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Wuzhou Vocational College (梧州职业学院, website) is a public full-time ordinary higher education institution. It is a safe and civilized campus in Guangxi universities, an excellent school in the health system in Guangxi, a price-integrity unit in Guangxi, and a qualified unit for the evaluation of talent training in Guangxi higher vocational colleges. The college is located in Changzhou District, Wuzhou City, Guangxi, adjacent to the Rose Lake Wetland Ecological Park. It covers an area of about 600 acres, with a planned land area of 1,200 acres and a building area of over 300,000 square meters. The college integrates landscape gardens, with a quiet environment. It has a modern atmosphere and Lingnan cultural heritage. It is an ideal place for students to seek scientific knowledge and forge professional skills.

In recent years, the college has invested 710 million yuan to improve the campus infrastructure, equipped with standardized teaching buildings, training buildings, academic report halls, libraries, student apartments, cafeterias, wind and rain playgrounds, and a sports center that can accommodate 18,000 people. The total value of the college’s teaching instruments and equipment is more than 60 million yuan. The collection of paper books exceeds 300,000 books and the electronic books have more than 160,000 books.

Wuzhou Vocational College has 8 departments including the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, the Department of Automotive Engineering, the Department of Architectural Engineering, the Department of Economic Management, the Department of Education, the Ministry of Health Vocational Education, the Department of Public Foundations, and the Teaching Department of Ideological and Political Theory. There are 23 majors in majors such as electromechanical, automotive, construction, management, economics, and education, creating 10 national and autonomous region-level exemplary specialty programs. It has a management team and teacher team composed of well-known experts and scholars, overseas students, and “double teacher” teachers with rich experience in teaching practice. There are currently more than 18,000 students.

The college adheres to connotation-based construction as the main line, employment-oriented, industry-based, skill training as the core, and the cultivation of advanced practical professionals as its foundation. It boldly explores and innovates, and strives to cultivate students’ innovative development capabilities and continuously improve Talent training quality.

Wuzhou Vocational College adheres to the open school concept of “moving the school into the park and setting the classroom in the enterprise”, and led the establishment of the Wuzhou Mechanical Vocational Education Group, the Health Vocational Education Group, the Preschool Education Vocational Education Group, and the Electronic Information Vocational Education Group. A large number of professional training bases such as electronic information technology, automotive technology, mechanical processing, electrical and electronics, construction technology, culture and arts, business and trade, and medicine and health have been built, creating a good skill training platform for students. The college has established internship and employment cooperation relationships with hundreds of large and medium-sized enterprises and institutions in the region and the Pearl River Delta region. It has extensively carried out cooperation and exchanges in teaching, scientific research, employment and other aspects, which has created a good relationship for the college to carry out the combination of production and learning and work and learning. Conditions also provide graduates with practical and reliable job security.

The college attaches great importance to cultivating students’ professional skills, vocational abilities and humanistic qualities, and focuses on cultivating campus culture with vocational education characteristics. It has established nearly 50 student associations, and the second classroom activities are colorful. In recent years, the college has participated in various skill competitions and literary performances at and above the Guangxi district level, and has achieved excellent results. Faculty and students are committed to serving the society and contributing to the society. During the 13th Guangxi Games held in 2015, college students not only starred in most of the large-scale cultural performances at the opening ceremony, but also provided enthusiastic and thoughtful, courteous people. Volunteer service has been widely praised by all walks of life in Wuzhou.

The college is taking the heroic attitude of modern vocational dreamers, concentrating together, forging ahead, forging ahead with reforms, struggling in the sea of modern vocational education, and striving to build a large influence in the Xijiang River basin, serving the local economy and society Of characteristic vocational colleges.


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