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Tianjin Tianshi College is a full-time undergraduate college approved by the Tianjin Ministry of Education in 1999 and filed by the Ministry of Education of the PRC. Relying on Tiens group-an international enterprise, and relying on the achievements of world scientific, technological and cultural progress and the characteristics of regional economic development, it has established an application-oriented university with global strategic thinking and first-class practice system in China after 20 years of running schools.

Characterized by high-quality, professional and application-oriented personnel training, Tianjin Tianshi college offers six major disciplines, including business, economics, medicine, information engineering, biological engineering, international linguistics and art, and plans to develop new majors urgently needed in the market, such as aviation technology, film technology, environment and health, culture and tourism.

The Tianjin Tianshi College is located on the bank of LongFeng River in Wuqing District, Tianjin, in the “Beijing-Tianjin Corridor”. It covers an area of 3.2 square kilometers and has a built-up area of 2.1 million square meters. The current Tianjin Tianshi College integrates the university campus, the university industrial park, the national AAAA scenic park and the cultural center, and has become a comprehensive application-oriented university with the largest campus area and a comprehensive learning system.


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