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Introduction to Suzhou College of Information Technology

Suzhou College of Information Technology (苏州信息职业技术学院, website) is located on the banks of the beautiful Suzhou Bay. It is a public college that has been approved by the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government and filed by the Ministry of Education.

Suzhou College of Information Technology always adheres to the party’s leadership, adheres to the direction of running a socialist school, trains socialist builders and successors with Chinese characteristics, and trains high-quality technical and skilled personnel required for the high-quality development of local economies and regional industries. With the goal of “building high-level colleges, cultivating high-quality talents, and helping high-quality development”, and “building people for the country, cultivating talents for the society, casting teachers for companies, and craftsmen for companies,” the school’s purpose is to consolidate the school The school’s running philosophy-build people by virtue, cultivate talents, serve the locality, and promote development; establish a teacher’s school, promote the school by talents, strengthen schools with specialties, and develop schools with characteristics; focus on students and teachers, focus on abilities, comprehensively improve, and promote life Development; build an information campus, a smart campus, a humanistic campus, and a safe campus.

The college covers an area of more than 340,000 square meters, with a total construction area of more than 150,000 square meters. As of September 2018, fixed assets amounted to more than 580 million yuan, of which teaching and scientific research equipment and equipment totaled more than 45.3 million yuan, and information equipment investment was 39.63 million yuan. There are 82 experimental training rooms of various types in schools, and 61 network multimedia classrooms. The library holds 344,400 volumes. The college currently has 234 faculty members, 189 full-time teachers, 2 senior titles, 62 deputy senior titles, 116 postgraduates (including master’s degrees), and young and middle-aged science and technology leaders in the “333 High-level Talent Training Project” in Jiangsu Province. 1 person, 9 young and middle-aged objects of “blue project” in universities in Jiangsu province.

The college has six departments and one department: economics and trade department, management engineering department, communication and information engineering department, electrical and electronic engineering department, computer science and technology department, foreign language department, and basic course department. More than 5,000 students. In 2018, a total of 21 professional enrollments were opened. The birthplace is mainly Jiangsu, covering 14 provinces and autonomous regions such as Anhui, Henan, Guizhou, and Yunnan.

Suzhou College of Information Technology values cooperation and exchanges with local governments, enterprises, and industries. The government and the college have jointly established the “Suzhou Senior Talents Taihu Training Center”; the college and enterprises have jointly established the “German-Austrian Application College”, “Cisco Network Technology College”, and “Huawei Information and Network Technology College”, forming distinctive features. “Diversified development, project learning, collaborative innovation” talent training model. The college has the first batch of provincial-level international service outsourcing talent training bases in Jiangsu Province and Suzhou service outsourcing training bases.

Suzhou College of Information Technology is fully recognized by the society. It has won honorary titles such as garden-style units in Jiangsu Province, advanced units in the construction of spiritual civilization in Jiangsu Province, civilized dormitories in colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province, civilized canteens in colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province, and Ping’an Campus in Jiangsu Province.


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