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Introduction to Sichuan Tianyi College

Sichuan Tianyi College (四川天一学院) is a comprehensive general college under the Sichuan Hope Education Industry Group. It was founded in December 1991 and was named “Sichuan Tianyi Open Correspondence Training College”. In March 1994, it was approved by the National Education Commission (Jiangji [1994] No. 44) as an independent, full-time, college-level private higher education school, and was named “Private Sichuan Tianyi College”. The first batch of private universities in the country (seven) and the first in the southwest region to be included in the national general higher education sequence.

In January 2000, with the approval of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Education, the college obtained the qualification to independently host adult education, making it the earliest private university to launch continuing education in the province. In the same year, the college obtained the undergraduate qualification for undergraduate education, and cooperated with Sichuan Normal University, Chengdu University of Technology, Yibin College and other institutions to start providing opportunities for undergraduate students with excellent academic qualifications. In 2012, the college’s enrollment reached a record high, and the scale of school running exceeded 10,000 for the first time.

In the course of development, Sichuan Tianyi College has firmly grasped the great opportunity of the country to vigorously develop private education. And courage, adapting to market needs, serving the local economy, running school ideas, integrating production and education, school-enterprise cooperation, the education model, serving as the purpose, taking quality as the fundamental, employment-oriented, highlighting the characteristics, forging a brand and promoting the college career Continuous development, continuous improvement of school running conditions, continuous expansion of the school scale, continuous improvement of the quality of talent training, the development of the college has become a general education in management, finance, architecture, business, software, art, nursing and other general education, continuing education, international education As a supplement, it is a privately-run college with multi-professional, multi-form, and multi-level education, scale, quality, structure, and efficiency. As of July 2017, the college has delivered more than 70,000 regular college graduates for social training, with an employment rate of more than 95%. Previous graduates have been favored by employers for their strong professional adaptability and strong professional skills, and have been widely recognized by the society. At the same time, the school’s school performance and development achievements have been fully affirmed by the provincial and municipal governments and praised by all sectors of society.

Sichuan Tianyi College has been awarded “Top Ten Outstanding Private Universities in China”, “Top Ten Honest Private Universities in China”, “National Advanced Collective in Private Education”, “China’s Outstanding Private Higher Education Institutions”, and “Top Ten Brands Influencing Western China” “,” Top Ten Educational Brands of Sichuan Province “,” Advanced Units for Employment of Graduates of General Colleges and Universities in Sichuan Province “,” Advanced Collective of Sichuan University Logistic Management Work “,” Chengdu Advanced Group of Youth Ideological and Political Work “,” Chengdu City “The advanced collective of vocational education” and many other honorary titles, social influence and reputation have been increasing, laying a solid foundation and more favorable environmental conditions for the sustained, rapid and healthy development of the college.

Sichuan Tianyi College covers an area of more than 1,200 acres, with a building area of more than 400,000 square meters, including student dormitory area of over 70,000 square meters, teaching and administrative buildings of nearly 270,000 square meters, and library building area of nearly 26,000 square meters. The training center covers an area of more than 60,000 square meters. The campus green coverage rate is over 60%, there are more than a thousand species of flowers and trees, three seasons have flowers, four seasons are evergreen, the scenery is pleasant, and it has the reputation of “flower campus”.

The total assets of the college are nearly 1.47 billion yuan, and the value of teaching and research equipment is 110 million yuan. College library has over 1.31 million paper books. The college has more than 100 experimental training rooms (fields) in the school, including experimental training rooms in nursing, construction engineering, business management, accounting, information engineering, humanities and art design. The college has 168 off-campus training bases.

The college implements the dean responsibility system under the leadership of the board of directors, and management at the college and department (department) levels. The management department has three major departments, namely, the teaching affairs department (including the educational affairs office and scientific research department), the student affairs department (including the student office, admissions office, employment office, and security department), and the comprehensive affairs department (including the party and government office, personnel office) , Finance Department, Logistics Department); Teaching Department Humanities and Art Design Department, Business Administration Department, Accounting Department, Construction Engineering Department, Information Engineering Department, Nursing Department, Ideological and Political (Basic) Department and Continuing Education College, International Education Center, etc. .

The party committee of the college pays attention to the core role of politics, adheres to the system of the party committee, joint party-government conference, and democratic life conference. The party building and ideological and political work are very effective, ensuring that the college’s correct school direction and the implementation of the party’s education policies and policies. The college’s organization organizations such as the congress, trade unions, youth league committees, and student unions are sound and have played an important role in democratic management, social services, and various activities.

As of September 2018, Sichuan Tianyi College has nearly 12,000 full-time regular college students. There are 9 professional categories including tourism management, art design, construction engineering, information engineering, business management, accounting, and nursing, covering 5 disciplines such as engineering, management, literature, art, and medicine.

The college’s college education system is full-time for three years, and the credit system is implemented. Students complete credits for courses related to the major and are allowed to graduate after review. Students who have not completed the required credits within three years can extend their study period for a maximum of two years. Students who do not meet the graduation requirements shall be dealt with in accordance with the relevant regulations of student status management. Promote the “dual certificate” (graduation certificate + professional qualification certificate) system, carry out “order-style” training, and allow students to study in school and graduate employment “seamlessly”. The teaching of various majors has always insisted on strengthening “quality, knowledge, and ability”, and cultivated high-quality skilled personnel with the main characteristics of “can do, speak, and cooperate”. In the process of quality cultivation, it is guided by “cultivating healthy personality and displaying elegant taste” to shape good personality qualities for students’ careers; in the transfer of knowledge, the main line is “laying the foundation of competence and rich quality background” to allow professional basic knowledge Provide strong support for the cultivation of quality and ability; in the cultivation of ability, not only the “three energy” thinking should be integrated in classroom teaching, quality development, and internal and external training practice, and the basic skills of students must be effectively improved. . In recent years, in order to actively adapt to the needs of regional, industrial economic and social development, the college has strengthened the construction of distinctive majors and excellent courses, carried out targeted professional construction and reform, strengthened the cultivation of students ‘comprehensive qualities, and laid a foundation for improving students’ employment competitiveness and entrepreneurship. A solid foundation.

In the course of development, Sichuan Tianyi College has always adhered to the Party’s education policy and national laws and regulations, adhered to the direction of running socialist schools, adhered to the leadership of the Party, and focused on party building work; adhered to connotative development, focused on the quality of school development; Cooperation; adhere to teaching supervision and strengthen the management of the teaching process; adhere to the combination of teaching and scientific research to improve teaching and scientific research capabilities; adhere to the student-oriented and improve social satisfaction; The concept of educating people, cultivating practical talents who can do, say, and cooperate; adhere to image building, and create the college brand. The school’s school positioning is gradually becoming clearer, school running behavior is becoming more and more standardized, and the overall strength of school running has been significantly enhanced.

Sichuan Tianyi College is the earliest private college established in the country. After 27 years of arduous schooling, from small to large, from weak to strong, it has done its best to move forward and thrive. The school has achieved remarkable achievements, and its social influence and reputation are increasing Promotion has laid a solid foundation for the good and rapid development of the college.

Sichuan Tianyi College has a beautiful campus environment and complete school conditions. Since it settled in Mianzhu, Deyang in 2014, the construction of the first phase of the campus has been perfected. The teaching building, student apartment, college canteen, training building, library, sports ground, etc. have a reasonable layout and complete facilities. The student apartment is equipped with air conditioning, TV, broadband, desk, bathroom, hot water supply system and other facilities. The campus environment is beautiful, with landscape boulevards, garden flower stands, sculptures, artificial lakes of Mayflower, etc. complement each other; the second and third phases of the campus are advancing as a whole, with European-style architecture and pure British style, and a flower square.

Sichuan Tianyi College has a team of teachers with reasonable structure, high quality, specialization and combination, and rich practical experience. The college adheres to the strategy of strengthening the school with talents, strengthens the construction of teachers’ morality and ethics, and vigorously introduces senior professionals with titles of post-secondary and above, graduate degrees, and the structure of the teaching staff is greatly improved, and the overall quality is gradually improved. The college has strengthened scientific research projects, actively carried out scientific research, achieved fruitful results, and established and improved a scientific research reward system, which has greatly stimulated teachers’ scientific research enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

Sichuan Tianyi College strives to create distinctive majors. The college attaches great importance to strengthening the construction of specialty programs as the brand and soul of running a school. According to the social development’s demand for talents, the college strives to create two major specialties in nursing and business, and to improve the professional education level as a whole. In 2015, the college implemented separate enrollment for the first time, and the next year the single enrollment source ranked among the top universities in the province. The college conscientiously implements the regulations of the Provincial Admissions and Examination Commission and the Provincial Department of Education on single-entry work, strengthens leadership, makes careful arrangements, concentrates efforts on promotion, registration, qualification review, examination organization, and admission of new students, and holds a solemn and solemn evening party. The trial enrollment education and military training for freshmen with a single enrollment on a trial basis ensured the successful and successful enrollment of single enrollment and achieved good results.

Sichuan Tianyi College is committed to strengthening the construction of training bases, building the training building into a powerful internal training center that has both internal and external training, and has built a number of professional experimental training rooms with advanced equipment, complete functions and standardized management. The first phase of the college training building construction project was completed and put into use in October 2016. The construction area is nearly 13,000 square meters. It is constructed in English style, with a steel frame structure and an overall three-story building. The interior functions, professional zoning, and equipment installation are scientific and reasonable. It has strong practicability, unique characteristics such as simulated operation and soft cultural construction. It is not only a classic of the college training room built by the group, but also a dazzling image of the Tianyi campus, which has become one of the college’s iconic buildings. At the same time, the second training building, the third training building, and the fourth training building were completed and put into use in 2018.


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