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Introduction to Shanghai Vocational College of Agriculture and Forestry

Shanghai Vocational College of Agriculture and Forestry (上海农林职业技术学院, website) is the only higher vocational and technical college in Shanghai featuring modern urban agriculture. Our school is one of the first batch of modern apprenticeship pilot units in Shanghai. It is also a national civilized unit and the first Shanghai Civilized Campus.

In 2002, the Shanghai Vocational College of Agriculture and Forestry was founded on the basis of the Shanghai Agricultural School, and its history dates back to 1947. The college promotes the school motto and the campus culture spirit of “Shang Nong Le Cultivating and Growing Lives,” adhering to the school’s purpose of “serving farms with distinctive characteristics,” and training a large number of management and technical talents for Shanghai agriculture. 70% of the management and technical staff of Shanghai Agricultural Front are graduates of our school. There are currently more than 300 faculty members, including more than 40 with deputy or higher titles, and more than 4,000 full-time students. The college has Songjiang Main Campus, Pudong Lingang Campus, Songjiang Yonggang Training Base and Fengxian Bay Training Base, covering an area of ??1448 acres.

Shanghai Vocational College of Agriculture and Forestry has a sound system of agronomy, covering agronomy such as agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and sideline fisheries, and basically meets the needs of modern urban agriculture in Shanghai. There are now six departments and two departments including the Department of Plant Science and Technology, the Department of Landscape Architecture Technology, the Department of Animal Science and Technology, the Department of Agricultural Biology and Eco-Technology, the Department of Agricultural Economic Management, the Department of Agricultural Information Engineering, the Basic Department and the Teaching and Research Department of Ideological and Political Theory. Established 19 specialties, forming 6 agricultural specialty groups with horticultural technology, garden technology, animal medicine, biotechnology and applications, agricultural economic management and agricultural information technology. Agricultural-related majors and agricultural-related majors accounted for over 80%. The major of landscape technology is the key specialty of the State Forestry Administration, the major of animal medicine is the major of financial support from the central government, and the first-class construction major of higher vocational education in Shanghai.

Shanghai Vocational College of Agriculture and Forestry actively explores innovative talent training models, and has established stable school-enterprise, school-research, and school-government units with leading agricultural enterprises such as Guangming Food Group, real estate gardens, and the Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Chongming District Agricultural Committee Partnership. The college has more than 20 modern apprenticeship classes and dual-subject cooperation classes between schools and enterprises. The college has established stable and good relations of cooperation with relevant agricultural universities and training institutions in Denmark, Israel, France, Hungary, Taiwan, and China, and sends more than 100 students and teachers abroad each year for training.

The Shanghai Vocational College of Agriculture and Forestry organizes a team to represent Shanghai in the National Vocational Skills Contest Agricultural Project Competition each year, and has won first-class awards on agricultural product quality and safety testing, agricultural machinery maintenance, chicken Newcastle disease antibody level determination, and art flower arrangement. The college attaches importance to the docking industry, pays equal attention to pre-service and post-service, and actively devotes itself to training and training of new-type professional farmers. It trains nearly 10,000 new-type professional farmers each year and agricultural skills appraisal, and more than 7,000 rural labor force training and appraisals.

Shanghai Vocational College of Agriculture and Forestry was awarded the fourth National Civilized Unit and the first Shanghai Civilized Campus. Awarded “2016 China Education Outstanding Unit”, “Shanghai Safe and Civilized Campus”, “Shanghai Safe Demonstration Unit”, “Shanghai Garden Unit”, “Shanghai Advanced Unit for Recruitment”, “Shanghai University Graduates” “Plan advanced collective”, “National Youth Science Popularization Demonstration Base” and “National Vocational Qualification Appraisal Shanghai Vocational Qualification Appraisal Agency” and other titles. The vocational skills appraisal station for agricultural-specific jobs of the Ministry of Agriculture affiliated to the college was rated as “National Excellent Agricultural Vocational Skill Appraisal Station”. (Updated to April 22, 2019)


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