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South China Institute of Software Engineering (广州大学华软软件学院, website) was established in 2002. In 2006, it was approved by the Ministry of Education as a full-time ordinary college for undergraduate education. It is an independent college featuring IT talent training and a model school for innovative and entrepreneurial education for college students in Guangdong , “Chongchuang Space” (pilot unit) in Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City, two-level international service outsourcing talent training institutions in Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City, Guangzhou Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Incubation) Demonstration Base, Vice President of Information Technology Professional Cooperation of the Alliance of Applied Technology Universities The chairman unit, the vice chairman unit of the Expert Committee of the China Service Trade Association, the standing director unit of the China-University-Enterprise Collaborative Industry-University-Research Innovation Alliance, and the first batch of 5A-level social organizations of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Civil Affairs. The college is located in the high-tech industrial park of Conghua Economic Development Zone, which enjoys the reputation of “Pearl on the Tropic of Cancer”. The Guangzhou Metro Line 14 Taiping Station is located at the main entrance of the college, and the transportation is convenient. Hua soft campus has beautiful scenery and pleasant environment, elegant layout of two canals and two lakes, silk wood cotton blooms magnificently, it is an ideal place for teachers and students to study and study.

South China Institute of Software Engineering has 10 departments including software engineering department, network technology department, electronics department, computer department, digital media department, game department, management department, international economics and trade department, accounting department, foreign language department, etc. There are 30 undergraduate majors including specialty software engineering and network engineering, covering 5 university disciplines including engineering, arts, management, economics, and literature. There are currently more than 15,000 full-time undergraduate students. The college is positioned scientifically, with advanced ideas, rigorous academics, and standardized management. Since its establishment, the employment rate of graduates has been stable at more than 94%, and it has cultivated nearly 40,000 composite and applied talents with innovative spirit and practical ability for the society .

South China Institute of Software Engineering attaches importance to integration with regional economic and social development. Based on the application of information technology in various industries, it focuses on software engineering, electronics and computer engineering, network engineering, information management and information systems, and electronic information Engineering, intelligent science and technology, data science and big data technology, Internet of things engineering, computer science and technology, automation, digital media technology, network and new media, e-commerce and other IT majors in the major disciplines of the dominant discipline group, training to adapt to the country Applied talents needed for the development of the information industry. At the same time, it focuses on the combination of talent cultivation and innovation and entrepreneurship practice. Under the trend of “mass entrepreneurship and innovation,” the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship was established earlier among similar institutions in the province to build an innovation and entrepreneurship platform for students and organize students to participate in various types of Innovation and entrepreneurship practice activities, training information elites with innovative awareness. Since its establishment, the Chinese entrepreneurial team of entrepreneurs has received more than 100 million yuan in financing. Successful cases of innovation and entrepreneurship have drawn great attention from all walks of life and the major media. “Learning IT and coming to Chinasoft” has been widely recognized by the society.

South China Institute of Software Engineering attracts outstanding talents at home and abroad, and has a sufficient number of teachers with a well-structured and professional quality. There are experts and professors from public colleges and universities, overseas returnees from overseas, and “dual teacher” talents with rich corporate experience. In order to train a group of high-end technical talents with international thinking and global vision, ChinaSoft University, in conjunction with foreign university alliances, has implemented the “university-university-student-student-student-study” study plan and exchange plan in cooperation with nearly a hundred well-known universities in the United States and Australia. Huasoft College cooperates with domestic and international top IT companies and curriculum embedding, cooperates with Microsoft on campus IT plans, cooperates with IBM for course embedding, and builds a soft testing laboratory with software testing giant Parasoft, and jointly builds an iOS development training base with Apple. , And co-established the “Huawei Innovation Lab” with Huawei to keep the teaching of the college close to the forefront of technological development and application.

After more than ten years of development and construction, the South China Institute of Software Engineering has achieved fruitful results. Guided by the Provincial Department of Education’s “Innovative and Strong School Project” and “Private-owned College Quality Project”, we have carried out in-depth teaching reforms and vigorously enhanced the content construction and education quality. The college currently has 2 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers (computer technology and applied experimental teaching centers, digital creative experimental teaching demonstration centers), 1 provincial collaborative education center (software and information technology service collaborative education center), 1 Provincial Key Cultivation Discipline (Computer Application Technology), 1 Provincial Teaching Achievement Award, 6 Provincial Professional Comprehensive Reform Projects, 5 Provincial Specialty Professional Projects, 37 Excellent Open Courses, 73 Practical Teaching Bases for College Students, 534 College student innovation and entrepreneurship training program project. Students participate in various academic, technological, and cultural competitions at all levels, and the number and level of awards are among the top universities in the province.

At present, in the face of new development opportunities and challenges, the South China Institute of Software Engineering will adhere to its own school running characteristics, serve the major needs of the country and society, use the spirit of reform, innovation and the pursuit of excellence, accelerate the development of connotative development, and focus on improving the With comprehensive strength and core competitiveness, we are committed to building Huasoft College into a first-class private university with comparative advantages and brand characteristics among similar institutions. (Updated in June 2019)


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