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Introduction to Sichuan University of Science and Engineering

Sichuan University of Science and Engineering (四川轻化工大学, website) is a harmonious development of nine university disciplines in engineering, science, management, education, literature, history, art, law, and economics. Full-time ordinary colleges and universities in education. The school is located in two national historical and cultural cities in Sichuan Province—Zigong City, which enjoys the reputation of “China’s Lantern City, Home of Dinosaurs, and Salt City for Thousand Years”, and Yibin, which has the reputation of “China’s Wine Capital and the First City on the Yangtze River”. city. The school has a long history of running a school and has an excellent tradition in education. It has been awarded the National “Capacity Building Project for Universities in the Midwest” twice in a row. Bases for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and technology transfer in colleges and universities, the first batch of post-doctoral innovation practice bases in Sichuan province, the first batch of pilot universities for innovation and reform in Sichuan province, the second batch of provincial demonstration universities for deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education in Sichuan province, and the scientific research demonstration for high-tech industries in Sichuan province unit.

The university campus has a beautiful environment and picturesque scenery, and the beautiful Yibin Campus is known as the “Yinbin Travel Pass”. The school covers an area of nearly 4,000 acres, the building area of the school building is 1.235 million square meters, and the total value of state-owned assets is more than 6 billion yuan. The Chengdu Advanced Research Institute in the Tianfu New District of Chengdu and the Zigong East New City Campus are under construction. At present, there are more than 2.9 million volumes of paper books, more than 76 Chinese and foreign literature databases, 50T of local mirroring of electronic resources, equivalent to more than 5 million electronic resources.

Sichuan University of Science and Engineering has a team of faculty with outstanding business skills, enthusiasm and vigor. The school currently has 2,322 faculty members, of which 1,729 are full-time teachers: professors and associate professors account for more than 40%; doctors and masters account for nearly 80%. The school currently has 79 person-times at the provincial and ministerial level, including the winners of the National Outstanding Youth Science Fund and the “Thousand Talents Program” of the Central Organization Department. The school employs more than 100 specially-appointed professors, part-time professors, and visiting professors, including 4 academicians from the “two institutes”, 12 professors from the “Changjiang Scholars”, and 12 winners of the National Science Foundation for Outstanding Youth.

Sichuan University of Science and Engineering currently has 22 colleges and 75 undergraduate majors, and recruits students from 31 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) across the country. There are currently 38,000 undergraduate, graduate, and international students.

The university currently has 4 national specialty specialties, 9 provincial specialties, 5 national outstanding engineer education and training programs, 9 provincial “excellent plan” education and training programs, and 4 provincial application demonstration programs; 3 National Engineering Practice Education Centers, 1 National College Off-campus Practice Education Base, 1 Provincial Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base, 3 Provincial Teaching Demonstration Centers, 2 Provincial Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Centers, 1 Provincial Talents Cultivation mode innovation experiment area; 6 provincial excellent online open courses, 6 provincial application demonstration courses, 4 provincial innovation and entrepreneurship education demonstration courses.

Sichuan University of Science and Engineering has closely focused on the “11258” undergraduate talent training quality quantitative goals, promoted the overall reform of education and teaching, and systematically promoted the construction of specialty industry colleges such as Baijiu College, Lantern College, Artificial Intelligence College, Yanbang Food College, etc. The enterprise and the education community work together to cultivate high-quality application-oriented talents with comprehensive development of moral, intellectual, physical, and arts, strong social adaptability, solid foundation, and innovative spirit and practical ability. In recent years, college students have participated in various national competitions such as the “Internet +” university student innovation and entrepreneurship competition, the “Challenge Cup” university student extracurricular academic science and technology work competition, university student mathematical modeling competition, and national university student electronic design competition, etc. Reward more than 1,000 items. The employment rate of graduates exceeds 95%, and is highly recognized by the society. It is an advanced unit for graduate employment in Sichuan Province.

In the past half century, the university has cultivated more than 200,000 graduates, and a large number of outstanding alumni who have made great achievements in science, business, and education, such as Yan Deyue, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Zhang Liang, chairman of Luzhou Laojiao Group Co., Ltd. .

Sichuan University of Science and Engineering has a complete range of disciplines, strong comprehensiveness, and distinctive features. It has 3 key disciplines in Sichuan Province, including chemical technology, pattern recognition and intelligent systems, and fermentation engineering. Existing chemical engineering and technology, control science and engineering, and machinery Engineering, management science and engineering, food science and engineering, chemistry, mathematics and other 7 first-level disciplines authorized by the master, covering 32 second-level disciplines; electronic information, biology and medicine, machinery, materials and chemical engineering, master of law, education There are 9 professional degree categories including master’s degree, master’s degree in art, master’s degree in accounting, and master’s degree in agriculture, covering 18 professional degree fields. In the process of running a school for a long time, it has formed a school with broad foundations, a mix of arts and sciences, and outstanding application and innovation. With the provincial key discipline fermentation project as the core, it has formed a prominent group of food and light industry disciplines, which has been hailed as “the cradle for the cultivation of Chinese liquor talents” by the industry. Liquor Academy “; with chemical engineering and technology as its core, it builds a discipline group that supports the development of the chemical industry with chemical engineering, process equipment and control engineering, environment and safety, materials science and engineering. The innovative achievement “Development of new technologies for the industrialization of organic fluoromonomers and high-performance fluoropolymers” won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2015; with control science and engineering as the core, construction of control engineering, artificial intelligence, pattern recognition and intelligent systems, Computer science and technology and other discipline groups supporting intelligent detection, intelligent information processing and intelligent control; taking the art discipline as the core, forming a unique “art design” discipline direction, leading the national intangible cultural heritage lantern industry Inheritance and development have become an important human resource guarantee to support the “Zigong Lantern” cultural brand and industry to continue to grow.

Sichuan University of Science and Engineering undertakes more than 100 national research projects and nearly 1,000 provincial and ministerial research projects. The research funding in place increased from 20 million yuan in 2015 to 108 million yuan in 2018; won one second prize for national scientific and technological progress, 46 provincial and ministerial scientific and technological achievement awards, and 248 provincial and municipal scientific and technological achievement awards; published academic works More than 240 books, obtained 667 authorized patents (including 326 authorized invention patents), and published 8,615 academic papers (including 5,143 core Chinese journals).

The University has three provincial key laboratories including the Sichuan Provincial Key Laboratory of Winemaking Biotechnology and Applications, the Sichuan Provincial Key Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence, and the Sichuan Provincial Key Laboratory of Material Corrosion and Protection; Sichuan Provincial Wine Research Center 1 engineering research center; 2 key research bases of philosophy and social science in Sichuan Province, such as China Salt Culture Research Center, Sichuan Wine Development Research Center; 1 folk light culture popularization base; 1 Sichuan social science popularization base; 5 Sichuan innovation teams; 1 Sichuan Academician (Expert) Workstation; 2 Sichuan Engineering Labs; 2 Sichuan Industrial Technology Research Institute: 5 Sichuan University Key Labs; 4 Sichuan University Key Research Bases for Humanities and Social Sciences; Sichuan Province 1 key tourism research base; 1 Sichuan intellectual property education and training base; 4 Sichuan Provincial Collaborative Innovation Centers in 2011; 8 Sichuan Industrial Technology Innovation Alliances.

Sichuan University of Science and Engineering actively builds new characteristic research institutions and think tanks, establishes a high-tech industry integration development research institute, and jointly builds a “fluoro materials R & D center” with Zhonghao Chenguang, and the provincial and municipal departments jointly build a “Sichuan South accelerator application research center” The “China-India-Pakistan Research Center” was established to closely cooperate with technology, talents, and capital to serve the urgent needs of major national strategies and regional economic and social development.

Adhering to the concept of open education, the University actively carries out foreign exchanges and cooperation, and has established cooperation and exchange relationships with more than 50 foreign universities and research institutions in more than 20 countries in the world. It has recruited more than 700 foreign students from more than 60 countries. 2000 students go abroad for study, internship, study or joint training abroad. Nearly 100 teachers go abroad for academic exchanges and visits each year. There are 2 Chinese language and cultural centers. Approved by the Ministry of Education and the University of St. Francis in the United States to jointly organize a “visual communication and design” undergraduate project of Sino-foreign cooperative education.

Sichuan University of Science and Engineering actively responds to the national “Belt and Road” initiative, makes full use of its location at the important junction of the “Belt and Road” and the “Yangtze River Economic Belt”, and actively promotes higher education cooperation with countries along the “Belt and Road”, To improve the level of internationalized schooling, through the participation of international students and domestic students in the learning exchanges and practices of various characteristic industrial colleges, it has promoted the integration of disciplines and cultures, and comprehensively improved the level of training of internationalized and comprehensive talents.


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