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Introduction to Shenyang Ligong University

Shenyang Ligong University (沈阳理工大学, SLU, website) is founded in 1948. Its predecessor was Northeast Military Special School. It was upgraded to Shenyang Institute of Technology in 1960 and renamed Shenyang Ligong University in 2004 upon approval of the Ministry of Education. In 2010, Liaoning Provincial Government signed the agreement with China Ordnance Equipment Group and China Ordnance Industry Group to co-construct Shenyang Ligong University. It was approved as “the co-constructed university by National Defense Science and Technology Industry Bureau and Liaoning Provincial Government” with features of national defense in 2016.

SLU is in Hunnan District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. It covers an area of 1,140,000 m2 with magnificent, solemn and elegant campus buildings covering 444,000m2, which consists of a fresh and pleasant environment. There is a local area network on the campus. The library collects 1,333,000 paper books. The students’ cultural and sports facilities are all in readiness. A standard stadium and students’ sports center are established, which provide a good foundation for the all-round development of college students. SLU has the only Weaponry Museum in northeast China.

After 60 years of development, SLU has developed from a single-discipline military school into a multi-disciplinary university. The subjects provided include science, management, arts, economics, law, and art. SLU undertakes the task of cultivating national defense students for Shenyang Military Region. It is also one of the universities approved by the Ministry of Education to recruit high-level football team.

SLU has 20 schools (teaching departments). There are 1,663 teaching staff and faculties, including 1 Double Academician, 397 doctoral, master tutors, 552 professors and associate professors, 29 at the hundred-level of the “Ten Million Talent Project”, national outstanding teachers, State Council Experts for Special Allowance, New Century Excellent Talents from Ministry of Education, members of National Professional Teaching Committee, 61 Provincial Leading Talents, Provincial Outstanding Experts, Provincial Distinguished Professors, Provincial Outstanding Teachers, talents of Provincial University Outstanding Scientific and Technological Personnel Support Plan, Provincial University Outstanding Young Scholars Growth Plan, Provincial hundred-level of the “Ten Million Talent Project”, 4 Liaoning Province Innovation Teams.

SLU has 17,926 full-time students including 16,395 undergraduate students, 1,234 students and postgraduates. The university has 1 doctoral training program, 1 postdoctoral research station. It provides 47 majors for master degree programs (including engineering, science, economics, management, arts, law and art).

SLU has 54 undergraduate majors. In the assessment, it was identified by the Ministry of Education as an excellent university of undergraduate teaching in 2007. SLU has 2 State-level National Characteristic Specialty Construction Sites, 1 National Professional Comprehensive Pilot Reform Specialty, 16 Provincial Characteristic (Demonstration) Specialties, Pilot Reform Specialties and Key Support Specialties, 6 Provincial Teaching Teams, 1 Ministry of Education Quality Video Class, 13 Provincial Quality Courses, 14 Provincial Video Classes and Quality Resources Sharing Courses. In 2011, SLU was established by the Ministry of Education to carry out the National Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program. It has 1 National Level Outside-school Undergraduate Practice Base, 11 provincial undergraduate Practice Base, Experimental Teaching Centers, and Engineering Practice Centers.

Since it was established, the university has always adhered to strengthening morality. With the aim of cultivating high-quality applied talents and the talent training characteristics of “Implementation of Engineering Education, Highlighting the Engineering Practice and Social Practice,” SLU has developed many advanced engineering and management personnel. They are much welcome in society. The employment rate of graduates has been ranked the forefront of Colleges and Universities in Liaoning Province for years. The university has cultivated over 100,000 specialized personnel.

The university has a number of strong scientific research institutions and technology development bases and a Municipal University Science Park. The state-level new products such as bar code, flying saw machine, large-scale crewing bush, and Torch Projects have brought about remarkable social and economic benefits. Since the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, SLU has received total funding of 940 million yuan in science and technology, a total of more than 3200 scientific research projects (1200 projects of national and provincial level). More than 50 scientific research achievements have won national and provincial awards. The number of patent applications in SLU is more than 110 per year. SLU undertakes 195 national and provincial education reform projects, and 52 education reform achievements win national and provincial awards.

SLU has established stable cooperation with over 60 universities in 16 countries, such as Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Japan, Finland, etc. Four advanced laboratories have been built with nine institutes from the National Academy of Sciences of Russia and Belarus. SLU has conducted joint programs with universities in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Russia and other countries. Confucius Institute and State Level Pushkin Russian Language Center have been established based on the cooperation with Tomsk State University in Russia. SLU is one of the Chinese Institutions admitting international students under Chinese government scholarship programs.


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About Shenyang

As the largest city in Northeast China, it is the capital as well as political, economic and cultural center of Liaoning Province. It is also an important industrial base and a famous historical city. Giving birth to the ancient Qing Dynasty, it has one of the country’s two best preserved imperial palace complexes. According to the 2010 census, the city’s urban area has 6.3 million inhabitants, while the total population of the Shenyang municipality is up to 8.1 million.

Nowadays, Shenyang becomes a popular tourist destination equipped with convenience in transportation system and public facilities, making it accessible for tourists from China and abroad. A wide range of transportation can facilitate trips to/from the city, such as direct flights, high-speed trains and long-distance buses. The urban transportation is also well developed because of the convenient public buses, taxis and subways.

A long tradition, finely-honed cooking skills and Manchu cuisine basis work together to bring distinctive features to Shenyang dining. Almost every famous traditional dish comes with its own legend and historical background, which enhances its appeal. The Man-Han Banquet is a feast most representative of traditional dishes in Shenyang. According to history, Shenyang was a place governed by the Han nationality and various minor nationalities in turn. Thus, many unique snacks originate here, such as Muslim and Manchu snacks.

Shenyang weather is relatively dry most of the year with spikes in precipitation during the summer months due to the influence of monsoons. Temperatures vary as much as 10 degrees Celsius from daytime to night, and in winter they can drop below 0 degrees Celsius, so the smart traveler will plan to dress in layers.


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