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Introduction to Sichuan Hope Automobile Vocational College

Sichuan Hope Automobile Vocational College (四川希望汽车职业学院, website) was founded in 2013. It currently has 7 teaching institutions including the Department of Automotive Engineering and the Department of Automotive High-tech, and has three management departments: the Ministry of Teaching, Students and General Affairs. A talent training system with automobile majors as the main body and a total of 11 majors has been formed. At present, there are 4,566 full-time students and 291 teachers. The main conditions for running schools have met the needs of talent training.

Ziyang City has two railways and five high-speed crossing areas. It is a newly-developed industrial city under the brand of “Western Automobile City” in the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone, and the only regional central city that simultaneously connects Chengdu-Chongqing “dual core”.

Since 2010, Ziyang City has established the “Western Auto City” as its goal, forming an integrated automotive industry chain that integrates vehicle R & D, vehicle production, parts production, automobile trade and maintenance, and has gathered CRRC Yuchai and Sichuan. More than 10 well-known domestic companies including Hyundai.

Ziyang City’s location advantage and industrial development positioning urgently require a college serving the automotive industry. After many discussions and demonstrations, Mr. Wang Huiwu, president of Hope Education Group of Sangzi, decided to set up a university in Ziyang. In 2013, Sichuan Hope Automobile Vocational College officially opened in Ziyang.

Since the establishment of the school, the Ziyang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have given great support in terms of school site selection, land allocation, infrastructure construction, and school funding. Through government matchmaking, high-quality educational resources at home and abroad, such as Tsinghua University and Korea Asian Automobile University, have been introduced. The school has carried out school-enterprise cooperation with more than 10 local large automobile companies such as CRRC Yuchai and many automobile companies in Chengdu and Chongqing, and has initially realized a seamless connection between the college’s professional development and regional leading industries.

Since the establishment of Sichuan Hope Automobile Vocational College, the range of students has been expanding year by year, and now covers western provinces and cities such as Xinjiang, Yunnan, Guizhou, and Chongqing, as well as the whole province of Sichuan. After the report, the churn rate decreased significantly and the stability rate was very high. The continuous improvement of the quality of students and the improvement of the quality of running schools have promoted the employment of students. The employment rate of graduates in 2016 has reached 95.8%, the professional counterpart rate has reached 75%, and the business satisfaction rate has reached 83%.

Sichuan Hope Automobile Vocational College actively integrates and serves Ziyang, actively participates in various large-scale activities in Ziyang, actively undertakes special classes for poverty alleviation in Ziyang, and actively docks with the Human Resources and Social Affairs Bureau, Transportation Management Bureau, Transportation Bureau, and Health Bureau for Ziyang Provide technical training at all levels. The college’s experts and professors actively provide technical services to enterprises to help them solve technical problems. The college has also donated tables and chairs to rural schools on many occasions. Teachers and students have visited the elderly for 28 times.

The operation of Sichuan Hope Automobile Vocational College has received strong support from Ziyang Municipal Committee and Municipal Government, and the college’s enthusiasm and ability to serve the social and economic development of Ziyang has also been highly recognized. Since the establishment of the school, the school’s achievements have been widely reported by the Ziyang City Media, Sichuan and foreign media, and various new media. The school’s reputation for running a school has steadily improved, and its influence has gradually expanded.


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