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Shanwei Polytechnic (汕尾职业技术学院, website) is located in the beautiful coastal city of East Guangdong-Shanwei City, Guangdong Province. Shanwei Polytechnic is a college-level public institution of higher learning established by the Government of Shanwei City and approved by the People’s Government of Guangdong Province. The college adheres to the school-oriented philosophy of “people-oriented, serving the society, connotative development, and showing characteristics”, pays attention to the quality of talent training, and focuses on the comprehensive and harmonious development of students. With the purpose of promoting the healthy growth of students, we pay attention to the comprehensive and harmonious development of students; establish the concept of “quality of talent training is the lifeline of the survival and development of the college”, adhere to the connotative development, pay attention to the quality of teaching, pay close attention to the examination style and discipline, and promote good teaching style Construction of study style and school style; implementation of the “double certificate” system, and active organization of professional qualification assessment, graduates’ vocational skills and employment competitiveness continue to increase.

Shanwei Polytechnic has two campuses. The campus covers an area of 194,000 square meters (the city government has allocated 270,000 square meters for development land), a building area of 118,300 square meters, and a total value of 36.75 million yuan in existing teaching equipment. The library has 455,000 volumes of books; full wireless broadband Wi-Fi coverage on campus. The college has seven departments: the Department of Marine Engineering, the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, the Department of Information Engineering, the Department of Art and Design, the Department of Economic Management, the Department of Foreign Languages and Foreign Trade, the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Teaching Department of Ideological and Political Theory Course, and the Teaching Department of Public Course. The college offers 42 majors, and two majors in computer application technology and software technology, and the Dane Software Vocational Training School in Dane Times Technology Group Guangzhou jointly launch a provincial “modern apprenticeship” pilot enrollment. The Cloud Computing and Big Data Professional Committee of the Higher Vocational College of Guangdong Higher Education Institute was established in our college. At present, there are 7,084 full-time students, 457 faculty members, of which 340 are full-time teachers, 66 are senior associate students, and 164 are graduate students.

Shanwei Polytechnic actively builds a “two hospitals and two stations” collaborative innovation platform. Shanwei Innovation Industry Design and Research Institute and Shanwei Marine Industry Research Institute established in cooperation with Shanwei Science and Technology Bureau and Shanwei Ocean and Fishery Bureau. In 2015, both institutes were rated as provincial-level new R & D institutions; Shanwei Municipal Party Committee Organization Department of the Communist Party of China, Harbin Institute of Technology (Weihai), Chinese Academy of Sciences Nanhai Research Institute, and Chengdu Institute of Information Engineering established the Shanwei Vocational Technical College Talent post; the post-doctoral research station of Shanwei Marine Industry Research Institute was established. In 2017, a post-doctoral researcher was introduced to actively carry out research on aquatic biological disease prevention and treatment, and provide technical services for breeding enterprises. Shenshan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base and the Cloud Computing and Big Data Professional Committee of the Higher Vocational College of the Guangdong Higher Education Society; successfully hosted the 2015 Academic Annual Meeting of the Guangdong Higher Vocational and Technical Education Research Association; marine equipment, marine biology, electronic technology, Computer and Internet, e-commerce, decoration design and other industries, companies and our school jointly build an internship training base, for our school to build a development platform for government-school-enterprise cooperation, industry-university-research integration.

Shanwei Polytechnic focuses on cultivating students’ practical skills. In recent years, the quality of talent training has improved significantly. It has repeatedly won awards in various national and provincial skills competitions. Among them, the fifth session of the National Vocational College Entrepreneurship Skills Sand Table Competition has won first prize. Won the first prize of the National College Student Cross-border E-commerce Entrepreneurship Competition, the first prize of the National Higher Vocational Colleges’ Big Data Technology Application Skills Competition, and won the Guangdong Provincial Challenge Cup Special Award for three years. One.

Shanwei Polytechnic pays attention to the all-round development of students, and conducts “communication” with the South China Normal University Open College. There are 12 majors. Students in the college are exempt from the entrance examination and apply for the same or similar undergraduate majors. Obtain an undergraduate diploma jointly issued by the Provincial Examinations Committee and the China Normal University, and apply for a bachelor’s degree from South China Normal University. The college has a “Student Employment Guidance Center” and “Shenshan Entrepreneurship Base and College Student Incubation Park” to provide graduates with systematic career guidance and services. The employment rate of graduates has remained above 95%.

The college is based in Shanwei area, recruits students from all over the province, and aims to train high-quality technical and technical personnel. It deepens the integration of production and education, school-enterprise cooperation, and promotes the construction of modern vocational education system. The marine development strategy and the “Belt and Road” development strategy train technical and technical personnel to make positive contributions.


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