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Introduction to Shanxi Vocational College of Tourism

Shanxi Vocational College of Tourism (山西旅游职业学院, website), formerly Shanxi Planning and Statistics School, was founded in 1980 and has a 39-year history of running a school. In 1983, the college established the branch of Shanxi University and the branch of Shanxi College of Finance and Economics, and based on this, established the Shanxi Institute of Economics and Management. In 1985 the colleges and universities were run separately. In 1991, the school became one of the first 7 national key secondary schools among 125 secondary schools in the province at that time. In 2001, the school and Shanxi University of Finance and Economics jointly established the School of Economics and Information, Shanxi University of Finance and Economics, and began to hold higher vocational education. In January 2004, according to the urgent requirements of industrial structure adjustment in Shanxi Province and the large demand for tourism professionals in the development of emerging pillar industries, under the arrangement of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government, our college was officially approved to be upgraded to a higher vocational college and established Shanxi. Vocational College of Tourism. The Provincial Development and Reform Commission is the competent department, the Provincial Department of Education is the education and teaching business management department, and the Provincial Tourism Bureau is the tourism business guidance department. In 2008, the college passed the first round of assessment and acceptance of talent training in higher vocational colleges, and achieved good results. In January 2008, the college took the lead in establishing the Shanxi Tourism Vocational Education Group. Obtained an excellent level in the evaluation of the training level; in the same year, the college became one of the 18 designated institutions for entrepreneurship training of college graduates subsidized by the government in the province; in 2015, the provincial tourism bureau led the pilot construction of a modern apprenticeship training mode led by the college The work has been approved by the Ministry of Education, and our institute has become the main implementation unit of the Shanxi Province tourism industry’s modern apprenticeship model of technical and technical personnel training pilots. In 2018, the college was established as a high-quality higher vocational college construction unit in Shanxi Province by the Provincial Department of Education and the Provincial Department of Finance.

Shanxi Vocational College of Tourism is located in the school district where the provincial capital Taiyuan gathers, and is close to the Taiyuan South Railway Station. The college covers an area of 382 acres, and the school building covers an area of 10,480 square meters. The library holds 439,000 volumes of paper books. There are 252 full-time teachers and 5,108 students. The superior running conditions have laid a solid material foundation for the construction of excellent vocational colleges.

The Department of Teaching of Shanxi Vocational College of Tourism has 7 departments, 2 departments and 1 academy. The department of tourism management, hotel management, tourism culture and art, tourism foreign language, international economics and trade, economic management, computer science, and thought Political Teaching Research Department, Public Course Teaching Department, 9 Teaching Departments, and Adult Education Colleges, offering tourism management, tour guides, hotel management, cooking technology and nutrition, application of Korean, flight attendant services, gemstone identification and processing, restoration and protection of cultural relics Waiting for 31 higher vocational majors, of which tour guide and hotel management are central finance support majors and provincial specialty majors, tourism management is a provincial key major, and accounting computerization is a provincial brand major. In 2018, the college’s major in cooking technology and nutrition, hotel management, and tour guide became the backbone of higher vocational education in Shanxi Province. The college has 62 on-campus internship training rooms, and one central financial support internship training base (Baoyushi identification and marketing internship training base); 5 provincial demonstration internship training bases (engineering cost training base, tour guide major Training base, tourism management professional training base, aviation service professional training base, hotel management professional training base); one school-run productive practical training base (College Wutaishan Hotel Practical Training Base). Since its establishment, it has trained more than 20,000 college and secondary school students, and has made positive contributions to the transformation of the industrial structure and the local economic development of our province. The college has been rated as a model unit of the provincial civilized unit for 22 consecutive years, and has been rated as the provincial civilized unit for 20 consecutive years.


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