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In 2005, the South China Business Trade College (广州华南商贸职业学院, website) has been approved by the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government for regular colleges and universities with full-time enrollment qualifications.

The Tianhe Campus of South China Business Trade College is located in Tianhe District, Guangzhou, which is surrounded by colleges and universities. It is adjacent to South China University of Technology, South China Agricultural University, and Guangdong University of Technology. . Convenient transportation, there are multiple bus lines passing through, and Metro Line 6 (Changye Station) is directly accessible.

The Baiyun Campus of South China Business Trade College is located in the second university city of Guangzhou. It is located in the high-school campus of Zhongguantan Town, Baiyun District, adjacent to Zhongkai Agricultural Engineering College and Guangdong Youth Vocational College. Exit Heguang Expressway, Zhongluotan Station of Metro Line 14, there is a special car to connect to the school for ten minutes.

The College currently has a Department of Business Management, a Department of Trade and Economics, a Department of Information Engineering, a Department of Humanities and Foreign Languages, a Department of Finance and Accounting, a Department of Artificial Intelligence, and an Ideological and Political Theory Teaching Department (Public Course Teaching Department); it has 29 majors and more than 6,300 students name. The college vigorously introduces high-quality resources, promotes the internationalization of education, and conducts various cooperation with internationally renowned universities such as the University of Newcastle School of Law and Business, the Australian International Business School, and the National University of Malaysia. The college has 233 internal and external training and internship bases, covering all majors opened, and provides students with a wide range of on-the-job internships and employment channels.

South China Business Trade College implements the “student-centered” educational philosophy and implements the fundamental task of “building people with morality”. The construction of the curriculum system adheres to the principle of educating people and promoting students’ moral skills. Set up public basic courses, professional basic courses, professional core courses, professional development courses and elective courses, set up character molding projects and comprehensive quality education projects, based on the training of “ethical, intellectual, physical and aesthetic” comprehensive development, excellent physical and mental health professionals.

The college has a team of highly educated teachers, young teachers have basically achieved master’s degree, and the number of teachers with senior titles has increased significantly. The college attaches great importance to the cultivation of professional teachers’ “dual-teacher quality”. Each year, it sends a large number of professional teachers to the practice of enterprises, training to well-known universities at home and abroad, and introduces people with corporate work experience to enrich the teacher team, and hires professional talents and Skilled craftsmen serve as part-time teachers, forming an excellent team of teachers with reasonable structure.

South China Business Trade College has invested heavily in strengthening the construction of training centers, continuously improving and optimizing the conditions of practical teaching, and has formed a complementary and complementary training pattern of teaching, production, operation, and service. The training center focuses on soft environment construction and refined management. The introduction of corporate culture, the establishment of a scientific and standardized management system, and the creation of an advanced management, distinctive and effective training center have created good conditions for improving the quality of talent training.

The college has established long-term internships, employment, order training, and dual-agent training with hundreds of companies such as, Xinbang Logistics, Crowne Plaza Hotel, and Xinbao Electric. The graduates have ample employment space; in recent years, graduates The employment satisfaction, on-the-job stability rate and employment quality have been continuously improved, and the professional counterpart rate has also been steadily increased. Most graduates are engaged in business management, administrative management and other positions. Their good comprehensive quality and professional quality have been highly recognized by employers. Demonstrated the good employment competitiveness of our graduates.


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