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Introduction to Tianping College of Suzhou University of Science and Technology

Tianping College of Suzhou University of Science and Technology (苏州科技大学天平学院, website) is an undergraduate full-time general college approved by the Ministry of Education.

At present, the college has a Marxist College, a Department of Landscape Architecture, a Department of Environmental Engineering, a Department of Civil Engineering, a Department of Electronics and Information Engineering, a Department of Economic Management, a Department of Humanities, a Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, a Department of Art, a Department of Foreign Languages, a Department of Music, and an Electrical and Mechanical Department. Teaching management agencies such as engineering department and sports department. In order to strengthen student management, six student work offices have also been established based on the principle of similar majors in the department, with an efficient and capable student management and service team.

Tianping College of Suzhou University of Science and Technology currently has more than 8,200 full-time undergraduate students. It recruits students from 18 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions across the country. Engineering, Human Geography and Urban-Rural Planning, Civil Engineering (Construction Engineering), Civil Engineering (Road and Bridge Engineering), Computer Science and Technology, Electronic Information Engineering, Communication Engineering, Engineering Management, Engineering Cost, Financial Management, Hotel Management, Marketing, Logistics management, Chinese language and literature, secretarial science, human resource management, applied chemistry, environmental design, visual communication design, English, business English, translation, Japanese, musicology, musicology (modern electronic music), musicology (instrumental music and percussion Music), mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation, electrical engineering and its automation, 31 specialties (directions), forming a professional structure focusing on engineering, multi-disciplinary coordinated development of engineering, science, literature, management, and arts .

Tianping College of Suzhou University of Science and Technology has excellent school running conditions, elegant campus environment, and complete infrastructure. It is an ideal place for students to study. The college not only has an independent campus at 55 Changjiang Road (formerly Changjiang Road 8) in Suzhou City, it also has modern teaching buildings and experimental buildings, network centers, multimedia classrooms, voice labs, computing centers, libraries, standard track and field stadiums and Educational and teaching facilities such as football stadiums; also shared the advanced teaching resources of the colleges-Suzhou University of Science and Technology Jiangfeng Campus and Shihu Campus. The college library has more than 760,000 Chinese books and 91.8 books per student. It has abundant electronic resources, 10 own databases, and more than 50 Chinese and foreign databases in the parent school.

Relying on the high-quality teacher resources of the Suzhou University of Science and Technology, the college has established a full-time and part-time faculty team. Among the full-time teachers, 8 were selected as the training target for outstanding young backbone teachers of Jiangsu Blue Project, 3 were awarded the title of outstanding municipal educators, and 2 were awarded the Suzhou Youth May Fourth Medal. Among the shared mother-school school teachers, many teachers have won the National May 1st Labor Medal, national advanced workers, middle-aged and young experts who have made outstanding contributions at the national and provincial levels, and teaching masters of higher education in Jiangsu Province. .

Tianping College of Suzhou University of Science and Technology adheres to teaching as the center, strengthens the basic construction of teaching, and attaches importance to the training of young teachers. In the first National College English Teacher Teaching Basic Skills Contest in 2016, our teachers won the first prize and the best teaching state award. A teacher won the second prize in the 2016 “Foreign Teachers Cup” Provincial College Foreign Language Teacher Translation (Interpretation) Competition; in 2017, in the Jiangsu Province College Micro-teaching Teaching Competition (Undergraduate Group), a teacher Won the second prize and three teachers won the third prize. In 2018, in the first young teacher micro-class competition of Jiangsu undergraduate colleges, two teachers won the first prize and one teacher won the third prize.

Tianping College of Suzhou University of Science and Technology encourages and supports teachers to carry out research and teaching and research work. In recent years, the college has allocated special funds to carry out in-depth professional (curricular) construction, teaching, research, and education reform projects, as well as scientific research projects. There are 17 professional construction projects, 58 curriculum construction projects, 4 teaching material construction projects, and 71 higher education studies. And reform projects received project support within the school. In the past three years, our teachers have achieved remarkable results in the application of provincial and municipal scientific research projects: 8 projects of natural science research in Jiangsu universities, 37 projects of philosophy and social science research in Jiangsu universities, and social science applications in Jiangsu Province 1 research project of excellent quality project, 6 project of Suzhou Social Science Planning Project (application countermeasures) project, 1 project of forward-looking applied research on key industry technology innovation of Suzhou Science and Technology Bureau, 1 project of Suzhou Science and Technology Association Soft Science Project 1 project was established by the Suzhou Social Science Foundation, and 23 projects were established by the institute’s scientific research fund. At the same time, he won 1 prize in Jiangsu Province’s Educational Teaching and Research Achievements (Research) in terms of scientific research awards, and 1 prize in Suzhou’s 14th Excellent Achievement in Philosophy and Social Sciences.

In terms of academic discipline competitions, students from Tianping College of Suzhou University of Science and Technology have achieved outstanding results in international, national and provincial competitions. In the past four years, there have been 220 prizes for various disciplines at all levels, with a total of 371 person-times. Among them, 16 were awarded in international competitions, 52 were awarded in national competitions, 2 were awarded in East China Region, and 150 were awarded in Jiangsu Province. High-quality application and innovative talents with noble ideology and morals, solid basic theory, strong practical ability, and broad international vision. Among them, the team won the second and third prizes in the “Yuanye Cup” landscape and garden international competition in 2017; in 2017 and 2018, it won the group in the China Engineering Robot Competition and International Open Competition (Biped Walking Project Narrow Foot Competition) for two consecutive years. First prize; won the National Second Prize in the National College Student Speech Contest in the 2018 “Foreign Research Institute Cup”; won the second and third prizes in the National College English Competition for three consecutive years in 2016, 2017 and 2018; the sixth “LSCAT Cup” in 2017 “The National Interpretation Competition (English) Jiangsu Province won the second prize. At provincial and municipal level competitions such as the national college student “UFIDA New Cup” sand table simulation business competition-Jiangsu Province Finals, the “Foreign Research Institute Cup” National College English Challenge Jiangsu Province Division, Jiangsu University Students Civil Engineering Structure Innovation Competition (model display competition), etc. There are gains. A group of high-quality application and innovation talents with noble ideology and morality, solid basic theory, strong practical ability, and broad international vision have emerged.

The college actively organizes students to participate in off-campus art and cultural exchange competitions, and students have repeatedly achieved good results in various competitions. Among them, the choir of Suzhou University of Science and Technology, consisting of 17 students from the Department of Music of our college, won the 9th China Music Golden Bell Award Choir Competition and the first prize of the National College Art Exhibition Vocal Performance (Professional Group); two students of calligraphy art His works won first and second prizes in the art exhibition of college students in Jiangsu Province; he participated in the “Arsenal Friendship Debate Competition between University Students on Both Sides of the Taiwan Strait” for eight consecutive years, and won the “Imperial Seal”, “Hong Dao Cup”, Outstanding Award, Best Debate Hand, outstanding debater and many other honors.

Tianping College of Suzhou University of Science and Technology has continuously carried out sports work. The college has sports associations such as Taekwondo and Badminton Association, and is equipped with national-level referees to provide standardized and professional guidance. In the athletic competition, the college won the first place in the total score of the mother school sports meeting and the total score of track and field for five consecutive years; in the 2016 Suzhou Games (undergraduate college group) competition, our college team won the third place in the total team score, The gold medal ranked third with a good result; the Dragon Dance Team of Suzhou University of Science and Technology, composed of students from our college, won the twelfth Chinese folk literature and art “Shanhua Award”.

The college creates conditions to serve students’ postgraduate entrance examinations. The college has opened special classrooms for postgraduate entrance examinations to create a good learning environment for postgraduate students; set up postgraduate scholarships to encourage students to take postgraduate entrance examinations, and the rate of postgraduate entrance examinations continues to increase. In recent years, many students have been admitted to the postgraduates of well-known universities at home and abroad, such as Peking University, Southeast University, Sun Yat-sen University, Tongji University, University of Sydney, Waseda University, National University of Singapore, and so on. In addition, the mother school has 16 first-degree subjects authorized by master’s degree, 96 second-degree subjects authorized by master’s degree (disciplinary direction), 6 professional master’s degree authorized points, covering most of our college’s majors, providing students with better A platform for further education.

Tianping College of Suzhou University of Science and Technology has established inter-school cooperation relationships with more than 70 universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Japan, Sweden, and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Both can be shared by our teachers and students. In particular, since the establishment of the college Japanese major, it has established good cooperative relations with Sakura Mirin University, Nara Institute of Technology, Nara University, and Kansai University of Foreign Studies. Every year, a certain number of students visit these universities for short-term studies and exchanges. . The college has strengthened international exchanges and cooperation and provided adequate support in terms of credit recognition and funding support. In recent years, a total of 67 students have exchanged abroad, of which 26 have participated in overseas study exchanges, and 4 students have participated in provincial college students’ Jiangsu cultural exchange programs abroad.1 One student participated in the Jiangsu Overseas Scholarship Program, one student participated in the British Cultural Exchange Program, and 35 students participated in the Summer International Exchange Program.


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