic journal in mainland China that is simultaneously included in the SCI and SSCI databases; Take the lead in introducing the ITTF Museum and the Chinese Table Tennis Museum, which were established by international sports organizations; take the lead in establishing a top-notch sports training model— “Yunrui Academy”. Established the International Handball Academy and the IAAF Special Training and Certification Center with the International Handball Federation and the IAAF, and the Basketball Academy, Marathon Academy, and the Triathlon Academy with the Chinese Basketball Association, the Chinese Basketball Association and the China Triathlon Association. The school is the “National High-level Sports Reserve Talent Base”, and the national middle and long distance running youth team settled in our school.

Shanghai University of Sport is a Chinese government scholarship-qualified school and a pilot institution designated by the Ministry of Education to independently recruit Chinese government scholarship students. The school has established cooperative relationships with more than 70 universities and institutions in 25 countries and regions, and has cultivated more than 70 universities and institutions from the United States, More than 1,000 international students from more than 60 countries or regions including France, Germany, Japan, and South Korea. The school has established the European Branch of the Chinese Table Tennis Academy in cooperation with Luxembourg, and hosted a master’s degree program in sports with the Macau Polytechnic Institute.


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