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The Wuhu Institute of Technology (芜湖职业技术学院) is the first batch of nationally outstanding first vocational colleges in Anhui Province and the first national outstanding vocational college to evaluate the level of personnel training. A higher vocational college was selected), the first batch of modern apprenticeship pilot colleges in the country (which has passed the acceptance test), Anhui Province ’s “four-year consistent” technical and technical undergraduate talent training model reform pilot colleges, and the second batch of “ “Three comprehensive education” comprehensive reform pilot colleges. The school was founded in 1983 and was formerly known as Wuhu United University. In May 1997, it was changed to its current name with the approval of the former State Education Commission. In August 2000, with the approval of the Anhui Provincial People’s Government, Wuhu Agricultural School with a history of running a school for 100 years was merged into the school. The school was identified by the Ministry of Education as one of the 31 exemplary vocational and technical college construction units in the country in 2001. In 2006, the school was listed by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance as the first batch of 28 construction colleges under the “National Model Higher Vocational College Construction Plan.” First, in 2009, the school passed the acceptance of the national model higher vocational college project of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance with an excellent grade. In May 2012, with the approval of the Anhui Provincial People’s Government, the school merged with Wuhu Vocational College of Information Technology to inject new vitality into the leap-forward development of the school.

Wuhu Institute of Technology covers an area of more than 1,200 acres, with a construction area of 440,000 square meters. The total value of teaching equipment is over 100 million yuan. It has 15 secondary colleges and 3 teaching departments, 1 affiliated secondary vocational school, and Wuhu Instruments in Anhui Instrument Research Institute (1 subsidiary of a wholly-owned “high-tech enterprise”). The school currently has 76 enrollment majors, more than 20,000 full-time students, and more than 5,000 students with an undergraduate degree in adult education. The school has a team of high-quality professional teachers with noble teacher ethics, exquisite business, reasonable structure, and vitality. The proportion of teachers with senior titles is more than 30%, and the proportion of dual-teacher qualities is more than 80%. The school has 45 professors, 164 associate professors, 16 national teaching teams, 16 provincial teaching teams, and 5 master (master) studios. One teacher of the school was elected as the National Excellent Teacher, and one teacher was elected as the National Model Teacher. In addition, 7 teachers of the school were selected as provincial teaching teachers, 18 teachers were selected as provincial rookie, 25 teachers were selected as professional leaders in Anhui higher vocational colleges, and 27 teachers were awarded as provincial young talents. Fund project, 3 teachers received provincial professional leader training funding, 3 teachers received provincial academic (professional) top-notch academic funding, 17 teachers received outstanding young talent support programs, and 5 teachers were named chief technicians in Wuhu City .

The Wuhu Institute of Technology actively integrates into major development zones and economic parks in the city such as the Wuhu Economic and Technological Development Zone, and is based on the four pillar industries of Wuhu Automobile and Parts, Materials, Electronics and Electrical Wires and Cables, as well as strategic emerging industries and new rural construction. Demand for talents, in-depth school-enterprise cooperation with many enterprises, innovative school-enterprise cooperation talent training model. In the synchronous construction and interactive development with the development zone, the school has innovated and promoted the “integrated” school-enterprise cooperation talent training model with “teaching cooperation, management participation, cultural integration, and employment orders” as its main connotations, and has come out of a place of support. Economy, serve the local economy, and deepen the characteristic development path of higher vocational colleges in terms of school-enterprise cooperation, integration of production and education, and work-study integration.

In recent years, the Wuhu Institute of Technology has cooperated with nearly 600 well-known enterprises such as Chery Automobile, Conch Profile, Jinwei Machinery, ZTE, HKUST Xunfei, Eft Intelligent Equipment, and Tencent, and has strengthened ties with government departments and industries In the process of continuously expanding the new road of “government, enterprise, and school” cooperation, the school has achieved remarkable results in the quality of education and teaching and in the process of innovating new “point-line polyhedron” talent training mechanisms and serving local industry development. As of March 2019, the school has been awarded 3 national teaching achievement awards, 2 national quality courses, 2 national quality resource sharing courses, 1 national teaching team, and central vocational education training base 4 Each. In 2015, the school was approved to establish a high-level university with local skills in Anhui Province. The school has won 28 first prizes, 61 second prizes, and 85 third prizes in various national skill competitions. It has won 197 first and second prizes in various provincial skills competitions. 280, 364 third prizes.

The Wuhu Institute of Technology attaches great importance to industry-university-research cooperation and continuously improves its scientific and technological innovation capabilities. In recent years, the school has applied for and approved 1231 scientific research projects of various types, including 15 provincial and ministerial projects, 175 department-level projects, 75 municipal projects, 261 school-level projects, 30 special projects, and scientific and technological services. Items 675. In addition, the school has obtained 255 national patents, including 50 invention patents.

Wuhu Institute of Technology adheres to the employment-oriented, pays attention to the comprehensive quality and ability training of students, the students with high comprehensive quality and strong hands-on ability are welcomed and praised by employers. situation. School admission scores have consistently ranked at the forefront of similar institutions in the province for many years. The employment rate and employment quality of school graduates are in the forefront of similar universities in the province. In 2013, the school was awarded the National Vocational College Employment Competitiveness Demonstration School, and has been awarded “Advanced Collective for Graduate Employment in General Colleges and Universities in Anhui Province”, “An Anhui Provincial Graduate Employment Pioneer Unit” and “Anhui Employment “Work advanced collective” title.

The Wuhu Institute of Technology actively deepened the reform of the admissions system. As the only higher vocational college in Anhui in 2009, it was the first in the province to launch a separate enrollment pilot program for ordinary high schools. In 2011, it took the lead in pilot enrollment for middle school graduates in the province. In 2012, the province took the lead in carrying out pilot work for the recruitment of employed employees and retired military personnel, and the cooperation with the corporate industry for enrollment. This is an important reform of the college admissions system in our province. In 2014, the school became one of the three pilot institutions in the province’s “four-year consistent” technical and technical undergraduate talent training model reform, achieving a leap in school running. In recent years, the school has actively contacted the countries along the “Belt and Road” with economic cooperation organizations with China, as well as registered foundations, industry associations, and chambers of commerce established by overseas Chinese and Chinese to conduct recruitment promotion. Conch Group, Anhui Jiancheng Group and Jinwei Group will provide active support and help in recruiting international students in schools.

The Wuhu Institute of Technology attaches great importance to university students’ innovation and entrepreneurship education. It has invested 2 office buildings totaling 7,000 square meters for university students’ incubation, and invested 4,500 square meters of training floors for university students’ innovation and entrepreneurship education. Together with the local government, it has established a 1500 entrepreneurial park. . There are more than 100 projects in the park, and the total sales revenue for five consecutive years has exceeded 100 million yuan. Since the establishment of an independent entrepreneurship college, the school has held seven sessions of the University Student Entrepreneurship Summit. The form and content have attracted high attention from the industry, and have been hailed as the “wu phenomenon” of entrepreneurship education in colleges and universities. The school has been awarded “the second batch of national innovation and entrepreneurship education reform demonstration colleges”, “national vocational college innovation education practice base”, “the first batch of Anhui ordinary college students innovation and entrepreneurship education demonstration school”, “provincial entrepreneurship college” , “Anhui AA-level business incubation base”, “Wuhu City business incubation base” and other titles and qualifications. The “Four Four Three Three” entrepreneurship education model formed in the practice of education and teaching “beginning with dual innovation courses, implementing dual innovation projects, and achieving dual innovation results” has been highly evaluated and consistent by students from all walks of life and the general public. Approved. In the past four years, the school’s teacher and student team has won 2 silver medals and 2 bronze medals, 7 provincial gold medals, and 23 silver and bronze medals in the “Internet + China University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition”. School innovation and entrepreneurship education has become a beautiful business card for higher vocational education in Wuhu City and China.

The Wuhu Institute of Technology actively conducts external exchanges and continuously improves social influence. In recent years, the school has successfully hosted large-scale conferences such as the National Conference of Higher Vocational College Principals, the Second Membership Congress of the Higher Vocational College Branch of the Chinese Institute of Education and Accounting, and the Provincial Higher Vocational Education Teaching and Reform Seminar. More than 200 domestic and foreign vocational colleges, undergraduate college colleagues, education delegations came to visit the school. The role of the school’s demonstration and leadership has been brought into full play, and it has been elected as the presidium unit of the National Conference of Higher Vocational College Presidents, the president unit of the National Higher Vocational College Ideological and Political Theory Construction Alliance, and the vice chairman of the first National Vocational College Alliance Unit, Deputy Chairman of the Council of the Silk Road Asia-Europe College (Vocational Education) Alliance, Permanent Member Unit of the National School-Enterprise Integration Innovation Alliance, Anhui Province Municipal Municipal Higher Vocational College Alliance, Permanent Chairman Unit, and Ministry of Education Information Pilot school.

Wuhu Institute of Technology adheres to and deepens international exchanges and cooperation, and continuously strengthens exchanges and cooperation with Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Thailand and other foreign universities and educational institutions, and solidly promotes the “Belt and Road” Establish cooperative relationships between universities and colleges along the route, deepen cooperation and exchanges with universities in Taiwan, build a comprehensive, multi-channel, and highly effective foreign exchange and cooperation structure, and promote the internationalization of talent training in schools. The school was successfully selected as a partner institution of the Ministry of Education “China-Germany Vocational Education Automotive Mechanical and Electrical Skills Talent Training and Training Cooperation Project” (“SGAVE Project”). The school draws on foreign high-quality education concepts, shares foreign high-quality education and teaching resources, and vigorously promotes the level and level of internationalization. In May 2018, with the approval of the Provincial Department of Education, the school officially obtained qualifications for recruiting international students. Exploring a new mode of Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools, and the school cooperation project with Phidi University in the United States was officially approved. Attach great importance to teachers’ overseas exchange training, cultivate a team of students with an international perspective, and play a positive role in promoting the establishment of local high-skilled universities.


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