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Introduction to Sichuan Automotive Vocational and Technical College

Sichuan Automotive Vocational and Technical College (四川汽车职业技术学院, website), established in 1979, is a full-time general vocational college. It is “National Automobile Training Base”, “National Advanced Unit of Vocational Education”, “National First Pilot Unit of 1 + X Certificate System”, “Sichuan Province’s First Modern Apprenticeship Pilot Unit”, “Sichuan Provincial Social Organization Advanced Collective”, “Sichuan Province” Civilized Unit “” Sichuan Safe Campus “. The school is located in Mianyang, China’s science and technology city, known as the “Hometown of Fuller” and “Western Silicon Valley.” The tree-lined campus is an excellent place for students to learn.

Sichuan Automotive Vocational and Technical College has a national vocational skills appraisal office and a driving school (the city’s civilized driving school). A spacious, bright, and fully functional teaching building; a warm, comfortable, and well-equipped student apartment; a magnificent library; and an open standard sports field. The college has a 40,000 square meter engineering training center and a 5,000 square meter preschool education training center in a single building. There are more than 50 internship training rooms including automobile assembly lines, new energy vehicles, logistics storage, computerized accounting, and construction engineering. Possessing automobile testing equipment represented by working condition exhaust gas analyzer and internationally leading FSA740 fault diagnosis instrument; possessing mainstream teaching vehicles of domestic universities represented by Magotan; possessing complete and world-leading BYD pure electric vehicle training teaching System and Orff Music and Montessori training room practicing the new international education concept; Warehousing management equipment that conforms to the intelligent, information-based logistics industry standard; Construction that integrates virtual simulation technology, VR technology, and 3D technology Engineering virtual simulation and other first-class teaching equipment.

Sichuan Automotive Vocational and Technical College has the Department of Automotive Engineering, the Department of Economic Management, the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, the Department of Architectural Engineering, the Department of Education and the Arts, and the Department of Ideology, Politics and Basics. Established automobile inspection and maintenance technology, automobile marketing and service, automobile application and maintenance technology, automobile intelligent technology, automobile manufacturing and assembly technology, automobile electronics technology, automobile modification technology, new energy automobile technology, automobile body maintenance technology, machinery manufacturing and Automation, accounting, financial management, logistics management, industrial and commercial enterprise management, e-commerce, transportation operation management, road and bridge engineering technology, engineering cost, construction project management, cloud computer technology and application, architectural design, product art design, animation production technology, There are 28 majors in clothing and apparel design, interior art design, early childhood development and health management, preschool education, senior services and management.

Sichuan Automotive Vocational and Technical College has an outstanding teaching team consisting of professors, associate professors, senior technicians, etc. with high professional titles, high standards, and academic qualifications, and many are professional leaders in Sichuan Province. At the same time, the university has also hired a number of experts, scholars and top-skilled talents who enjoy special State Council allowances and influential national and provincial academic accomplishments to teach in schools at key undergraduate institutions, scientific research units, and large enterprises inside and outside the province. Their words and deeds taught the school to accumulate valuable wealth in education and teaching.

Sichuan Automotive Vocational and Technical College won the third prize of the “FAW-Volkswagen Cup” automobile inspection and maintenance competition in the higher vocational group of the National Vocational College Skills Competition, and the “FAW-Volkswagen Cup” automobile inspection and maintenance skills competition in the national vocational colleges in the mechanical industry Second and third prizes, Sichuan province vocational college students new energy vehicle technology and service skills competition first prize, Sichuan province vocational college students electronics product design and production skills competition second prize, “Blue Bridge Cup” microcontroller design And the development of the third prize of the National Finals, the second prize of the “Wind vane” Cup automobile testing and maintenance professional skills competition group in Sichuan higher vocational colleges, including the first and second place in the student group of the “Auto Repairman” project in Mianyang City The first place in the staff group, won four second prizes in three projects in the “Bosch Cup” Higher Vocational Technical Skills Competition (Automotive Inspection and Maintenance, Automotive Marketing, and Automotive Air Conditioning Maintenance) in Sichuan Province. The first place won the third prize. At the 2016 Sichuan Vocational Education Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum, the “Tian En Intelligent Pension” project of Li Enzhao of our school was included in the 2016 Sichuan Provincial University Student Innovation and Entrepreneur List. The achievement shows that our school’s school ideas and concepts are correct; the teaching methods and methods are advanced; the teaching staff is strong and the level is first-class; the students are excellent and diligent; the facilities and equipment are leading Yes; logistical support is in place.

Sichuan Automotive Vocational and Technical College, successively with Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Lexus, Buick, Zotye, Beijing Hyundai, Sinotruk, Huarui Automobile, Volvo, Chery Automobile, Huaxin Automobile, Sichuan Changhong, Hefei Meiling, BOE and other 80 Yu companies have established good school-enterprise cooperation. Accumulated a wealth of employment resources, and formed an employment resource pool composed of state-owned, private, and foreign-funded enterprises. Carry out a distinctive “order-style” “titled class” training model, and gradually realize the school and enterprise dual-master sports person, teacher and master dual-tutor teaching, dual identity of employees and students, academic education and skill education are both distinctive The new model of vocational education with characteristics has formed a good situation of “exports are smooth”, and the employment rate has always remained above 98%. The school has trained more than 200,000 graduates in the course of running the school for many years. They have held various positions in enterprises and institutions throughout the country. Most of them have become entrepreneurs, experts and scholars, management cadres, enterprise technical backbones and skilled craftsmen.

Sichuan Automotive Vocational and Technical College has signed cooperation agreements with Gangwon University in South Korea, Thai Art University, and Vienna Overseas Management Company in Austria. Students can learn the advanced knowledge and technology of the automotive industry in Vienna, Linz, Wells, and Steyr. They can go to the BMW engine production base (BMW Steyr production base) and Mercedes-Benz G series and E series production lines for internships. It is possible to conduct “upgrading and upgrading” studies at Gangwon University in Korea and Art University of Thailand, providing mutual visits between teachers and students, promoting academic research and exchanges, and providing a broad platform for students to go to the international stage and understand foreign cultures. .

Sichuan Automotive Vocational and Technical College conscientiously implements the ideas of the “Preferential Development of Vocational Education” of the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, adheres to the principle of “building people with morality”, bases on the demand for skilled talents in the “modern apprenticeship system”, and firmly establishes the “principal with thought, teachers The school philosophy of “characteristics, specialties and characteristics, students with ethics, and employment security” is based on the tenet of “first-class teaching quality, first-class management level, and first-class service awareness”. The high-quality, highly-skilled and practical talents required by the main body for production, management, and service have embarked on a development path unique to China’s higher vocational education.


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