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Weifang Business Vocational College (潍坊工商职业学院, website) is located in Zhucheng, Shandong Province, which enjoys the reputation of “China’s Dragon City”. In August 2005, it was approved by the Shandong Provincial Government and set up by the Ministry of Education. It is a full-time ordinary college focusing on vocational and technical education at the college level. It currently covers an area of nearly 1,300 acres, with a construction area of 261,000 square meters. It has a collection of 550,000 paper books and 700,000 electronic books. It has 102 in-school experimental training rooms and more than 90 off-campus training bases, with total assets of 820 million. Yuan; there are currently 9332 full-time college students, 496 faculty members, including 171 associate senior titles or above, 304 intermediate titles, 212 “double-qualified” teachers, and 220 teachers with master’s and doctoral degrees.

Weifang Business Vocational College has 3 secondary colleges, 5 teaching departments, 3 public courses, basic courses teaching departments, 10 research institutes; 39 specialized colleges, recruiting students in 9 provinces (autonomous regions) nationwide; The province and the Ministry of Education jointly built 4 specialty brand majors in the Weifang National Vocational Education Innovation Development Experimental Zone, and 3 major key financial construction majors supported by the central government; 3 provincial specialty majors in Shandong province, and 2 9 provincial-level joint boutique courses. 1 teaching team.

Weifang Business Vocational College always adheres to the guidance of the scientific development concept, follows the rules of higher vocational education, adheres to the connotation-based, and develops in a coordinated manner; with “harmonious school building, quality school establishment, distinctive school development, talented school, and service honorable school” as The concept of running a school, deepening the reform of education and teaching, and improving the quality of talent training. The college has established the goal of building high-level modern higher vocational education with characteristics in the province. It always adheres to the purpose of serving local economic construction and social development, and follows the path of opening schools, school-enterprise cooperation, and industry-academia integration; people-oriented, moral education first , The all-round development of the concept of educating people; adhere to the cultivation of high-quality technical and technical personnel of the quality concept; adhere to the content-oriented, comprehensive and coordinated development concept. The college pays attention to the “four transformations” from heavy-scale development to high-quality improvement, from extensive management to fine management, from scattered homogeneous development to characteristic advantage development, and from inherited development to innovative development. The college attaches great importance to school-enterprise cooperation in training technical and technical personnel, and has established with well-known enterprises such as ZTE Education Group, JD.com Group, China Aerospace Envoy, Beijing Shangye Group, Beiqi Foton, Yihe Axle, Groom Shinur Group, Delis Group, etc. Close cooperation.

In many years of running the school, Weifang Business Vocational College takes the cultivation of talents as its fundamental purpose, strives to create a “three-round education” pattern, and creates a “safe, civilized, clean, beautiful, and orderly” campus education environment, forming a good The school style, study style, and teaching style have achieved some excellent results. They have won the “National Advanced Vocational Educational Group”, “Shandong Province Vocational Education Advanced Unit”, “Shandong Province Teaching and Education Advanced Unit”, “Shandong Province Teaching Work Advanced Unit” Shandong Provincial Advanced Unit of School Management “” Shandong Provincial Green Landscaping Advanced Unit “” Shandong Vocational College Skill Contest Outstanding Contribution Award “” Weifang Vocational College Skill Contest Top Ten Schools “and many other honorary titles have established a good society Image.

Weifang Business Vocational College also undertakes certain adult continuing education tasks, and carries out distance open education, online education, adult education, teacher education and social training for all levels of society, forming a comprehensive professional secondary school, college, undergraduate, graduate and other education System and diversified social training models.

The college is a separate college for enrollment in Shandong Province. The Shandong Province Higher Education Self-study Examination is a pilot undergraduate institution. It has a computer application ability and English application ability examination center of the Ministry of Education, a national information engineer examination training center, and China International. E-commerce Center Training Branch, Shandong Provincial Construction Administration Certification Training Center, Accounting Professionals’ Continuing Education Training Center and Accounting Qualification Examination Center established by Shandong Provincial Department of Finance, Weifang Human Resources and Social Security Bureau Vocational Skills Appraisal Station, Weifang National Business English Vocational qualification certification training and examination management center and other institutions have established a good platform for students to find employment and start their own businesses.

In 2016, the Zhucheng government and Shandong Gaoke Education Technology Co., Ltd. signed an agreement to jointly host the Weifang Business Vocational College to jointly promote the improvement of the school’s school strength and school level. During the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, we will take the overall goal of achieving the college’s goal of upgrading and take the promotion of the school as the general starting point. We will adhere to the strategy of connotative development, characteristic development, transformational development, open development, and harmonious development. Orientation in running schools, further emancipating the mind and changing concepts, taking discipline and professional construction as the leader, social and market needs as the guide, highlighting the central position of teaching work, strengthening the construction of teachers and courses, strengthening the construction of infrastructure and school conditions, and strengthening the school Cooperation between enterprises and the “integration” of production, education, and research will focus on improving the quality of personnel training, improving the level of scientific research, enhancing the overall ability of social services and cultural inheritance and innovation, and achieving the leapfrog development of the college.


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