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Tongling Polytechnic (铜陵职业技术学院, website) was upgraded to a higher vocational school with the approval of the Provincial People’s Government in 2000. It is the only municipal full-time higher education institution in Tongling City, the chairman unit of Anhui Tongling Vocational Education Alliance, and an excellent school for personnel training and evaluation in higher vocational colleges. The college covers an area of 1,051 acres, with a construction area of 300,000 square meters (including construction), 19,000 students of all types (12,000 full-time students, and 7,000 students of TVU adult education). There are 412 faculty members, including 291 full-time teachers, 103 senior titles, 200 “double-teacher” teachers, 2 provincial teaching teachers, 7 provincial professional leaders, 6 provincial rookies, and provincial Three outstanding teaching teams.

Tongling Polytechnic integrates higher vocational education, secondary vocational education, adult education, and skill training into one, and trains high-quality laborers and technical-skilled talents facing the frontline of economic and social development and production services. There are 13 teaching units including TV University, Management Department, Economics and Trade Department, Medical Department, Nursing Department, Information Engineering Department, Art Media Department, Mechanical Engineering Department, Electrical Engineering Department, Basic Department, Technical Secondary School, Ministry of Ideology and Political Affairs, and Sports Department. . 36 vocational colleges including nursing, accounting, mechatronics technology, numerical control technology, copper crafts design and production, including 1 national ethnic culture heritage and innovation demonstration major, 2 central financial support construction majors, 11 provincial levels Characteristic and comprehensive reform pilot specialty. RTVU has 44 undergraduate majors and 39 specialty majors, and a number of majors have emerged that are suitable for regional development, have distinctive characteristics, have high levels of schooling and employment, and have a combination of engineering and learning advantages.

Tongling Polytechnic adheres to the combination of work and school, school-enterprise cooperation, and strives to improve the quality of personnel training. It has built a comprehensive training center with a total area of 50,000 square meters and 83 on-site experimental training bases, including 1 central financial support construction training base, 2 The province’s first batch of school-enterprise cooperation demonstration bases, one of the province’s first batch of Taiwan-to-Taiwan exchange bases, six provincial-level demonstration experimental training rooms, and two master studios have equipment worth 140 million yuan. It has carried out in-depth school-enterprise cooperation with 241 industries such as Tongling Nonferrous Metals and Tonghua Group, and established 181 off-campus training bases. The internship rate of students for more than six months has reached 100%. In the past five years, students have won 12 national prizes, 13 provincial first prizes and 52 second prizes in vocational skills competitions. Over the past five years, the employment rate of graduates has remained above 95%. Nearly 2,000 graduates have stayed in copper for employment and entrepreneurship, and carried out vocational training, continuing education, and skill appraisal for more than 26,000 people.


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