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Wycombe Abbey School Nanjing (“WASNJ”) has been established by the Wycombe Abbey Education Group, an organisation renowned for delivering premium education in China. In keeping with our ambition to create a school where “Every Child Can Excel”, WASNJ has made full use of high-quality Chinese and foreign resources, including building a team made up of international education experts and consultants, to design a superb academic system. As a high-quality private school, we have integrated the best of international and Chinese education for children aged 3-18 from China and overseas. We focus on each pupil’s personal growth and development and aim to cultivate future leaders who have both a profound understanding of Chinese culture and a truly global perspective, who are innovators and collaborative team players, as well as having compassion and a keen sense of social responsibility.

Located in Tangshan, Jiangning District, Nanjing, Wycombe Abbey School Nanjing is about 20 km east of the downtown area and adjacent to the picturesque Tangshan Hot Spring Resort. The school covers an area of 20 acres with a built-up area of 112,250 sqm and can offer accommodation to 2,088 students, including 360 in the kindergarten and 1,728 in the primary and junior & senior high school programs. Students are taught in small classes, with no more than 20 students in each kindergarten class and no more than 24 in each primary and junior & senior high school class, which makes sure that each student gets sufficient attention from the teachers.

Since its design and establishment, Wycombe Abbey School Nanjing has integrated the concept of holistic education into every corner of the campus. The school ensures that all its hardware facilities are in place to meet the requirements of students in learning, life and other aspects, thereby enabling them to not only develop excellent academic abilities but also moral qualities, artistic accomplishments and sports potential in an all-round way, and to become truly outstanding world citizens.

As the very model of an innovative private school, Wycombe Abbey School Nanjing positions itself as a high-end private educational institution relying on the Yangtze River Delta and facing domestic and foreign regions. It is committed to serving Chinese and foreign families in Nanjing and its surrounding areas who require high-end private education, and it aims to promote the diversified, integrated and innovative development of education. At the same time, the establishment of our school is also in response to the strategy laid out by the Nanjing Municipal Party Committee and Government to further develop eastern Nanjing. Constructed under high standards, our school will also contribute to the urban development of the region.

The construction of Wycombe Abbey School Nanjing was officially launched on April 22nd, 2019. In less than a year, an immense workload including investigation, site selection and design was completed with top efficiency. Thanks to the strong support of the Nanjing Tangshan Hot Spring Resort Management Committee and Nanjing Kingfine Education Investment Management Co., Ltd., the project was carried out smoothly and rapidly. The school will officially open to students from kindergarten to high school in September 2021. Construction is running according to schedule and the whole campus is expected to be ready for operation in the first half year of 2021.

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