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Sichuan University of Media and Communications (四川传媒学院, website) was founded in 1997 and is a full-time undergraduate institution approved by the Ministry of Education. In the 22 years since the school was founded, it has achieved a series of remarkable results. In 2015 and 2019, they were ranked by the ranking institutions of Ericsson China Alumni Association of China and Wu Shulian Chinese Universities respectively, ranking first in the country’s similar universities.

Sichuan University of Media and Communications is located in Badu District, Chengdu. The existing campus covers an area of more than 2,200 acres, with more than 20,000 students. 111 majors and colleges are located on the modern media art industry chain. The school has become an important training base for modern media art talents in the country with a high overall employment rate, high professional employment rate, high employment quality, satisfactory employment units, student satisfaction, parent satisfaction, and government satisfaction. It has been praised by experts from the Ministry of Education as “First-class philosophy, first-class equipment, first-class teachers, first-class management, first-class talent training model, first-class graduates, first-class schools.”

Sichuan University of Media and Communications is committed to cultivating high-quality talents who are applied, complex, master a number of high-end professional abilities, have an international perspective and an innovative spirit; in terms of running the school, they are student-oriented and everything is for the healthy growth of students. For the all-round development of all students; in the innovation and entrepreneurship education, the implementation of “awareness in the first grade, planning in the second grade, action in the third grade, and results in the fourth grade” enables the majority of students to be more talented in just three or four years Become early, become quick.

The university has attracted a large number of well-known “dual teacher and dual energy” experts from inside and outside the province to come to teach. Under the leadership of famous teachers, he has obtained a number of provincial levels including the provincial talent training mode innovation experimental zone, the provincial experimental teaching demonstration center, the provincial specialty, the provincial comprehensive reform and construction specialty, the provincial teaching team, and the provincial excellent courses. The quality engineering project has won the first and second prizes for outstanding teaching achievements of the Sichuan Provincial Government, and is unique among similar universities in the province.

Sichuan University of Media and Communications has invested heavily in purchasing high-end professional equipment, forming a unique teaching advantage: the first 4K ultra-high-definition television broadcast truck in colleges and universities for live teaching and practice; nearly 2000 3D, 4K, high-definition camera equipment and High-end digital cameras that play a role in photography training; more than 3,000 post-editing equipment and graphics workstations for students to learn post-editing; “the first recording studio in the west” and more than a hundred professional recording studios, audio production rooms, large-scale photography Sheds, arts centers, etc., provide a real working environment for radio and television programs above the provincial level.

The University and Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Apple, Lenovo, Microsoft, HP and other Fortune 500 companies jointly build Sony 4K Studio, Sony Future Imaging Lab, Panasonic 4K Studio, 4K / 8K Imaging Application Innovation Lab, C + Ultra HD Dynamic image space, ARRI digital experience base for ultra-high-definition images, Changhong Smart Campus Innovation Center, Skyworth Application R & D Lab, Apple Training and Certification Center, Canon Imaging Workshop, Lenovo Innovation Center, HP Education Excellence Center, Microsoft Dynamics Joint Lab and other schools Cooperative teaching and practice institutions provide powerful support for teachers and students to track the frontiers of modern media art. “Chuan Chuanyun” integrated media experimental teaching center with leading domestic level, all-media interactive studio center, and panoramic TV news studio, broadcast live room and virtual studio with provincial TV standards. Cultivate a large number of senior application-oriented talents who lead the new trend of the industry.

In order to connect with the international community and broaden the students’ international perspectives, Sichuan University of Media and Communications and universities including the University of Minnesota, the University of Northern Iowa, the University of , New Zealand Animation College, Japan ’s Dodo University, and more than 20 institutions in the United States, Britain, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Canada, New Zealand and other countries have conducted inter-school exchanges and cooperation, and opened various forms of Study abroad and exchange programs. It has created opportunities for students to read the textbooks, the textbooks and masters, and the short-term study abroad. The school and three well-known universities in the province jointly recruit graduate students, opening up domestic channels for students to study.

At the beginning of the establishment of Sichuan University of Media and Communications, we firmly followed the path of “application-oriented” school running. In 2015, after being identified as the first group of universities to be applied to “transition” by the Sichuan Educational Comprehensive Reform Leading Group, they made every effort to create an “upgraded version” of the transition. The “Fuyuan Film and Television Silicon Valley Town” built on the backing of our school has been included in the “13th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Sichuan ’s Press, Publication, Radio, Film, and Television,” and Chengdu Science, Technology, and Film with the “Chengdu Film and Silicon Valley” as its core area. It has been listed as one of the 66 industrial functional areas by Chengdu. With the approval of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Science and Technology Awards Office, our school has been rated as the “National Demonstration Base for Innovation in Industry-University-Research Cooperation” by China Industry-University-Research Cooperation Promotion Association. The “New Generation Professional Functional Aggregation National Film and Television Base” with our school and other units as the main body was included in the “High-Definition Sichuan Smart Radio and Television” project completed by the Sichuan Provincial People’s Government before 2020. The “China (Chengdu) Ultra-high-definition Innovative Application Industrial Base” officially awarded by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television has officially settled in the “Chengdu Film and Television Silicon Valley” established by our school and its new district. In the future, this industry-university-industrial park with our university as the core will have the most advanced information technology and the most innovative model of industry-university-research cooperation, thus promoting the birth of a series of innovative and application-oriented results.


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