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Shanxi Institute of Energy (山西能源学院, website) is an applied general undergraduate school organized by the Shanxi Provincial People’s Government and approved by the Ministry of Education. The college takes coal, electric power, and new energy majors as its main body, and mainly trains engineering and management talents with comprehensive basic theoretical systems, outstanding professional skills, strong practical skills, serving energy companies, and serving regional economic and social development. At present, the college has been listed as a key construction project of the Shanxi Comprehensive Reform Pilot Zone, a pilot university for applied undergraduates in Shanxi Province, and a pilot university for the integration of production and education in local universities in China.

Shanxi Institute of Energy has two campuses, which are located in the high-school campus in Shanxi Province and the high-tech-intensive Xiaodian District in Taiyuan. The value of the equipment is about 100 million yuan, more than 480,000 printed books, 210,000 electronic books, 87 experimental training rooms on campus, and 63 off-site practice bases. There are currently more than 7,200 full-time, junior college students. There are Department of Mining Engineering, Department of Safety Engineering, Department of Geological Surveying and Mapping Engineering, Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation, Department of Energy and Power Engineering, Department of Resources and Environmental Engineering, Department of New Energy Engineering, Department of Computer and Information Management, Economics There are 14 teaching departments, including the Department of Management, the Department of Management, the Teaching Department of Ideological and Political Theory Course, the Basic Teaching Department, and the Continuing Education Department.

Shanxi Institute of Energy is closely connected with Shanxi’s strategic emerging industries and key industrial clusters, focusing on the “1331 Project” with its distinctive features of dynamic engineering and engineering thermophysics, and comprehensively promotes energy power, new energy development and utilization, and smart energy. Construction, six major professional groups of construction, resources and environment, green energy intelligent equipment manufacturing, and energy economic management. In the first six undergraduate professional machinery design and manufacturing and automation, electrical engineering and automation, resource exploration engineering, mining engineering, On the basis of chemical engineering and technology, and safety engineering, energy and power engineering, energy and environmental system engineering, and new energy dormitories have been added. Engineering, surveying and mapping engineering, oil and gas storage and transportation engineering, vehicle engineering, information management and information systems, financial management, energy economics, financial engineering 14 undergraduate majors, 20 undergraduate majors, recruiting students from 10 provinces and regions such as Shanxi, Henan, Shandong . Among them, energy and power engineering are the dominant specialty of Shanxi Province, and energy and power engineering, electrical engineering and automation are two A-level majors.

Shanxi Institute of Energy insists on running students based on students, and continuously improves the education, management and service level of students from enrollment to employment. Vigorously strengthen the construction of study style, and create a hard-working, self-disciplined and active learning atmosphere. Strive to build a training mechanism that places equal emphasis on basic teaching and practical ability. While improving students’ practical ability, improve the teaching quality of basic courses such as advanced mathematics and college English. Carry out a variety of campus cultural activities, and build a platform for extracurricular science, technology, and sports activities that students participate extensively. Carefully carry out student entrepreneurship education, employment guidance and services, etc. Experts have demonstrated that jpg actively seeks government and business support, broadens the channels for student employment, and creates better conditions and lays a solid foundation for students’ further education, postgraduate research and employment. In 2018, among the first batch of more than 400 undergraduates of 6 majors in the college, more than 70 students reached the national postgraduate admissions line. They were selected by Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing Institute of Technology, Chongqing University, Jilin University, China University of Geosciences, China Ocean University Admission to universities, China University of Mining and Technology.

The Shanxi Institute of Energy has vigorously strengthened scientific research and provided scientific and technological support and decision-making consultation for the transformation and development of the energy industry. Vertical scientific research projects include the Science and Technology Department, the Social Science Federation, the Education Department and the Development and Reform Commission, and have signed a number of horizontal projects with enterprises. Shanxi Energy Transformation Strategy “and other key projects.


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