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Suzhou Vocational Institute of Industrial Technology (苏州工业职业技术学院, website) is a public general college approved by the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government in 2003. It is a model higher vocational college in Jiangsu Province. Its predecessor can be traced back to the “Suzhou Advanced Industrial Vocational School of Jiangsu Province”, which was established in September 1946. It is the earliest engineering vocational technical school in Suzhou.

The college now has a department of precision manufacturing engineering, a department of mechanical and electrical engineering, a department of electronics and communication engineering, a department of software and service outsourcing, a department of economics and trade management, a department of construction engineering and art design, a college of international education, a department of automotive engineering, a department of ideological and political education, and sports 10 teaching units. The college currently has 35 majors and nearly 8,000 full-time students. In the past five years, the college has added 7 new specialties such as industrial robotics, intelligent control technology, intelligent product development, cloud computing technology, big data technology and applications. The proportion of intelligent manufacturing majors is high, and the professional fields are highly concentrated. The development advantages are highlighted: Mechatronics technology major was rated as the Ministry of Education’s demonstration construction major, NC technology major was rated as the Jiangsu University brand major, Mechatronics, industrial robots, CNC equipment should be associated with maintenance, applied electronics technology, software technology and other 5 majors entered Jiangsu Province ranks among high-level backbone professionals. The majors of cloud computing technology and application, big data technology and application technology have become outstanding new majors of universities in Suzhou.

Suzhou Vocational Institute of Industrial Technology currently has 77 doctors, 22% of whom are full-time teachers. The number and number of teachers and doctors rank among the top in the province’s higher vocational colleges. Among them, 61 doctors teach in intelligent manufacturing, and the talents are highly concentrated. The group effect is prominent: In 2016, the industrial robot and material surface treatment technology team was awarded the provincial “blue project” technology innovation team, and in 2017 the intelligent complete equipment technology team was awarded the provincial university technology innovation team and the numerical control technology teaching team was awarded the provincial The “Qinglan Project” outstanding teaching team and the intelligent manufacturing industry technical and technical talent development research team were awarded the provincial university philosophical society innovation team. Shangao has a peak, and leaders emerge: From 2015 to 2017, 18 college teachers have been selected as the provincial “six talent peaks”, the provincial “333 high-level talents”, the provincial “blue and blue project” academic leaders, the provincial teaching teachers, Provincial May 1 Labor Medal and other high-level talents list.

The institute and the intelligent manufacturing enterprise jointly researched and developed and achieved remarkable results in collaborative innovation. In 2016, it was awarded the “Jiangsu Intelligent Robot and Complete Equipment Innovation Center” by the Jiangsu Economic and Information Commission, and the “Jiangsu Industrial Robot Engineering Laboratory” by the Jiangsu Development and Reform Commission in 2016. In the third batch of “Jiangsu Industrial Robot Crowd Space” by the Provincial Department of Science and Technology. From 2015 to 2017, the college won 13 major natural science projects from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Provincial Natural Science Foundation, the Provincial Social Science Foundation, and the Provincial Colleges and Universities. 186 new intellectual property rights were authorized, of which 26 were invention patents, and the amount of invention patents authorized was ahead of the higher vocational colleges in the province. The transfer of 10 patents brought economic benefits to enterprises exceeding 10 million yuan.

Suzhou Vocational Institute of Industrial Technology has successively established 26 key projects of provincial scientific education planning and 26 major projects of provincial education reform. Schools and enterprises have jointly established 18 corporate colleges, 6 “schools and factories”, and 2 provincial production-education integration training platforms Cooperative development of 118 teaching materials, the college won the national machinery industry school-enterprise cooperation educating outstanding vocational colleges. The school’s school-enterprise cooperation has achieved remarkable results and fruitful teaching reforms. In 2016, it won 1 Suzhou Teaching Achievement Special Award, and in 2017 it won Jiangsu Province Teaching Achievement Special Award and 2 First Prizes. It ranks at the forefront of higher vocational colleges in the province; the teachers have achieved outstanding results in the informatization teaching competition, ranking first in the province, and the college has won the provincial informatization contest outstanding organization award for three consecutive years.

The college has 17 state-level skill master studios, provincial creative space, provincial model labor studios and skill training centers. From 2014 to 2016, he won 6 first-class awards for outstanding graduation thesis (design) in Jiangsu universities for three consecutive years. The number of first-class awards ranked among the top 3 in the province’s vocational colleges; in 2017, he won the first national vocational college skills competition. There are 3 prizes, and the number of first prizes ranks among the top 4 in the province’s higher vocational colleges. From 2015 to 2017, it won a total of 448 prizes in various types of competitions, including the national vocational college skill competitions, including first-class national skill competitions. 20 prizes, 23 second prizes and 31 third prizes. The college won the “Outstanding Contribution Award” and the “Advanced School” honor of the Skill Competition in Jiangsu Vocational Colleges.

Suzhou Vocational Institute of Industrial Technology actively learns from the advanced experience of vocational education in Germany, Singapore, Canada, Australia, and Taiwan, China, and sends 189 teachers to study abroad; it has sent 86 students to study abroad for a semester; United States Universities in Australia, Australia, Britain and other countries have hosted Sino-foreign cooperative education programs, training more than 430 students; cooperating with multinational companies to introduce international advanced technology and purchasing imported teaching equipment of nearly 4 million US dollars. “School-enterprise cooperation project”, was selected as the “Ministry of Education ABB, Xinshida Industrial Robot Field Vocational Education Project” in 2016, and carried out international professional qualification certifications such as AHK AEVO in Germany, Siemens NX CAD / CAM, and PC-DIMS. From 2014 to 2016, 21 teachers have been sent to the overseas employee training centers of enterprises such as Suzhou Hengtong Group to undertake training tasks for international employees, training more than 1,200 international employees of the enterprise; undertaking practical tasks for international students in the province, and receiving more than 180 international students.


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