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Shanxi Institute of Technology (山西工程技术学院, website) is located in Yangquan, the third largest city in Shanxi Province, known as the “First City of the Communist Party of China” and “Oriental Anthracite Coal City”. Middle position. It is an important base for the development of applied talents in the Jindong region, providing support for the transformation and upgrading of the coal industry, and research support for technological progress. It is also the main window for foreign exchanges and cooperation.

Shanxi Institute of Technology was founded in September 1984. At the beginning of its establishment, it was named Yangquan Coal College of Shanxi Mining College. The school card of Yangquan Vocational and Technical College was added on behalf of Yangquan to undertake higher vocational education and teaching tasks. On May 27, 2014, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, the Shanxi Institute of Engineering and Technology was established as a public full-time undergraduate university.

Shanxi Institute of Technology covers an area of 737,000 square meters; the school building covers an area of 252,400 square meters; the total value of teaching instruments and equipment reaches 96.55 million yuan; the library holds 799,000 paper books, equipped with a complete modern electronic book system and computer network service system. The college has built sports facilities such as gymnasium, swimming pool, feather table tennis hall (art performance center), plastic playground, basketball court, tennis court and so on.

Shanxi Institute of Technology has formed a disciplinary professional system focusing on engineering and taking into account the coordinated development of economics, management and other multidisciplinary disciplines, and has established a multi-level talent training system that integrates undergraduate education and continuing education. Department of Mining Engineering, Department of Geology and Environmental Engineering, Department of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation, Department of Information Engineering and Big Data Science, Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering, Department of Management Engineering, Department of Economics and Trade, Industrial Design and Packaging Engineering Departments, ideological and political theory teaching department, basic teaching department, physical education department, continuing education department and other 13 departments (departments). The college currently has 28 undergraduate majors, 1 national teaching reform pilot specialty, 1 Shanxi Province characteristic specialty discipline, 1 provincial teaching reform pilot specialty, 3 Shanxi specialty specialty, 2 dominant specialty, and provincial excellent courses. 7 doors.

Shanxi Institute of Technology currently has 597 faculty members. Masters and above teachers account for more than 75% of full-time teachers, and teachers with senior professional titles account for more than 30% of full-time teachers. One provincial outstanding teaching team, one outstanding person in the new century of the Ministry of Education, seven selected as “Three Jins”, three academic and technological leaders in Shanxi Province, seven provincial teaching teachers, and 14 outstanding provincial teachers. Five people were selected as the second batch of “131” leading talent project in Shanxi universities. The flexible introduction of Academician Wang Yide of the Chinese Academy of Engineering as a special professor of our school, and the special expert of “Hundred Talents Plan” Professor Ma Zhaoyuan as the chief expert, laid the foundation for the further improvement of the overall level of the college. In recent years, the college has won 10 provincial teaching achievement awards, and has undertaken 91 provincial and higher education research projects. Teachers edited 147 textbooks, of which 14 were national planning textbooks. Teachers have published 56 monographs, 903 academic papers, and 105 authorized patents.

Shanxi Institute of Technology currently has 12,178 full-time students, including 11,392 undergraduates and 786 college students. Cooperated with Shanxi Provincial Party School, Provincial Social Science Federation and other units to set up a “Qingquan” educating and coordinating center, one of the ideological and political work cultivating and cultivating centers in 8 universities in Shanxi Province; signed an idea with Songjiagou Village, Qilan County Political education practice base; insisting on carrying out ideological and political education of college students with the characteristics of “defense of moral education”, constructing a “2 + X” education system of moral education; and leading volunteer activities of college students with the guidance of public welfare figures. The employment rate of this college student has reached more than 90% for many years, and it has been rated as the advanced unit of employment work for college graduates in Shanxi Province. In recent years, students have won many national and provincial awards in the “Challenge Cup” young teachers and students in science and technology works and entrepreneurship plan competitions, college student mathematical modeling competitions, college student advertising art design competitions and other activities.

The Shanxi Institute of Technology cultivates and builds 6 collaborative innovation teams including new building materials, coal mine safety, and quantum control industrial application research, including the quantum control laboratory, coal deep processing and utilization laboratory, GE intelligent platform laboratory, engineering mechanics analysis laboratory, Inorganic non-metallic materials laboratory, Yangquan mining area gas governance and efficient utilization engineering technology research center was rated as Yangquan Key Laboratory; Quantum Control Laboratory is the scientific research base of the provincial 2011 collaborative innovation center. At present, there are 60 comprehensive and professional off-campus teaching and practice bases. The Yunquan Green Materials Laboratory has been established, and the Yunquan Workstation of the Shanxi Academy of Sciences Experts and Experts Collaboration Center has been listed. It has cooperated with Shuguang, ChinaSoft International, Yangmei Group, etc. Large enterprises sign agreements to jointly build majors and laboratories to jointly train talents.

Shanxi Institute of Technology was named “Advanced Unit for Party Construction and Ideological and Political Work” in Shanxi Province, “Advanced Unit for Construction of Teachers’ Morality and Style” in Higher Education Institutions in Shanxi Province, “Advanced Basic Party Organizations” in Higher Education Institutions in Shanxi Province, and Higher Education Institutions in Shanxi “Civilized unit”, “advanced unit of employment work” in colleges and universities in Shanxi Province. In 2015, he was awarded the May 1st Labor Award in Shanxi Province. In 2016, it was selected as a pilot university for the transformation of higher education institutions in Shanxi Province into an application transformation, and became a training institution for the Ministry of Education’s China’s “100 School Project” production-education integration innovation project. In 2017, the discipline of materials science and engineering was rated as the advantageous characteristic discipline of Shanxi “1331 Project”; the “Qingquan Ideological and Political Work Collaborative Education Center” project was selected as the “1331 Project” collaborative education project in Shanxi Province. In November 2017, the College Graduate Employment Association of the Ministry of Education awarded the college an “Applied Talent Training Engineering Base”.


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