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Introduction to Southwest Forestry University

Southwest Forestry University (西南林业大学, website) is the only forestry undergraduate university in the western region of China that is independent and mainly focuses on forestry disciplines and features ecological and environmental disciplines. It has a coordinated development of science, engineering, agriculture, literature, law, and arts. Colleges of education training plan, outstanding engineer education training plan, in 2016 became the foundation capacity construction engineering support colleges and universities in the Midwest.

The university was founded in 1938 in the Department of Forestry of Yunnan University, and was established in 1958 in Kunming College of Agriculture and Forestry. In 1973, the Forestry Department of Kunming College of Agriculture and Forestry merged with the Beijing Forestry College, which moved to Kunming to the south. In 1983, it was renamed the Southwest Forestry College, which is one of the six regional forestry undergraduate colleges directly under the Ministry of Forestry. In 2000, the school was restructured from a university directly under the State Forestry Administration to a joint provincial and central government-managed project. In 2010, it was renamed as Southwest Forestry University after being approved by the Ministry of Education.

The University proactively adapts to the needs of economic and social development and continuously adjusts and optimizes the college structure. It currently has a forestry college (Asia-Pacific Forestry College), a college of materials science and engineering, a college of gardening and horticulture, a college of life sciences, a college of ecology and environment, a college of civil engineering, and biodiversity School of Sexual Protection, School of Big Data and Intelligent Engineering, School of Mechanical and Transportation, School of Geography and Ecotourism, School of Wetland, School of Mathematics and Physics, School of Chemical Engineering, School of Marxism, School of Grammar, School of Economics and Management, School of Accounting, School of Foreign Languages, Art With 23 teaching units such as the School of Design, the School of Physical Education, the School of Continuing Education (Vocational and Technical College), the International College, and the Graduate School.

The university currently has 22,384 full-time undergraduates, 2033 postgraduates and 85 doctoral students. There are 1,211 teaching staff, 207 special posts, and 257 non-staff staff. There are 100 full-time teachers and 299 associate professors. There are 736 postgraduate supervisors, including 86 doctoral supervisors and 650 master supervisors. There are 1 person with a plan of 1,000, 1 scholar with the Yangtze River, 1 expert at the national level of the “Million Talent Project”, 1 person with the “100 Person Plan” of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 3 outstanding talents from the Ministry of Education in the new century, 3 outstanding national teachers, and the State Council 1 expert with outstanding contributions, 2 experts with special allowances from the State Council, 5 experts with outstanding contributions from Yunnan Province, 12 experts with special allowances from the Yunnan Provincial Government, 2 Yunnan high-level talents introduced overseas, and Yunnan young and middle-aged academic and technological leaders There are 38 reserve talents and 5 technical innovation talents in Yunnan Province. There are 29 people in the “Ten Thousand Talents Plan” of Yunnan Province, including 1 leader in science and technology, 1 Yunling scholar, 6 leaders in industrial technology, 4 teaching teachers, 1 cultural master, and 16 young talents. There are 17 people in the “Thousand Talents Plan” of Yunnan Province, including 2 high-level talents, 5 high-end foreign experts, 1 industrial talents, 7 young talents, 2 flexible high-level talents and young talents.

Southwest Forestry University adheres to the service orientation of “based on Yunnan, serving the southwest, facing the whole country, and radiating the two Asians”. Adhering to the school motto “Trees, Trees, People, and Truthfulness”, it promotes the spirit of “Leshan, Water, No Resentment, No Regret” “Simple and generous” school style, practicing the teaching philosophy of “teaching for not teaching and learning for creation”, fostering the style of “being faithful in learning and doing good deeds”, is committed to cultivating “morality, knowledge, skills, personality” as a whole, and has practical ability And innovative spirit of application-oriented high-quality personnel, has so far cultivated more than 110,000 talents of various types.

The university attaches great importance to teaching work. In 2004, it obtained good results in the evaluation of the undergraduate teaching work level of the Ministry of Education. In 2016, it passed the review and evaluation of undergraduate teaching work. There are 85 undergraduate majors, including 3 national first-class specialties, 4 national outstanding agricultural and forestry personnel training programs, 3 national excellent engineer training programs, and 7 provincial specialties. He has won 1 second prize of national teaching achievement and 12 provincial teaching achievement prizes. More than 470 provincial and ministerial quality engineering projects were approved, 19 provincial and ministerial laboratories and bases were approved, and the basic experimental teaching center for forestry majors was approved as a national experimental teaching demonstration center. Southwest Forestry University-Chuxiong Forestry Bureau Zijin Mountain The forest farm science practical education base was approved as a national college students’ off-school practical education base. There are 1 national quality course, 1 national quality resource sharing course, 19 provincial quality courses, 2 provincial quality video public courses, and 10 provincial quality resource sharing courses. There are 1 national team of Huang Danian teachers in colleges and universities, 6 outstanding teaching teams in Yunnan Province, 2 national outstanding teachers, 1 national forestry teaching teacher, 8 teaching guidance committees of the Ministry of Education, 4 provincial Yunling teaching teachers, 4 provincial high schools There are 4 famous teachers at the level of teaching, 13 famous teachers, 9 outstanding young teachers, 9 provincial teaching teachers’ studios, and 5 teachers with moral standards. Implement the “Double Innovation Ten” project to support encouraging college students to actively participate in professional skills competitions and technological innovation activities. Students have won competitions such as the “Internet” college student innovation and entrepreneurship competition, the national college student structure design competition, and the national college student mathematical modeling competition. With outstanding results, the school entrepreneurial park was rated as a provincial youth entrepreneurship demonstration park, and the forestry campus entrepreneurship platform was identified as a provincial campus entrepreneurship platform. It is a KAB entrepreneurship education base for college students, a typical university experience in innovation and entrepreneurship for college graduates in the province, Yunnan The first provincial innovation and entrepreneurship education demonstration college.

Southwest Forestry University is the first batch of master’s degree granting units approved by the State Council. In 2013, it was approved as a doctoral degree granting unit. In 2017, it was added as a recommendation for outstanding fresh graduates to be admitted to postgraduate universities. There are 3 doctoral programs in first-level disciplines, 13 master-level programs in first-level disciplines, 66 master-level programs in second-level disciplines, 8 professional master-level programs, 6 key disciplines of the State Forestry and Grassland Administration, 1 cultivated disciplines, and provincial-level key disciplines. 5, 2 key construction disciplines with provincial advantages and special characteristics, 2 co-construction disciplines of provincial colleges, universities, and colleges in cooperation and consultation, 1 class A peak discipline, 2 class B peak disciplines, and 1 class B peak discipline advantage characteristic research direction, 2 Class A plateau disciplines. It has 3 provincial-level authorized doctoral degrees for cultivation and construction, 5 authorized master-level authorized degrees for cultivation, and 4 authorized master-level authorized degrees for cultivation and construction. There are three post-doctoral research stations for forestry, forestry engineering, and landscape architecture.

Southwest Forestry University was approved to have the National Forestry Biomass Resource Efficient Utilization Technology National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center, Biomass Materials International Joint Research Center, Southwest Mountain Forest Resources Conservation and Utilization Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education, National Plateau Wetland Research Center, Yunnan Biodiversity Nature Research Institute, Yunnan Forest Resource Asset Management and Forest Tenure System Research Base. There are 1 national long-term scientific research base, 3 key laboratories, 2 engineering technology research centers, 1 inspection and testing center, 3 ecosystem positioning research stations, and 2 innovation alliances. There are 1 provincial engineering laboratory, 3 provincial engineering research centers, 3 provincial provincial key laboratories, 1 provincial engineering technology research center, 2 provincial international joint research centers, and provincial international scientific and technological cooperation bases. 1 and 2 provincial-level science and technology innovation centers facing South and Southeast Asia. There are 4 academician workstations and 2 expert workstations. There are 1 collaborative innovation center, 12 provincial key laboratories, 5 engineering research centers, 2 think tanks, and 2 Kunming engineering technology research centers. Self-built Bamboo and Rattan Research Institute, Rock Desertification Research Institute, Gastrodia Research Institute, Urban Design Institute, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, Forest City Research Institute, Forest Food Research Institute, Bamboo Research Institute, Garden and Horticulture Flower R & D Center, Yunnan Furniture research and development institutes, fire engineering research institutes and other school-level scientific research institutions and platforms. Approved to establish the National Forestry Branch of the Chinese Forestry Society, the Ancient Trees and Famous Trees Branch, and the Yunnan Provincial Society of Ecological Economics and the Yunnan Provincial Society for Research and Development of Ecological Civilization Construction. There are 18 natural science innovation teams at all levels and 3 provincial philosophy social science innovation teams. In the past two years, he has been granted 989 scientific research projects and 248.876 million yuan in scientific research funds. He has hosted or participated in scientific research projects and received more than 220 provincial and ministerial scientific research awards. First prize, first prize of Yunnan Province Science and Technology Award, first prize of Liang Xi Forestry Science and Technology Award. He holds the Journal of Southwest Forestry University (Natural Science) and Journal of Southwest Forestry University (Social Science).

The university’s existing forestry survey planning and design level A qualification certificate, timber and wood and bamboo products quality inspection and measurement certification certification certificate, production and construction project soil and water conservation plan preparation level B qualification certificate, production and construction water and soil conservation monitoring level B qualification certificate, urban and rural Class C planning, Class B special landscape architecture design, Class C qualification for construction engineering, Class B qualification for tourism planning and design, give full play to regional, industry, and disciplinary advantages, and actively participate in serving economic and social development in biodiversity and nature. Protected area management, forest cultivation, forest protection, bamboo and rattan research, wood science and technology, and plateau wetlands have certain advantages in China. Some areas are at the forefront of similar research in China; they have obvious regional characteristics in areas such as garden planning and design, and eco-tourism. ; Outstanding achievements in research on ants, birds, fish, etc., with increasing social impact, have been commended and rewarded many times by the State Forestry and Grassland Administration and the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government.

Southwest Forestry University values communication and cooperation. All undergraduate programs are open to foreign students and students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Signed cooperation agreements with 21 countries including Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and more than 60 universities and research institutions in Taiwan, China. The Confucius Institute at Bamako University of Humanities in Mali has been established, and the Confucius Classroom in Mali has won the Global Advanced Confucius Classroom Award. Approved for the undergraduate education program of mechanical and electrical engineering in cooperation with Russia’s Southern Ural State University. Signed a cooperation agreement with Columbia University (UBC) Forestry College to build a new Asia-Pacific Forestry College in the school. Signed cooperation agreements with Beijing Forestry University, Chinese Academy of Forestry, Alibaba Cloud Computing Co., Ltd., and Pu’er City, etc., and was approved by the Asia-Pacific Forestry Organization Kunming Center. The industry-university-research cooperation deepens the ability and level of economic and social development.

The school covers an area of 2620 acres, with 1.73 million printed books, 626,000 electronic books, and 24 Chinese and foreign databases. The specimen collection contains nearly 500,000 specimens of various types. It is the base for science popularization in Yunnan province, the base for ecological civilization education in Yunnan province, the science base for popularization of wildlife protection in the country, and the public education base for the National Plateau Wetland Research Center. The school has won many honorary titles including the National Advanced Greening Collective, the National Greening Model Unit, the National May Fourth Red Banner Youth League Committee, and the Yunnan Civilization School.

Southwest Forestry University adheres to the overall development thinking of “the party’s leadership, governing the school according to law, serving a well-off society, reforming and revitalizing the school, international perspective, social needs, student-oriented, teacher-led”, in accordance with the goals and objectives of the school’s second party congress and The “13th Five-Year” development plan requires that we firmly adhere to the connotative development and characteristic development roads with quality as the core, make every effort to promote the “double first-class” construction, comprehensively advance the “Eight Major Reforms”, vigorously implement the “Eight Major Projects”, and speed up Build “Eight West Forests”, and strive to build the school into a talent training center for western forestry and ecological civilization construction, a research and development center for ecological environment construction and green industry development in the southwestern region, a southwest forestry science and technology consulting and engineering service center, and a forestry class for South Asia The cooperation and exchange center for talent training and scientific research has become a first-class university in the west with significant advantages in the west, distinctive features in the country, and important influences in South Asia and Southeast Asia. It will be the vanguard of Yunnan’s national ecological civilization construction, build China’s most beautiful province, and achieve high quality Make greater progress by leaps and bounds Offer. (Data updated to September 2019)


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