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Introduction to Tianfu New Area Aviation and Tourism College

Tianfu New Area Aviation and Tourism College (天府新区航空旅游职业学院, website) was established with the approval of the Sichuan Provincial People’s Government, filed by the Ministry of Education, incorporated into the National Unified Recruitment Plan, and directly under the management of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Education.

Tianfu New Area Aviation and Tourism College is hosted by Sichuan East Star Aviation Education Development Co., Ltd. (East Star Aviation Education Group). Its school history can be traced back to Meishan Huaxi Aviation Tourism School, founded in 2006. Under the leadership of Chairman Gu Yingzhi and other leaders, East Star Aviation Education Group has always adhered to the Party and the country’s education policy, adhered to the correct direction of school running, adhered to the school philosophy of “cultivating outstanding talents for China Civil Aviation”, and practiced “thin Moral, erudition, innovation, and beauty “school motto, based on Sichuan, facing the southwest, serving the country, highlighting the” outside tree image, inner shape soul “and” cultivating gentlemen and ladies that meet the needs of civil aviation units in the new era “as the direction, forming a distinctive The four characteristics of running a school: “Professional high-end, employment security, teaching authority, military management.”

In the 13 years since its establishment, Dongxing Aviation Education Group has trained tens of thousands of civil aviation service personnel and made positive contributions to the development of China’s civil aviation industry. Looking back, Dongxing Aviation Education Group has achieved both glorious achievements, and looking forward to the future, we are full of pride, start a new journey, compose a new chapter, and enter a new era!

Tianfu New Area Aviation and Tourism College is located at No.168 Middle Section of Aviation Avenue, South Extension of Jiannan Avenue, Tianfu New District, Sichuan Province. It is 2000 meters away from Huanglongxi Ancient Town, Shuangliu, a national 4A-level tourist attraction, 30 minutes drive from Shuangliu International Airport, and 5 minutes from subway The line is only 20 minutes and the traffic is very convenient. The total investment of the college is nearly 800 million yuan, which can accommodate more than 12,000 students. The overall campus features the best of European and American famous universities-Harvard, Oxford, Columbia University, beautiful scenery and rich cultural atmosphere. It is a landscape school, garden school, film and television shooting base.

The college employs civil aviation experts to teach and guide, and experts and professors from state-run universities as academic guidance and guest professors. The college invested more than 100 million yuan to build a nationwide leading set of aviation training equipment: including a Boeing 737-700 real aircraft-one, Airbus A320, A330, A319 series dynamic evacuation training cabin, water evacuation cabin, fire fighting training Cabins, on-wing exit trainers, aviation operation cabins, airport terminals, VIP reception training centers, etc., have reached the standards and standards for civil aviation professional flight attendant pre-job training, in-service flight attendant retraining, and training operations. Training rooms for applied technology of unmanned aerial vehicles, training rooms for urban rail transit operation management, training bases for aircraft mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance, high-speed rail passenger cabin simulation cabins (Tianhang Fuxing), and computer rooms are also built.

Tianfu New Area Aviation and Tourism College has established long-term cooperative relationships with many high-quality enterprises and institutions such as airlines, airports, travel agencies at home and abroad. After entering the school, students sign an Employment Agreement with the college. Later, the college’s employment department recommended to work in airports, airlines, travel agencies and other related units, and the college will continue to provide employment tracking services within 2 years after graduation. Mainly engaged in: flight attendants, air security, airport security, VIP service, airport check-in, easy boarding airport logistics, aircraft maintenance rail transportation management, e-commerce, drone operations and training for high-speed rail service, motor vehicle service, exhibition planning, Travel and other jobs. After the internship is completed, the labor contract is signed with the employer. The employer purchases social security, and has good wages and benefits.

From November 29th to 30th, 2018, an expert evaluation team set up by the Institute of Civil Aviation Science and Technology Research Institute of China conducted an assessment of the aviation cabin facilities and equipment of our institute, and completed a total of 286 evaluation contents. According to the standards of the advisory notice, the evaluation team passed strict inspection. On December 14, 2018, our institute formally passed the assessment and acceptance of the Civil Aviation Research Institute of China, and obtained the qualification recognized by the Administrator, which can formally undertake training tasks. After being inspected and evaluated by the Civil Aviation Science Popularization Foundation of China, the college was officially awarded the Civil Aviation Science Popularization Education Base of China on July 17, 2019, and was included in the Civil Aviation Science Popularization Education Base Management System. Our academy will actively explore the forms and methods of civil aviation science education for different groups of society, and promote the development of civil aviation science education.


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