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Sichuan Film and Television University (四川电影电视学院, website) is the second full-time undergraduate college in China to be named after the Beijing Film Academy after being approved by the Ministry of Education. The college was founded in 1992 and was formerly known as the School of Film and Television of Sichuan Normal University. In the past 27 years, it has delivered more than 10,000 film and television professionals to CCTV, Phoenix Satellite TV, 34 provincial TV stations across the country, more than 400 municipal TV stations, and the domestic film industry. Famous actor Li Yifeng, CCTV host Li Jiaming, Shi Dan, Hunan TV host Xie Na, Yang Lele, Yang Di, Phoenix TV host Huang Chengzi, Cui Li, permanent reporter of China News Agency in the United States, silver medalist of China News Photography Gold Lens Liao Pan, famous reporter Guan Zhou of CCTV ’s “News Broadcasting” column, producer Zhang Pengcheng, one of the producers of the movie “Mermaid” and “Wolf Totem”, and Zhou Zijian, the producer of the 2 billion box office movie “Previous Strategy 3”, caused One of the screenwriters of the hugely popular movie “I’m Not the Medicine God”, the Golden Horse Award winner Zhong Wei, the famous voice actor, Zhen Zidan Yu dubbing Chen Hao, and the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television “Going Out” advanced individual Qi Jiaying, China’s broadcasting host is the highest The winners of the “Golden Microphone” Gold Awards are Ning Yuan and Zhou Shan, who are outstanding graduates of Sichuan Film. The college graduate employment rate over the years has reached more than 96%, known as “one of the four major training bases for Chinese film and television talents.”

Sichuan Film and Television University is located in Chengdu, with two campuses of Jinniu and Anren, covering an area of 2100 acres. The college has 16 general (art) undergraduate majors and 21 specialized majors, with more than 17,000 students. The college has a strong faculty and a team of teachers who integrate theory, practice, and creation. Nearly half are professionals from the frontline of the film and television industry. Teachers with titles of associate senior or higher account for 30% of the total, and masters and doctors account for 47%. Among them, there are 7 experts who receive special government allowances from the State Council, 7 national flying awards, 4 golden rooster awards, 3 golden eagle awards, 8 five-one project awards, and 8 golden microphone awards. 2 people, 4 people won the provincial “Top Ten Hosts”.

Sichuan Film and Television University attaches great importance to practical teaching. It has built 9 training bases on campus including film and television production training center, broadcasting host training center, film and television performance training center, theater film and television art experimental center, and also works with CCTV and Phoenix TV. Radio and television media organizations at all levels, including Hunan Satellite TV, Oriental TV, China Education Television, Beijing People’s Broadcasting Station, Sichuan TV Station, Chengdu TV Station, etc. have signed contracts to establish more than 200 off-campus internship training bases. Numerous internal and external training bases ensure that each student has sufficient training in film and television media operations.
Strict and practical education has cultivated students’ strong professional ability. Since 2008, Sichuan film students’ works have been shown in Beijing University Student Film Festival, Global Chinese University Student Film and Television Contest, Shanghai University Student Film Festival, Pingyao International Photography Exhibition, China-Europe International Youth Film Festival, and various announcer host selection contests and micro-film competitions In the competition, more than 500 awards were won. At the end of 2015, Sichuan Film signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing Film Academy. The two sides will carry out all-round cooperation in discipline construction, teacher training, top student cultivation, graduate education, education resource sharing, and joint creation of works.

According to the rankings of Sina, Baidu and other national professional art colleges in 2013, Sichuan Film and Television University ranks fourth in the nation in broadcasting and hosting arts, third in drama and film directors, and ninth in acting. In the 2017 China University Undergraduate Rankings released by the China Science Evaluation Research Center (RCCSE) and Wuhan University China Education Quality Evaluation Center in conjunction with the China Science and Education Evaluation Network, Sichuan Film Broadcasting and Hosting Arts ranked No. 1 in the country in this professional ranking. Third, the first in the West, the major of drama and film director ranked fourth in this major, and photography production ranked sixth. Chuan Ying’s school quality has been well received by the industry and society, and it has formed a strong brand influence.

Sichuan Film and Television University was awarded the title of “garden-style unit” by the provincial and municipal governments. The campus environment is beautiful and the art atmosphere is strong. Student accommodation is excellent, equipped with internet, air conditioning and water heaters. Chuanying campus has a rich and colorful culture, and the wonderful professional activities and community activities held every week are the heartbeats that students yearn for.

Sichuan Film and Television University attaches importance to international cooperative training, and has now worked with the University of Southern California’s School of Film, the State University of New York, Southeast Missouri State University, Montenegro State University, Ball University, Goshen College, Troy University, New York Film Academy, The University of the Arts London in the United Kingdom, Cheongju University in South Korea, and Boren University in Thailand have established the “Inter-School Exchange and Joint Cultivation Program” for students, and conducted “3 + 1” and “3 + 2” double-master continuous reading, “2 +3 “continuous reading of master’s books,” 2 + 2 “double readings,” 1 + 3 “or” 2 + 2 “readings, etc.
The college actively carries out international cultural and art exchanges, and organizes national film weeks, international music and dance performances, and international film forums to allow students to have close contact with international masters, feel the charm of the world’s media art, and experience the differences between different cultures. Film weeks in the United States, Germany, Poland, Spain, Canada, France, and Australia have been held. Ms. Perez of the Spanish Embassy in China, Greg Lombard, Deputy General Manager of the 20th Century FOX Films, Tom Perlmutter, President of the Canadian Film Board, Famous German Director VolkerSchlndorff, Famous Israeli Director Dan Wolman, Famous Dutch Director Pieter Fleury, Senior German Actor Antoine Monot Jr The famous special effects master Richard Taylor and others all came to the college to give lectures. The University of Oklahoma in the United States has visited the college several times and signed a strategic cooperation agreement for co-construction of film and television bases.

Sichuan Film and Television University will resolutely follow the road of integrated development of “industry-study-research” in application-oriented universities, and will more vigorously implement the concept of running a school that is the first to cultivate innovative art talents. As a key project of the cultural industry in Sichuan Province, the “Sichuan Film Cultural Innovation and Entrepreneurship Park”, which has been invested in more than 500 million yuan and was started in 2016, has pioneered a new business format of “University + Film and Television Cultural Park”. The park will be built in the Republic of China block, China’s old town block, national professional studio area, university student entrepreneurship park, Internet + creative center, etc. After the completion, it will be the only domestic film and television education, film and television filming, film and television industry development and Tourism and tourism as a whole in the university’s entire cultural industry cluster. In September 2016, Chuanying and Matsushita Electric (China) Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides will jointly build a world-class Panasonic radio and television teaching and product experience base. Panasonic will not only provide advanced equipment for the college, but also in-depth college education and teaching in areas such as joint construction of filming bases, renovation of professional facilities, and professional teaching. In November of the same year, the leaders of Sichuan Cinema visited Sony Corporation headquarters at the invitation of the President of Sony Professional System Group. The two parties formally reached a strategic cooperation memorandum, which will be launched in the fields of “wedding art teaching and technical training base” projects, equipment renovation, practical teaching, and technical promotion. Cooperation. On October 26, 2018, the first “Sony image creation base” in the country was settled in Sichuan Film by Shuda Okada, director of the Creative Business Development Division of Sony China Professional System Group. At the same time, Sichuan Film’s long-term domestic partner, OCT Group, is also conducting more in-depth cooperation with the college in the areas of “Shuangchuang Park” construction, “Anren Movie City” project, and joint development of cultural and art industries.

Every year on the school day, many star alumni return to school to participate in the school celebration series. During the 25th anniversary, more than 20 domestic first-class media companies signed strategic cooperation agreements with the college at the celebration, and Sichuan Film’s social influence was once again confirmed and improved. . With the implementation of more and more important measures, Sichuan Film and Television Academy will realize a new leap in the scale, level, quality and social influence of running a school.


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