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Introduction to Sichuan TOP IT Vocational Institute

Sichuan TOP IT Vocational Institute (四川托普信息技术职业学院, website) was established in 2000. It is a full-time general college approved by the Sichuan Provincial People’s Government and filed by the Ministry of Education. Talent training base, national high-skilled talent training base for the electronic information industry, national service outsourcing talent training base, and a training base for young technicians in the electronic information industry in Sichuan Province It is the first private university in Sichuan Province that has passed the assessment of the talent training of higher vocational colleges organized by the Ministry of Education.

The college is strategically located in the National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone-Chengdu Hi-tech West District, close to high-tech companies such as Intel, Lenovo, Huawei, TCL, and Foxconn. It covers an area of 606 acres and currently has over 12,000 full-time students . The college campus has a beautiful environment and excellent school running conditions. It is known as a “garden-like campus”. The school has ample learning, sports, and living facilities. It is an ideal place for students to seek knowledge and talent.

Based on the needs of regional economic and social development, Sichuan TOP IT Vocational Institute actively connects with the pillar industries of Sichuan Province, strives to create “information technology” characteristics, and enjoys a good reputation in computer applications, software technology, network technology, etc. The college has computer departments and automotive engineering departments , Department of Economic Management, Department of Architectural Engineering, Department of Digital Arts, Department of Foreign Languages, Department of Physical Education, Department of Continuing Education, Department of Technical Secondary School, etc. There are 39 majors required by the society. Among the majors: provincial 1 major major (software technology), 3 provincial specialty majors (computer network technology, e-commerce, automotive inspection and maintenance technology), 1 modern apprenticeship pilot specialty (NC technology), 2 school-level specialty majors (digital Media application technology, accounting), strategic emerging 5 majors (big data technology and application, logistics management, new energy vehicle technology, early childhood development and health management, e-sports sports and management), Internet + emerging professional 1 (Internet finance) .

Sichuan TOP IT Vocational Institute has a “dual-faculty” faculty of “sufficient number, exquisite business, reasonable structure, and dynamic”, and currently has nearly 600 faculty members; 30% of full-time teachers have a deputy or higher title, A master’s degree or above accounts for 35%; there are 1 national-level teaching teacher, 2 teaching teachers in Sichuan Province, 2 outstanding teachers in Sichuan Province, and 2 experts who enjoy special government allowances from the State Council.

Sichuan TOP IT Vocational Institute adheres to the integration of engineering and learning, attaches importance to the cultivation of students’ practical skills and comprehensive quality, and has built Huadi training base, computer application and software technology training base, international software and service outsourcing training base, and NC training center. , Automobile training center, mobile Internet innovation training base, digital media production and education integration innovation training base, 7 on-campus training bases, and more than 60 advanced professional experimental training rooms with advanced equipment. Entrepreneurship incubation room, professional experience room and studio, enable students to “learn by doing, learn by doing”. The Huadi Training Base of the College is a “software engineering talents training base” recognized by the Ministry of Education, with only 6 nationwide; the computer application and software technology training base is a vocational education training base supported by the central government. The college implements a “modern apprenticeship system” and a “training model of dual tutors and school-enterprise integration”.

The college adheres to the teaching concept of “people-oriented, individualized teaching, layered teaching, and outstanding features”, and innovates the “1234 four-stage” talent training model with vocational ability formation as its core. Focusing on the goal of “cultivating knowledge-skilled talents with high comprehensive quality”, we vigorously promote the two training methods of “teaching students according to their aptitude” and “characteristic talent training”, and firmly grasp the three main lines of “knowledge, skills, and quality” and work hard to implement them. And build “platform education-professional education-internship training-entrepreneurship incubation” four platforms, and strive to cultivate students’ professional ability and innovative qualities. More than 3,000 students have directly received special talent training in the department’s entrepreneurial incubation room.

In recent years, Sichuan TOP IT Vocational Institute students have stood out by participating in various international and domestic skill competitions at all levels. Students have participated in various international and domestic competitions and won a total of 2126 person-times, including 606 national awards and 1,520 provincial (municipal) awards. ; Since 2010, he has published more than 100 works of art in domestic publications, 2 Cisco top-level certifications, more than 150 Cisco intermediate certifications, and more than 200 Huazhong intermediate certifications.

The college further promotes the construction project of characteristic campus culture, and strives to build a cultural brand. Vigorously carry out campus cultural and sports activities, and build more than 30 student associations; implement a quality development plan for college students, and regularly organize cultural and art festivals on campus societies to improve students’ humanistic quality.

The college insists that “vocational education is employment education” and continuously improves the employment rate and the quality of employment. Since its establishment, the college has trained more than 40,000 outstanding applied-skilled talents for the society, and the employment rate of graduates has remained above 98%. In 2007, 2008, 2011, and 2013, the college successively won the title of “Advanced Collective for Graduate Employment in Ordinary Colleges and Universities in Sichuan Province”, and in 2009 won the title of “Asia Boao China Higher Education Employment Model University”. In cooperation with Intel (Chengdu), Lenovo Group, Compal, SMIC, Xinghong Technology, China Mobile, China Telecom, China Merchants Bank, Bank of China, Siemens (Chengdu), Pushinjiang Machine Tool, China National Petroleum Corporation, Sichuan Hundreds of provincial geological engineering survey institutes, China Railway Second Bureau Group, China Reserve Group, Baidu general agent in Chengdu, Chongqing Beiqi Group, Lifang International Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Chengdu Shier Digital Technology, Guangzhou Baiyunshan Airport, Jinjiang Hotel, etc. The unit has established a stable employment base. Recently, the college signed a contract with Sichuan Ningjiang Mountain and River Company to cooperate in the development of a modern apprenticeship pilot construction project. The society has widely praised the “use of Top students”.

Sichuan TOP IT Vocational Institute actively explores the development path of combining production, teaching and research. It has successively cooperated with the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the High-tech Zone Social Enterprise Bureau, Intel Corporation, IBM Corporation, Cisco Corporation, XiLinx, Phoenix TV Phoenix Education Group, Microsoft, Alibaba, Chengdu Weiner Software, East China Auto The Group and others carry out government, school, business, and enterprise cooperation. The cooperation includes curriculum replacement, professional co-construction, order training, student internships, project development, technical services, talent training, and joint construction of training bases.

The college library has more than 600,000 printed literature resources, 300,000 superstar electronic books, more than 400 types of professional journals and newspapers. There are two major electronic resource databases of Wanfang and China Knowledge Network (CNKI). The electronic resource database and Chaoxing Goethe electronic loan machine are open 24 hours a day to meet the needs of readers in accessing digital literature resources. Cooperate with Chengdu High-tech Zone Cultural Guidance Service Center and Lidu District Library to jointly build and share library resources.

Sichuan TOP IT Vocational Institute actively develops inter-school exchanges and international cooperation. Established a stable student “college undergraduate” cooperative relationship with Sichuan University of Science and Technology to provide channels for outstanding students to continue their studies; cooperated with the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China and Southwest University of Science and Technology to carry out “specialty program” training. 3. Self-study degree of Southwest University of Science and Technology. At the same time, the college has established friendly and cooperative relations with a number of foreign institutions in the United States, Britain, Canada, Hungary, and Japan, and has carried out foreign cooperation projects such as “Study Abroad”, “Master’s Degree”, and “Exchange Students” for overseas students. Learn to provide services.

Sichuan TOP IT Vocational Institute has taken the initiative to serve the society and has made remarkable achievements in the development and construction of regional economy. Has won the “National Advanced Collective of Private Education”, “National Advanced Collective of Information Industry System”, “National Private University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Model School Guidance Service Award”, “Sichuan Provincial Advanced Private Education”, “Sichuan Advanced Social Organization” , “Advanced Collective for Graduate Employment in Ordinary Colleges and Universities in Sichuan Province”, “Garden-style Campus” in Sichuan Province, “Standardized Canteen” in Sichuan Universities, “Advanced Units for Recruitment of University Students in 2016 and 2017”, “Provincial Higher Education Institutions” School advanced grassroots party organization “and many other honors.


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