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Introduction to Xiamen Xingcai Vocational and Technical College

Xiamen Xingcai Vocational and Technical College (厦门兴才职业技术学院, website) was founded in 1983. It is a full-time ordinary college that has been approved by the Fujian Provincial People’s Government and filed by the Ministry of Education. The school is located in the Jimei Cultural and Educational Area of Xiamen City (the core area of the Xiamen Software Park Phase III), adjacent to the Xiamen High-speed Railway North Station, and adjacent to Jimei University, Huaqiao University Xiamen Campus, and Xiamen University of Technology. The school has won the honorary titles of “Top 100 Private Schools in China”, “Advanced Units in Social Forces”, “Social Satisfaction Units” and other honorary titles. It has been awarded the “Advanced School for Safety”, “Advanced Units for Comprehensive Management and Safety Objective Management”, ” Xiamen’s Favorite Vocational College in 2017 “. In April 2018, the school successfully passed the “Second Round Evaluation of Talent Cultivation in Higher Vocational Colleges”, which was fully affirmed and highly evaluated by evaluation experts.

The college focuses on full-time higher vocational education, combining diploma education with non-degree education, combining full-time education with continuing education, and combining domestic training with overseas joint training. At the same time, various types of vocational skills training and vocational qualification appraisal are actively carried out for the society, and various forms of vocational and technical education are carried out. The school recruits students from all over the country, including college entrance examinations, Fujian-Taiwan education exchanges, self-study exams, successful entrance exams, and cooperative schooling (all full-time). There are more than 6,000 full-time students and more than 300 faculty members. Among the teachers, there are provincial teaching masters and provincial key university teaching masters, with 30% of senior titles, most of them have master’s degrees or above, and 80.6% have “double-teacher quality”.

The school currently has six teaching units including the School of Economics and Trade, the School of Engineering (including the School of Information Technology), the School of Art and Architecture, the School of Education, the Ministry of Ideology, Politics and Research, and the Basic Teaching Department. It offers preschool education, software technology, communication technology, numerical control technology, Accounting, hotel management, construction project management, building interior design and other 25 popular majors that meet the needs of the social and economic development of Haixi and Xiamen, connect with the industry, and have a scarce market, have formed software information, construction engineering, business management, Professional groups such as art design. At the same time, there are 9 special programs for joint reading with Fujian Normal University, Huaqiao University, and Jimei University. The school has 100 training rooms, such as a numerical control training center, a PLC and MCU laboratory, an e-commerce training room, an accounting computerization training room, a business operation management sand table simulation training center, and a productive training base on campus.

Xiamen Xingcai Vocational and Technical College has always adhered to the school-oriented philosophy of “giving priority to morality, taking students as the basis, promoting schools with special characteristics, and strengthening schools with high quality.” It has achieved remarkable achievements in professional construction. 2 planned projects (backbone majors), 2 central government-supported productive training bases in schools, 2 provincial first-class vocational education teaching achievements, 2 second prizes, and 2 provincial-level vocational education demonstration majors Provincial service industry with 2 specialty groups, 1 provincial higher vocational education productive training base, 1 provincial financial support school productive training base, 81 provincial scientific research projects, and excellent provincial campus cultural construction 2 achievement awards, 1 provincial teaching teacher, 3 municipal key majors, 1 municipal teaching reform comprehensive experimental project, and 14 municipal scientific research projects. In the Provincial Higher Vocational College Development Potential Report published by the Fujian Education Evaluation Center, the school’s score on the “development quality” level indicator has been in the forefront of higher vocational colleges in the province in recent years.

Xiamen Xingcai Vocational and Technical College students’ vocational skills have been significantly enhanced, and they have achieved good results in high-level vocational skills competitions at all levels, ranking among the top in private vocational colleges in the province. In the past three years, they have won 3 national awards and 1 provincial-level award. 9 prizes, 33 second prizes, 59 third prizes, 16 first prizes at the municipal level, 18 second prizes, and 28 third prizes. Especially in 2018, in the Xiamen Vocational College Skills Competition, our school won the first prize of the group, and won 5 first prizes, 8 second prizes, 9 third prizes. At the same time, I The school also successfully hosted three competitions: “Marketing”, “Computer Network Application” and “Construction Engineering Mapping”. In 2019, our school ranked first in the province’s private higher vocational colleges in the Fujian Vocational Skills Competition. School students have high comprehensive quality, school-enterprise cooperation, and employment services are in place. Xingcai’s previous students have high social recognition and strong employment competitiveness. The graduate employment rate has reached 98% in the past five years.

Xiamen Xingcai Vocational and Technical College always adheres to the concept of educating people based on the principle of “building people with virtues”, leads the ideological and political education of college students with the spirit of the times and the core values of socialism. Cultivate newcomers of the era with “ideals, skills, and responsibilities”, specifically formed “the main line of” college students’ self-cultivation and self-cultivation “, with filial piety and gratitude education activities, college mentor system, and” happy learning and happy life “group “Day activities and youth volunteer services are the four major carriers” of the “University Civilization and Cultivation Project” education system. In recent years, our culture and education have achieved remarkable results and won widespread praise from the society. Among them, “‘Family Account · Two Books · Talking about Life’ theme of filial piety and gratitude” won the first batch of provincial university students’ ideological and political education innovation demonstration project, the third prize for outstanding achievements in the construction of campus culture in provincial colleges, and the provincial college ideological and political education research society Third prize of the annual meeting; “Xiamen Xingcai College-Xincun Primary School” youth worker service station project was selected as one of the top ten projects in Xiamen “one group, one product and one feature” and the third prize of outstanding achievements in the construction of campus culture in provincial universities; Implementing the core values of socialism and constructing a new system of educating people through the “civilization and self-cultivation project for college students” won the second prize of the 2018 provincial vocational education teaching award of Fujian Province.

Since the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”, Xiamen Xingcai Vocational and Technical College has implemented an “entering enterprises into schools” action plan. Introduced “Xiamen Jingjia Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.” as a whole, and established the “Mechatronics” and “NC Technology” majors of the school and enterprise; signed a strategic agreement for in-depth cooperation between the school and the enterprise with the well-known technology innovation leader “ZTE”. Established the second-level college “Xingcai College-ZTE Institute of Communication and Information” and set up the “Communication Technology” specialty; “Xiamen China Youth Travel Agency” set up a branch business office “Changtu Travel Studio” in the school, and the school and enterprise jointly established “Hotel Management “Professional;” Jiu Mu Kitchen and Bathroom Co., Ltd. “set up a customer service center in the school, the school and enterprise jointly build” e-commerce “and” marketing “majors;” Xiamen Pan Titanium Interior Design Co., Ltd. “set up a studio in the school, the school enterprise Co-construction of “Building Interior Design”.

The implementation of the plan to “enter the enterprise into the school” has effectively promoted the integration of school-industry education and school-enterprise cooperation into a deeper and higher level, integrating majors into the industry, curriculum matching positions, teaching paste into production, and school-enterprise collaboration to educate people. Made it happen. Take the school and ZTE to jointly build the “Communication Technology” specialty as an example: both the school and the enterprise jointly formulate a professional talent training plan, jointly develop courses and teaching resource banks, and focus on building courses that are practically oriented and focused on cultivating professional competence. System; most of the teaching content and teaching materials used in professional courses are taken from the professional standard materials and technical documents developed by ZTE; the core and professional literacy courses are undertaken by front-line engineers and management teams sent by ZTE (currently ZTE is stationed full-time in the school The number of professional team members has reached 7), the two sides jointly create a dual-teacher and dual-energy teacher team; the two sides jointly build a communication technology practice teaching platform with a total investment of more than 11 million yuan, of which core professional equipment is provided by ZTE, which was awarded in 2015 In 2009, Xiamen City awarded a special financial award for the “school-enterprise joint construction training base”; students obtained professional qualification certificates for communication industry certification and so on. The pre-employment rate of counterparts for the first internship in 2017 of the communication technology major reached 100%. Through active exploration and practice, the school has formed a school running characteristic of “introducing enterprises into the school, co-professional construction, integration of production and education, and collaborative education”.

Xiamen Xingcai Vocational and Technical College, in order to achieve the goals set in the school’s “13th Five-Year Plan” development plan-to build the school to establish a foothold in Xiamen, radiate the West Coast Economic Zone, focus on serving small, medium and micro enterprises, and integrate into the third phase of the Xiamen Software Park. “Integrate higher vocational education bases such as study, study and research”, and strive to work hard!

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