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Wuxi Taihu University (无锡太湖学院) is a full-time, multi-disciplinary applied undergraduate college approved by the Ministry of Education. It is located in the urban area of Wuxi and a national forest park. “University”, adjacent to Shanghai, has convenient transportation and beautiful scenery. The school originated from Jiangnan University, a “double first-class” university with a century-old heritage. It was established in 2002 and was approved as a master’s degree granting authority in 2017. In the 2019 China Alumni Association University Rankings, Wuxi Taihu College ranked first in similar universities in Jiangsu Province.

The school attaches great importance to the construction of the teaching staff. Currently, there are 1012 teachers, 88.07% of which are full-time teachers with doctoral degrees and master’s degrees. Among them, the State Council government special allowance experts, national teaching teachers, Jiangsu young and middle-aged outstanding contributions experts, Jiangsu outstanding teachers, Jiangsu Province Nearly 200 outstanding people including the “333 Project” and the “Blue Project” of universities, specially-appointed part-time professors from famous foreign universities, and domestic industry professors. Teachers undertook a total of 453 national, provincial and ministerial level, city hall and horizontal topics; published 1503 papers, including 586 high-level papers such as SCI, SSCI, EI, CSSCI, CSCD, etc., and won the National Outstanding Achievement Award, Jiangsu Province More than 20 awards for outstanding achievements in philosophy and social sciences, Jiangsu Province teaching achievements.

Wuxi Taihu University has 18 teaching units including the School of Internet of Things Engineering, the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, the School of Civil Engineering, the School of Business, the School of Accounting, the School of Art, the School of Foreign Languages, and the School of Nursing. And other key construction disciplines of Jiangsu Province during the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, and majors in “Accounting” of A-brand projects of universities in Jiangsu Province; the Internet of Things Application Technology Laboratory was rated as the Jiangsu Province University Key Construction Laboratory, and the Sunan Capital Market Research Center was selected by Jiangsu University humanities and social sciences off-campus research base, Sunan industrial transformation innovation development research center was selected as the key construction base of philosophy and social science of Jiangsu universities, information technology practice education center and economic management experiment training center were selected as provincial teaching demonstration centers. Possessing new types of engineering featuring domestic advanced Internet of Things, robotics, intelligent manufacturing, economics and management disciplines featuring data finance, network accounting, arts disciplines featuring visual design, 3D animation, and computer application disciplines featuring big data and cloud computing It also provides experimental training platforms such as health care, innovation and entrepreneurship to serve students’ application ability development and industrial transformation and upgrading.

Wuxi Taihu University deeply integrates production and education, school-enterprise collaboration and education. The school has set up school-enterprise cooperation bases with benchmarking companies such as Alibaba, Rockwell, ZTE, CLP, National Supercomputing Center, and Red Bean Group.225 To provide high-quality internship practice and innovative entrepreneurship skills training. In recent years, students have participated in the China Engineering Robot Competition, National University Bio-Internet Design Competition, National Electronic Design Competition, National University Student Computer Design Competition, National Service Outsourcing Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, National 3D Competition, National College Student English Competition, CCTV “Star of Hope” It has won more than 630 awards in national and provincial high-level competitions such as the “Creation of Youth” entrepreneurship competition in Jiangsu Province, and the University Mathematics Competition in Jiangsu Province.

Wuxi Taihu University has extensively carried out joint training of talents with famous foreign universities and domestic “double first-class” universities. The school cooperates with the Dallas Baptist University in the United States to launch IoT engineering programs. Universities and other international universities sign the “Inter-University Cooperation Agreement”; jointly with Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics to train master and doctoral students; and Harvard University, Stanford University, Cambridge University, National University of Singapore A number of well-known colleges and universities have launched visit-to-study programs. Every year, many students exchange abroad, study abroad, and enter graduate schools at famous universities at home and abroad.

Wuxi Taihu University has been awarded the “National May 1st Labor Award”, “China Industry-University-Research Cooperation Innovation Demonstration Base”, “National Application-oriented University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration School”, “Jiangsu Province Education Advanced Collective” and “Jiangsu Safe Campus Demonstration University” More than 30 national and provincial honors, etc., were selected as “Ministry of Education-ZTE Cooperative College of ICT Production and Education Integration and Innovation Base”, Sino-US “Double Hundred Plan” pilot university of applied technology education, and was elected as a newly transferred undergraduate university nationwide The chairman of the alliance, the vice chairman of the National Alliance of Newly Established Universities, and the vice-chairman unit of the National Non-profit University Alliance. “People’s Daily” reported the school’s advanced experience three times in a row, and CCTV, “Guangming Daily”, “China Youth Daily”, “China Education Daily”, “Xinhua Daily”, People’s Daily, Xinhuanet, Phoenixnet and other media reported school performance More than 500 times, the school has made advanced typical speeches at conferences convened by the Ministry of Education many times, and has become a banner for reform and innovation of similar universities in the country.

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