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Sichuan College of Architectural Technology (四川建筑职业技术学院, website) is a public full-time institution of higher learning and is affiliated to the Sichuan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. The college originated in Chengdu Urban Construction Engineering School, which was established in 1956, and was renamed Chengdu Construction Engineering School in 1958. It was relocated to Deyang, Sichuan in 1963, and renamed as Sichuan Construction Engineering School in 1980, and was identified as a national key technical secondary school by the Ministry of Education. It was named a provincial civilized unit by the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government in 1992, and was again identified as a key technical secondary school by the former State Education Commission in 1994. In 2001, with the approval of the Sichuan Provincial People’s Government, the former Sichuan Provincial Construction Engineering School, Sichuan Provincial Urban Construction School, and Sichuan Provincial Construction Workers College were merged to form Sichuan Construction Vocational and Technical College. In 2003, the former China No. 2 Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. merged into a staff university, combining the strengths of the four universities, the school’s school running strength increased rapidly.

Sichuan College of Architectural Technology is a national civilized unit, an advanced unit for graduate employment in ordinary colleges and universities in the country, a typical university for graduate employment in the country, a deputy director unit of the National Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Vocational Education Teaching Guidance Committee, and the “Sino-German cooperation” Construction of Vocational Education Training Centers in the Central and Western Regions “,” National Construction Skills Shortage Talents Training Base “determined by the Ministry of Education, and” National Vocational Education Construction Technology Training Bases and Logistics Management Training Bases “determined by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance, Sichuan Province The first university to introduce ISO9000 quality certification system, Sichuan Province postdoctoral innovation practice base, “Top 50 teaching resources in higher vocational colleges in 2017”, “Top 50 influential vocational colleges in Asia-Pacific”, won the “6th Huang Yanpei Vocational Education Excellent School prize”.

The college has two campuses, Deyang and Chengdu. The campus covers an area of 2129 acres, a building area of 570,000 square meters, 1.298 million books, and teaching equipment worth more than 220 million yuan.

Sichuan College of Architectural Technology currently has 1,254 faculty members, 17,462 full-time students, and 1,402 continuing education students. There are 4 provincial teaching teams, 3 provincial-university joint applied technology innovation bases, and 3 engineering technology innovation teams. 3 experts who enjoy special allowances from the State Council, 1 provincial academic and technical leader, 5 provincial academic and technical leaders reserved candidates, 3 provincial outstanding outstanding experts, 1 national outstanding teacher, and provincial teaching teacher 4 people. There are 49 professors and 192 associate professors. 53 PhDs, 34 PhDs, and 698 masters. The college also has 349 part-time teachers, all well-known experts and skilled artisans in industry companies.

The college’s majors are mainly civil engineering, transportation, and management majors, and take into account the coordinated development of multidisciplinary and multidisciplinary disciplines in equipment manufacturing, electronic information, finance, surveying and mapping, materials, water conservancy, and humanities. There are 13 teaching departments (academies), 1 teaching department, and 60 specialties (new professional catalog in 2015), including 5 national higher vocational demonstration majors and 4 key majors in Sichuan Province, which are professional settings in the province and even across the country. One of the most high vocational colleges; 5 national excellent resource sharing courses, 10 excellent resource sharing courses in Sichuan Province; 4 national excellent teaching materials, 29 national “12th Five-Year” planning teaching materials. He presided over the formulation of 7 professional education standards and 7 industry qualification standards, and participated in the formulation of 18 professional education standards and 15 industry qualification standards. Host the National Higher Vocational Education Construction Engineering Technology Teaching Resource Database Construction Project. Presided over the preparation of 21 Sichuan construction engineering construction regulations, and the editor-in-chief “Sichuan Construction Engineering Construction Procedure Regulations” won the second prize of the Sichuan Science and Technology Progress Award; won two second prizes of national higher education teaching achievements, and provincial teaching achievements There are 5 first prizes, 4 second prizes, and 4 third prizes.

The employment rate of graduates of Sichuan College of Architectural Technology has remained above 95% for several years, among which the employment rate in large state-owned enterprises has remained above 40%, and the employers’ satisfaction rate with graduates has reached above 95%, and achieved “high quality, high employment , High talent “.


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