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Shazhou Professional Institute of Technology (沙洲职业工学院, website) is a public college and university founded in 1984. As the first county-run university in the country, it is included in the history of Chinese higher education. The college is located in the famous Zhangjiagang city in the country. As an emerging industrial port city at the junction of the two major economic development belts along the coast and the Yangtze River, Zhangjiagang City enjoys economic prosperity, urban livability, ecological civilization, and well-being of the people. Its comprehensive strength has always maintained the top three cities in its class in the country, with a developed industry and outstanding geographical advantages. It provides a good external environment and broad development space for the college’s career and student employment.

Shazhou Professional Institute of Technology is a government-invested 1.2 billion yuan new campus that covers an area of ??530 acres and covers an area of ??230,000 square meters. It has modern architectural style, advanced infrastructure, beautiful environmental ecology, rich cultural atmosphere, teaching, training, research and other facilities Advanced equipment, with multiple national and provincial training bases, science and technology service platforms. Among the 232 full-time teachers, 47% have senior professional titles, 65% have graduate degrees, and there are many provincial-level teachers, “333 Project” training targets, and excellent teaching teams in universities.

The college offers more than 30 majors in 7 departments: architecture, textiles, electromechanical, electronic information, economic management, basic sciences, ideology, politics, teaching and research. Among them, there is 1 “Demonstration Major of Higher Engineering Specialty” by the Ministry of Education, and 2 key financial support Majors, 3 major provincial professional construction groups, 4 provincial high-level backbone majors, and 5 provincial brand specialty programs. The employment rate of graduates has been above 95%. In recent years, the admission rate for transfers and transfers has reached 80%. Students can also go abroad to study at Holland University in the United States and Changwon Sung University in Korea.

Over the 35 years since the Shazhou Professional Institute of Technology was established, the college has trained more than 30,000 full-time graduates. It has co-organized 19 undergraduate courses with Shanghai University and Suzhou University on campus, and held various types of adult undergraduate education and Corporate employee training. More than 80% of the graduates stay in Zhangjiagang and become the backbone of the local main industry and key enterprises. Thousands of people have taken up senior management positions or successfully started businesses. The local case of college service was selected in the 2015 China Higher Vocational Education Quality Annual Report.
Life-oriented education facilities: The college provides excellent conditions for the comprehensive and healthy growth of students. High-level skills training helps students to win gold and silver in national competitions; high-quality entrepreneurial parks and crowd-creation spaces become places “Popular entrepreneurship and innovation” is a beautiful business card; it can be called a first-class library, gymnasium, college student activity center, psychological counseling center, etc., which enriches students’ extracurricular activities such as extracurricular learning, innovation and creativity, literary entertainment, fitness exercises and other leisure activities; Excellent services in student apartments and food courts create a “feel at home”.


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