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Founded in 1958, Shanxi Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (山西机电职业技术学院, website) is a full-time general vocational college hosted by the Shanxi Provincial People’s Government and directly under the Education Department of Shanxi Province. Excellent unit for professional training, advanced unit for vocational education in Shanxi Province, civilized unit in Shanxi Province, the only vocational college in Shanxi Province with a “national college Huang Danian-style teaching team”, the only vocational college in Shanxi Province that has obtained qualifications for recruiting international students . The college is a national modern apprenticeship experimental higher vocational college determined by the Ministry of Education. High-level vocational schools with Chinese characteristics and a professional construction plan were selected as construction units.

Shanxi Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering is located in Changzhi, an ancient city of Shangdang, one of the top ten attractive cities in the country. It is located in the Changzhi High-tech Industrial Development Zone. It consists of the main campus, Donghu campus, Yitong Environmental Energy Campus, and Changzhi High-tech. The District Science and Technology Industrial Park training center is composed of an area of 373,300 square meters and a school building construction area of 282,500 square meters. The total value of existing fixed assets is nearly 1.1 billion yuan. There are 8 major professional training centers built in the school, teaching equipment and equipment worth 10.943 million yuan, and more than 300 “research, practice, and employment bases” for school-enterprise cooperation. The library has a collection of more than 410,000 books and a sports ground of more than 36,000 square meters. The college currently has 366 faculty members, including 285 full-time teachers, 72 senior professional and technical personnel such as professors and associate professors, and more than 130 “dual teacher” teachers. There are 19 “Double-Teacher” teaching masters and outstanding teachers in Shanxi Province, 2 winners of the “May 1 Labor Medal” in Shanxi Province, 9 winners of “Three Jin Talents” in the education field of Shanxi Province, and 5 winners of “Three Jin Skilled Experts” People, 9 senior experts contacted by the Provincial University Work Committee and the Provincial Department of Education. The college is a member of the National Machinery Vocational Education Teaching Steering Committee. There are 11 professional leaders who serve as deputy directors or members of 10 professional teaching steering committees. The college recruits students from all over the country. There are more than 7,400 college students from 11 ethnic groups in 26 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities).

Shanxi Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering has a department of mechanical engineering, a department of numerical control engineering, a department of electrical engineering, a department of automotive engineering, a department of information engineering, a department of materials engineering, a department of economics and trade management, a basic department, a ideological and political department, a sports and art teaching department, 11 teaching departments including the practical teaching department. Now there are 50 specialties (including professional directions) such as numerical control technology, mechanical manufacturing and automation. Among them, three majors including mechanical manufacturing and automation, automotive inspection and maintenance technology, and marketing are the specialties for the cultivation of skilled personnel in the national mechanical industry; numerical control technology 5 majors such as mechanical manufacturing and automation, mechatronics technology, electrical automation technology, automotive inspection and maintenance technology are brand majors in higher vocational colleges in Shanxi Province; 3 majors include mechanical manufacturing and automation, numerical control technology, and automotive inspection and maintenance technology. The specialty is a characteristic specialty of colleges and universities in Shanxi Province; the specialty of welding technology and automation is a specialty of specialty construction in Shanxi Province. At present, the college is adapting to the economic transformation and development, building four major professional groups such as intelligent manufacturing, electromechanical control, new energy vehicle technology, and information technology to further meet the needs of high-quality technical and skilled personnel in new equipment manufacturing and local economic and social development.

Shanxi Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering is the lead unit of “Shanxi Equipment Manufacturing Vocational Education Group” and the chairman unit of Vocational Education Branch of Shanxi Machinery and Electronics Industry Federation. Relying on, actively exploring and implementing modern internship training modes such as modern apprenticeship, order training, alternation between engineering and learning, and base co-construction, established a network of graduate employment bases based in Shanxi, radiating coastal areas, and facing the whole country, and the employment rate of graduates It has remained above 95% for many years. In recent years, the college has successively obtained “model units in Shanxi Province”, “advanced units in democratic management in Shanxi Province”, “advanced units in establishing safe campuses in Shanxi Province”, “advanced units in employment work for college graduates in Shanxi Province”, “May Day Labor in Shanxi Province” Certificate of Merit “and other honorary titles. It has also been named as “National Key Vocational College of Machinery Industry” by China Machinery Industry Education Association and Education Development Center of Machinery Industry. There is a shortage of talent training bases.


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