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Introduction to Sichuan University Jincheng College

Sichuan University Jincheng College (四川大学锦城学院, website) is a full-time general undergraduate college established by Sichuan University in 2005 and approved by the Ministry of Education. It is a multi-disciplinary institution with a high starting point, high level, and leapfrog development based on the century-old Sichuan University. A comprehensive application university.

With the goal of cultivating high-quality, multi-purpose, practical and future-oriented talents, the college is committed to building a “first-class application university” that is leading in the west, first-class in China, and well-known internationally. Level, high-quality “first-class application-oriented professional (group)”.

Sichuan University Jincheng College is located in Chengdu, covering an area of more than 1,500 acres. There are nearly 25,000 full-time regular college students, including more than 18,000 undergraduates.

School of Finance and Accounting, School of Computer and Software, School of Electronic Information, School of Intelligent Manufacturing, School of Architecture, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, School of Literature and Media, School of Foreign Languages, School of Business Administration, School of Finance, School of Arts, General Education There are 13 teaching units in the college and the International Education Institute. The enrollment scope this year covers 53 undergraduate majors, 21 specialized majors, and more than 100 professional directions. It has formed a coordinated development of multidisciplinary development in liberal arts, science, engineering, economics, management, and arts. School structure. Among them, Auditing (ACCA) is a group of undergraduate enrollment majors in Sichuan Province, and network and new media, software engineering, marketing, communications engineering, mechanical design and manufacturing and automation are “application-oriented undergraduate demonstration majors in ordinary universities in Sichuan Province”, Finance, accounting, mechanical design and manufacturing, automation, and Internet of Things projects are “quality improvement programs for key specialty programs of private universities in Sichuan Province.”

The college has recruited famous teachers and formed a team of teachers composed of well-known scholars and industry elites. There are 424 teachers with senior titles, accounting for 44%, of which 136 are professors and 288 are associate professors; 706 are doctors and masters, accounting for 73%; and dual-teacher teachers are as high as 64%.

Sichuan University Jincheng College has 53 experimental training places (rooms) of various types. Among them, the Modern Enterprise Management Experimental Teaching Center, the Internet of Things and Communication Engineering Experimental Teaching Center have been approved as “Provincial Model Experimental Teaching Center Construction Project”. The library has won the titles of “Advanced Library of Sichuan Higher Education Institutions”, “Innovation and Innovation Management Service Digital Library”, and has become “Chengdu Library Book Branch”.

Teachers and students of Sichuan University Jincheng College have participated in various professional competitions in the past five years, and have received nearly a thousand awards at the provincial and ministerial level or above; Publicly published 71 kinds of teaching materials; “Chinese Folklore”, “Applied Writing”, “Entrepreneurship Management”, etc. were approved as “Provincial Excellent Resource Sharing Courses”; “Entrepreneurship” courses were awarded the first batch of provincial innovation and entrepreneurship education demonstration courses in Sichuan Province .

The college strengthened in-depth cooperation with employers, and “Jincheng Students” was widely welcomed and recognized by employers and gradually grew into a manager and a mainstay among them. The employment rate of school graduates has remained above 98% over the years, of which the high-end employment rate is nearly 50% and the entrepreneurship rate is nearly 3%. It has been awarded the title of “Advanced Unit for Graduate Employment in Ordinary Universities in Sichuan Province” by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Education. According to the survey, the alumni satisfaction rate is as high as 92.63%.

Sichuan University Jincheng College has created a good learning atmosphere and an effective guarantee system for postgraduate students. In recent years, nearly 2,000 graduates have entered universities at home and abroad to continue their studies, including Peking University, Fudan University and Tongji University , Harvard University, Columbia University, University of Sydney, The Chinese University of Hong Kong and other well-known universities, many students continue to pursue doctoral degrees and grow into elite talents in various academic fields.


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