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Taiyuan Institute of Technology (太原工业学院, website) is located in Taiyuan City, the provincial capital of Shanxi Province. It is mainly managed by the Shanxi Provincial People’s Government. It is a full-time general undergraduate university with multidisciplinary support and coordinated development. It is a national “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” application-oriented undergraduate production-education integrated development engineering planning project to support colleges and universities. It is the first batch of pilot universities identified by Shanxi Province to transition to application It is a model university for deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education reform in Shanxi Province.

Taiyuan Institute of Technology was founded in 1954. It was formerly known as the Fifth Technical School of North China. It was a national key technical secondary school established to meet the needs of national defense during the first Five-Year Plan period. It started to recruit undergraduates in March of 2007. With the approval of the Ministry of Education in March 2007, it was established as a full-time ordinary undergraduate school and renamed “Taiyuan Institute of Technology”. In 2015, it successfully passed the qualification assessment of the undergraduate teaching work of the Ministry of Education. In 2015, it officially joined the China University of Applied Sciences (College) Alliance. In 2017, it co-sponsored the establishment of the “Shanxi Application-oriented College Alliance” with some universities in the province. Over the past 65 years, the school has inherited the spirit of self-improvement and dedication, and has practiced the school motto of “Knowledge and Action, Better than Words”, and has trained more than 90,000 high-quality, practical and practical professionals for the defense industry and national economic construction. The outstanding talents with strong capabilities have played an important role in the development of the country’s economy and society, especially in the development of the weapon industry. They once had the reputation of “small Huangpu” in the weapon system.

Taiyuan Institute of Technology covers an area of 400,000 square meters, with a total building area of 356,000 square meters. The total value of fixed assets is 859 million yuan, of which the total value of teaching and scientific research equipment is 223 million yuan. The library holds 1.81 million volumes (including e-books). A computer network system and an information management platform covering the campus have been established. Various supporting service facilities are constantly being improved, and various teaching, living, and sports facilities are complete.

Taiyuan Institute of Technology includes Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Electronic Engineering, Department of Automation, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Department of Computer Engineering, Department of Environmental and Safety Engineering, Department of Materials Engineering, Department of Science, Department of Economics and Management, Department of Foreign Languages, Department of Design and Art There are 13 departments in the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Physical Education, and the Department of Ideological and Political Theory Teaching and Research, and the Department of Continuing Education. There are 40 undergraduate majors, enrolling students in 30 provinces (cities, districts) across the country, and 16,326 full-time students. There are 849 faculty members, including 690 full-time teachers, 222 teachers with senior titles; 636 masters and above. Among them, there are 1 national outstanding educator, 1 selected in the “New Century Excellent Talents Support Plan” of the Ministry of Education, 1 provincial outstanding teaching team, 9 “131” leading talents in Shanxi Province, and the third batch of emerging industries in Shanxi Province. 1 leading talent, 2 outstanding young academic leaders in Shanxi colleges and universities, 6 teaching teachers in Shanxi Province, 9 “Three Jins” in the field of education in Shanxi Province, and 103 “Dual Teachers and Dual Energy” teachers. At the same time, the school also focuses on hiring well-known experts at home and abroad as honorary professors, specially-appointed professors, part-time professors and visiting professors.

The Taiyuan Institute of Technology has 2 majors in Shanxi universities, and 5 majors in applied chemistry, polymer materials and engineering, computer science and technology, electronic information engineering, and automation have been rated as provincial specialties. The five disciplines of materials science and engineering, information and communication engineering, chemical engineering and technology, mechanical engineering, and environmental science and engineering are key provincial-level supporting disciplines, of which the material science and engineering disciplines are the key discipline construction plans of the “1331 Project” in Shanxi Province. Characteristic disciplines. There are 1 national excellent course, 10 provincial excellent resource sharing courses, 6 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, 2 provincial virtual simulation experimental teaching centers, and 1 provincial talent training model innovation experimental area. Teaching materials such as “Visual C ++ Program Design and Computer Guidance” have been included in national-level planning teaching materials, and have won various teaching reform awards at various levels including the Shanxi Province Teaching Achievement Special Award and First Prize. There are 15 laboratories and 95 laboratories in total. Among them, 7 laboratories have been jointly constructed by the central and local governments. The company has taken the lead in cooperating with General Electric Group to invest 27 million yuan to build a more advanced automation system in North China. room. In 2016, the school signed a joint agreement with North University of China for “graduate joint training bases”. In September 2017, it began to conduct joint enrollment and training of graduate students in the disciplines of chemical engineering, environment, and materials with North University of China. In 2018, the “Protective Materials and Interface Engineering Technology Joint Graduate Training Bases” was selected by Shanxi Province Graduate Training Bases (Fuxin). In 2018, the college was identified as a key inspection target for the master’s degree construction units. According to one of the world’s four largest university ranking systems, “World University Academic Rankings”, the top 600 universities in China in 2018 show that the college ranks 474. According to the release of the “2018 China University Teaching Quality Evaluation Report” released by iResearch China Alumni Association, the college’s teaching quality ranks 10th in the province and graduates rank 9th in the province.

Taiyuan Institute of Technology has more than 210 off-campus internship training bases. In recent years, students have won more than 750 provincial awards in various competitions. The school robot team won the thirteenth national college student robot championship in 2014 and was awarded the “Shanxi Youth May 4th Certificate” by the provincial party committee; it won one first prize and one second prize in the 2017 China Robot Competition. Participated in the “2017 World Robot Competition” and won the crown and runner-up of the self-made wheeled robot 1V1 project, participated in the 2017 North China Robot Competition and won the undifferentiated 1v1 project champion, and participated in the 2019 National College Student Robot Competition ROBOMASTER Mecha Master Finals won the first prize . Students won 4 first prizes in the 6th National College Engineering Training Comprehensive Ability Competition, won the first prize in the National College Student Chemical Experiment Contest, won the first prize in the National College Student Chemical Design Contest, and won the National College Student Smart Car 8 Project Competition. 6 first prizes, participated in the National College Student Industrial Design Contest, won the first prize of the National Design Rising Award, participated in the 2nd National College Student 3D Printing Contest, won the championship; in the National College Student Mathematical Modeling Contest, National College Student Mechanical Innovation Design Contest The district competition, the college student financial elite challenge, the college student physics academic competition in Shanxi Province, and the Shanxi Provincial Challenge and Challenge Cup college entrepreneurship competition are also among the best in the province. In 2019, the school was approved as the “Provincial Double Innovation Demonstration Base” in Shanxi Province, becoming the 5th “University and Scientific Research Institute” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration and Construction Unit in Shanxi Province. In 2019, the Chinese Institute of Higher Education released the TOP100 Evaluation Results of Innovative Talents Cultivation and Discipline Competition in Chinese Universities in 2018, which ranked the school 64th in the country and the second in Shanxi Province. In addition, the cultural and sports activities have also achieved outstanding results. The school orienteering team participated in the Shanxi Provincial Student Orienteering Tournament, and won the championship of all events in this group, and won the first place in the group with absolute advantages; The football team participated in the 2016 China College Student Football League and won the Shanxi Division (men’s undergraduate group) championship. In 2019, the school’s men’s basketball team won the 22nd CUBA China College Basketball League’s Shanxi Division (Undergraduate Group) championship. In the North District, they won 3 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze medals. In recent years, there have been outstanding national collectives such as “Excellent Class Collectives”, National Top Ten “Three Good Student Models”, National “Excellent Student Cadres”, “Advanced Collectives” and “Advanced Individuals” organized and organized by the Second National Youth Games. And personal.

Taiyuan Institute of Technology implements the “Internationalization Strategic Project”, actively expands international communication channels, continuously increases the intensity of international exchanges and cooperation, accelerates the process of internationalization, and improves the level of international schooling. Dozens of universities, including South Korea and South Korea, have carried out multi-level, two-way talent training international exchanges and cooperation, which has created good conditions for students to go abroad, further education for overseas teachers, and the introduction of foreign high-quality teaching and research resources.


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