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Introduction to Xiamen Security Science and Technology College

Xiamen Security Science and Technology College (厦门安防科技职业学院, website) is located in the Cultural and Educational Park of Xiang’an District, Xiamen City, facing the sea, and is strategically located next to the Xiang’an Campus of Xiamen University. The subway is 2 kilometers, and the country ’s first subsea tunnel, the Xiang’an Tunnel, is 5 kilometers. The main entrance of the campus is opposite the Xiamen University Xiang’an Affiliated Hospital (Top Three Hospital), which is an ideal place to study.

Xiamen Security Science and Technology College plans to cover an area of ??580 acres. The existing building area of ??the campus is 140,000 square meters. There are teaching buildings, experimental training bases, libraries, gymnasiums, administrative office buildings, student apartment buildings, teaching staff apartment buildings, canteens, etc. The infrastructure is complete; all types of teaching equipment More than 14 million yuan, nearly 190,000 books in the library, more than 60 multimedia classrooms, more than 800 teaching computers, and a total fixed asset value of more than 300 million yuan.

Xiamen Security Science and Technology College implements the system of dean responsibility under the leadership of the board of directors, governs schools according to law, and governs schools by experts. Established 14 functional departments, including the Party and Government Office, the Academic Affairs Office, the Student Office, the Library, and the Training Center. There are more than 200 faculty and staff, 135 full-time teachers, including 26 with senior titles or higher, 33 with master’s degrees and above, 35 “double-qualified” teachers, 2 excellent provincial teachers, and 1 Chinese sports history expert. 15 guest professors and senior engineers are employed as academic leaders.

Xiamen Security Science and Technology College has established departments of security, information, economics and management, aviation and tourism, humanities, and ideological, political, teaching and research departments. Established 21 higher vocational majors such as building intelligent engineering technology, safety prevention technology, tourism management, and flight attendant. Two majors (intelligent building engineering technology and tourism management) are experimental majors of innovation and entrepreneurship education reform in higher education institutions in Fujian Province, of which the “intelligent building engineering technology major” is a provincial demonstration major and a municipal key major; three courses ( Basic accounting, safety prevention technology, and guidance for university students’ innovation and entrepreneurship) are excellent resource sharing courses for colleges and universities in Fujian Province; special classes such as flight attendant classes and order-style training are established. The college currently has more than 4,000 students.

Xiamen Security Science and Technology College regards “employment-oriented, work-study” as the talent training model, follows the connotative development path, vigorously promotes practical teaching, school-enterprise cooperation, and has established 28 experimental training rooms covering 21 vocational majors It has established close-cooperative external training bases with more than 30 units including Luopu Te Technology Group, Tangren Technology Co., Ltd., Fujian Academy of Sciences, and China National Aviation Group. There are more than 30 off-campus training bases, and one vocational education training base construction project supported by the central government.

Since the establishment of the school, Xiamen Security Science and Technology College, with the strong support of provincial and municipal education authorities, all teachers and students uphold the security spirit of “loyalty, courage, precision, and innovation” to achieve leapfrog development. The college will continue to adhere to the school-oriented philosophy of “pragmatic innovation, moral education first, and focus on skills training”, grasp the development opportunity of the “Belt and Road”, and cultivate more excellent practical and technical talents for Haixi Construction.


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