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Wycombe Abbey School Hangzhou (“WASHZ”) has been established by the Wycombe Abbey Education Group, an organisation renowned for delivering premium education in China. In keeping with our ambition to create a school where “Every Child Can Excel”, WASHZ has made full use of high-quality Chinese and foreign resources, including building a team made up of international education experts and consultants to design a superb academic system. As a high-quality private school, we have integrated the best of international and Chinese education for children aged 3-18 from China and overseas. We focus on each pupil’s personal growth and development and aim to cultivate future leaders who have both a profound understanding of Chinese culture and a truly global perspective, who are innovators and collaborative team players, as well as having compassion and a keen sense of social responsibility.

Situated in beautiful Daicun town, Xiaoshan district, Hangzhou, Wycombe Abbey School Hangzhou (WASHZ) lies adjacent to picturesque Xiannu (fairy) lake with a backdrop of beautiful green hills. The campus has also integrated elements of local history and culture to become a unique landmark in Xiaoshan district. The school covers an area of 33 acres with a built-up area of over 84,000 sqm. We maximum have 9 kindergarten classes, 24 primary school classes, 12 junior high and 12 senior high school classes. Furthermore, we have set aside 6 classes for future expansion. We plan to enrol a total of some 1,500 students and can offer boarding accommodation to 960 students.

Wycombe Abbey School Hangzhou is equipped with impressive and advanced facilities,to meet the requirements of premium education. As the very model of an innovative private school , WASHZ will complement existing private schools in Hangzhou and play an important role in offering high-quality and varied teaching resources to talented pupil from Xiaoshan District and Hangzhou, the children of Chinese parents returning from overseas and starting a business here, as well as the children of foreign parents who invest, start businesses or live in Xiaoshan District and Hangzhou. At the same time, the establishment of our school will further promote local economic development, optimise the investment environment, improve urban competitiveness, attract talented people from surrounding areas to settle in Xiaoshan, and offer high-quality education to support the industrial transformation of the local and surrounding areas.

As a model of innovative education, the school combines the Chinese National Curriculum and the best of British Education, with a resolutely holistic approach to teaching and learning. In addition to academic excellence, the school aims to develop the individual character of each child and focuses on their all-round development through sports, music, art, drama and many other co-curricular activities. Since the school is surrounded by mountains on three sides, with a National Forest Trail behind, the school’s unique geographical advantages create unique opportunities for outdoor sports and other activities.

A co-educational day and boarding school, Wycombe Abbey School Hangzhou open to pupils from kindergarten to high school since September 2021.

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