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Introduction to Wuxi City College of Vocational Technology

Wuxi City College of Vocational Technology (无锡城市职业技术学院, website) is located in Wuxi Vocational Education Park on the shores of Taihu Lake, with beautiful scenery and beautiful environment. Looking back at history, the only municipal vocational college in Wuxi is old and young. In 2004, Wuxi City Cadre School, Wuxi Workers College, Wuxi Light Industry Vocational College, Wuxi City Construction Vocational College and Jiangnan University Tourism Economics and Trade Branch School Five merged to form Wuxi City Vocational and Technical College. In 2013, it merged with Wuxi Higher Normal School to run a school and became a school with a century-long history, achieving leapfrog development.

The new campus, invested by the Wuxi Municipal Government, covers an area of ??1,000 acres and a building area of ??300,000 square meters. It integrates the architectural style of the south of the river with the ecological landscape. The college now has more than 700 faculty members and more than 10,000 full-time students.

Wuxi City College of Vocational Technology has Teachers College, College of Trade and Finance, College of Accounting, College of Tourism, College of Internet of Things Engineering, College of Media and Art Design, College of Architecture and Environmental Engineering, College of Film and Television, College of International Cooperation (Foreign Affairs Office), Basic Course Teaching units such as the Ministry of Physical Education, the Ministry of Physical Education, the School of Cadre Training and Continuing Education, have established 44 higher vocational (specialty) majors that closely match regional economic development and industrial structure, and have constructed tourism, construction engineering technology, building decoration engineering technology, and the Internet of Things Eight professional groups, including engineering technology, finance, marketing and trade, art design, and accounting, have initially realized the institution-level-municipal-provincial-national key professional construction and cultivation system.

Wuxi City College of Vocational Technology attaches great importance to the training of students’ vocational skills and the improvement of employability. Through practice, it has successfully explored an innovative talent training model of “interaction between colleges and universities, integration of schools and enterprises, integration of rationality, and systematic cultivation.” The school, the field is the classroom, the students are the employees, the students are enrolled, they are in the real working environment, and they have been practiced in all aspects. High integration of talent training cooperation. “At present, the college has 78 on-campus training rooms, and has cooperated with relevant industries and enterprises to establish 207 off-campus internship bases, open multiple order training classes, and co-build with Eddie Hotel and Xiangmei International Hotel.” “Company in the Middle School”, co-constructed a smart hotel with Datang Telecom and star-rated hotels, and cooperated with Jiangsu Dingdu Testing Co., Ltd. to establish a testing center, achieving a breakthrough in the “School in the Enterprise” project. Teacher education is our school’s educational resources The brand with the richest and most influential society. In recent years, our hospital has signed cooperation agreements with 20 primary schools such as Wuxi Normal Primary School and 20 kindergartens including Wuxi Experimental Kindergarten, and established 40 teaching, research and training cooperation bases, Hired 20 specially-appointed professors and 6 specially-appointed experts, and the two parties carried out in-depth cooperation in teaching, scientific research, and training to jointly cultivate educational talents.

Wuxi City College of Vocational Technology has a team of professional teachers and management staff with reasonable structure, noble ethics and excellent business. It also has scientific research platforms such as “Jiangsu Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base”, “Wuxi Environmental Science and Engineering Research Center”, “Wuxi Key University Graduate Practice Innovation Base” and other scientific research platforms to actively introduce high-level talents at home and abroad. At present, the proportion of full-time teachers with a master’s degree or above has reached 66.40%, and the proportion of senior titles has reached 36.86%. The college currently has one national teaching teacher, one young and middle-aged expert enjoying government subsidies from the State Council, two Jiangsu Province “six talent peak” high-level talent projects, 12 provincial “333 project” training targets, and provincial blue-green universities Engineering “2 young and middle-aged academic leaders, 6 provincial” Qinglan Project “key teacher training targets, 5 social undertaking talents in Wuxi City, 2 middle-aged and young experts who have made outstanding contributions, 6 city subject leaders, There are 2 famous teachers and 6 city teaching experts.

Based on the platform of Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools, the college actively introduces high-quality education resources from similar foreign universities and steadily improves its international level. Has established educational exchanges and cooperation with 18 universities and educational training institutions in 9 countries and regions including the United States, Australia, and Singapore. In 2014, the college launched the “One Hundred Teachers Going Abroad (Border) Training Program”, and 67 key teachers have been sent to Taiwan, Singapore, Canada and other places for vocational education training.

In recent years, the school performance of Wuxi City College of Vocational Technology has been widely recognized by the society. In 2013, it successfully passed the assessment of the talent training level of higher vocational colleges in Jiangsu Province, and various tasks were highly evaluated by evaluation experts. The college has won the Jiangsu Advanced Vocational Education Unit, Jiangsu Province Civilized Unit, National Language Standardization Demonstration School, Jiangsu Ping’an Campus, Jiangsu Education Discipline Inspection and Advanced Collective, Jiangsu Model Workers’ Home, Jiangsu Red Cross Model School, Jiangsu The province has learned many honorary titles including Tao Xingzhi’s advanced educational ideology. Looking forward to the future, Wuxi City Vocational and Technical College will continue to uphold the purpose of “local colleges and universities run locally, run colleges and universities as local places,” in accordance with Wuxi’s “Twelfth Five-Year” development plan and Wuxi Municipal Party Committee and Government’s opinions and requirements on accelerating the reform and development of higher education To continuously strengthen the construction of connotation, improve the quality and level of schooling, and work hard to better serve local economic and social development.


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