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Introduction to Sichuan Aerospace Vocational College

Sichuan Aerospace Vocational College (四川航天职业技术学院, website) is a public full-time general institution of higher learning approved by the Ministry of Education and the Sichuan Provincial People’s Government for national enrollment. It is a Sichuan province jointly established by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Education, the Sichuan Defense Science and Industry Office, and the Sichuan Aerospace Administration. Provincial model higher vocational college; National high-skilled talent training base.

The college is located in Longquanyi, a national-level Chengdu Economic and Technological Development Zone with the aerospace science and technology and automobile industry as its pillar industries. It also builds a new campus in the ancient cultural city of Guanghan in Guanghan, forming a school structure of “one school and two districts”. There are more than 16,000 students in school, covering an area of more than 700 acres. The college now has 13 teaching and research institutions and 39 majors. The training objectives of each department and specialty are clear, the teachers are strong, the curriculum system is reasonable, the internship training conditions are complete, the teaching management is strict and standardized, and the teaching and research results are remarkable.

Relying on the advantages of aerospace resources, Sichuan Aerospace Vocational College has inherited the outstanding culture of aerospace. It has been listed as a national advanced vocational education numerical control technology training base, a national defense technology industry vocational education training base, a national mechanical and electrical project high-skilled talent training base, and a national vocational skill appraisal Institute, National High-skilled Personnel Training Demonstration Base, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation High-skilled Personnel Training Center, Sichuan National Defense Science and Technology Industry Vocational Training Center, and Sichuan Province Special Operator Training and Evaluation Unit Every year, 21,000 internal and external training appraisals are awarded to the National Staff Education and Training Demonstration Sites by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions.

Sichuan Aerospace Vocational College follows an open and international way of running schools. It cooperates with British Columbia Institute of Technology in Canada, TAFE Institute in Sydney, Southwest Australia, Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Singapore, Novosibirsk University of Technology in Russia, Demos Education Group in France, Shude Technology in Taiwan University, Gloucestershire College, etc. have long-term cooperation, exchange professors and international students for exchange and learning; cooperated with Box Hill College of Australia to organize a full-time professional education project of logistics management and numerical control technology; with Xihua University, Sichuan Polytechnic The college launched an inter-university “undergraduate promotion” and cooperated with Sichuan University and Southwest University of Science and Technology to launch a junior college-to-university program.

Sichuan Aerospace Vocational College’s excellent teaching quality has created the golden brand of aerospace students, and college students are widely welcomed by society. College and China Aerospace Science and Technology, various enterprises and institutions of Science and Industry Group, FAW-Volkswagen Co., Ltd., FAW Toyota Motor Co., Ltd., Shenlong Automobile Co., Ltd., China Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd., Geely Automobile Holding Co., Ltd., Volvo Car Group, Chongqing Changan Ford Automobile Co., Ltd., Chongqing Changan Automobile Co., Ltd., Chengdu Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., Ltd., ZTE Corporation, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., China Telecom, China Mobile, Sichuan Changhong Group, China Second Heavy Machinery Group Company, Renben Group Co., Ltd., Dongfang Steam Turbine Co., Ltd., Dongfang Electric Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Electric Co., Ltd., Samsung Group, Sichuan Languang Industrial Group Co., Ltd., Suning Yunshang Sales Co., Ltd., New Hope Group, China Southern Locomotive and Rolling Stock Industry Group The company, Intel (Products) Chengdu Co., Ltd., Chengdu Sandie Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Chengdu Metro Operation Co., Ltd. and other units signed long-term employment agreements, and launched “aerospace machinery manufacturing classes”, “aircraft assembly “Test order class”, “FAW-Volkswagen pre-development class”, “Large aircraft class”, “Volvo class”, “Geely class”, “New hope class”, “Blu-ray Garbo class”, “Chengdu Sandy Digital Class”, “Chengdu Metro Class”, etc., implemented order training, established an extensive employment network and unobstructed employment channels. In recent years, the college has sent more than 4,000 graduates to the society each year, and the employment rate of graduates has reached more than 95%.

More than 50 years after its establishment, Sichuan Aerospace Vocational College has grown with the development of China’s aerospace industry. Relying on the solid strength and high-quality resources of aerospace companies in scientific research, manufacturing, technology, talents, and management, they have inherited the “two bombs” The “one-star” spirit, the manned spaceflight spirit, and other outstanding Chinese aerospace cultures have created an excellent education environment and continuously strengthened the ability to run schools. They have delivered a large number of outstanding technical talents for the development of the aerospace industry and the development of the national economy. The cradle of aerospace skills. ”

Sichuan Aerospace Vocational College’s talent training level has been fully recognized by the education authorities, superior leaders and society. Leaders from the Sichuan Provincial Department of Education, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Defense Technology Industry Bureau, and China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation have come to the school for inspection and guidance. Sun Jiadong, the winner of the National Science and Technology Award and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, wrote an inscription on the college: “Promote the spirit of spaceflight and train outstanding talents.” Aerospace hero Yang Liwei wrote the academy’s inscription: “Develop the manned spaceflight spirit and cultivate outstanding aerospace talents.”


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